US President Donald Trump has once more threatened with a closure of the border to Mexico – this time connected with an Ultimatum to the Mexican government.

“If Mexico does not stop immediately stop any and all illegal Migration into the United States through our southern border, I’m going to close the border or large parts of the border next week,” wrote Trump on Friday on Twitter. It was so easy for Mexico to do something against illegal Migration, “but they just take our money and “talk” to,” wrote Trump.

Mexico must stop the migrants, and caravans. “If you don’t stop, we close the border,” said Trump. This could include any trade. Mexico have for years had a massive trade surplus of 100 billion dollars to the United States. “I don’t play games.”

on Thursday Trump via Tweet had threatened – repeatedly – in order to make the border with Mexico sealing, and the Mexican government the serious allegations made. “Mexico does nothing to help the influx of illegal migrants to stop in our country,” as defendant Trump. The Mexicans were just talking, but doing nothing. He was considering to close the border.

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador had shown understanding for the criticism from Washington. “It is not legitimate that you are happy and the complaints to Express,” he said on Thursday. “We will help where we can. We want no quarrel with the government of the United States.”

Trump had threatened in the past few months, a number of times with the closure of the border, without but Seriously. He complains for years about the Situation on the border with Mexico and had already been promised in the election campaign of 2016, to build a wall, illegal Migration, smuggling of drugs and people to curb the trade. Trump speaks of a serious crisis at the border, what critics consider to be completely covered. In mid-February, he had declared a national state of emergency on the border to Mexico, without the consent of the Congress, a wall of Finance.