The country has become accustomed to a disturbing way of these messages: once Again, dozens of people in the USA are killed by shots of brutal Shooters, firing wildly. This time it hits El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. And, once again, a helper starts the debate about the possible consequences. A real chance that the epidemic of gun violence in America actually ends, do not exist.

The right to gun ownership is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution – and in the hearts of many Americans. This second amendment, no one dares to touch. He was made for a time, in the USA consisted in large part of untapped Wilderness and its citizens far from towns lived. But even today, the right to own a gun, many US citizens Holy.

weapons are even in the supermarket

sold in many countries, an elaborate procedure is necessary in order to buy a gun, courses, licenses, and tons of paperwork – it is in the USA very easy to get a gun. There are differences depending on the state, but some weapons are even sold in the supermarket, in the case of submission of a few documents.


TV speech after the massacres

“Trump used, of course, formulations from the dictionary of monsters”


The USA are a country, to be given away in the arms in the families for Christmas. According to the study, Small Arms Survey, there is no other state with so much hand guns per capita in the possession of civilians: There are more guns than citizens in the USA, 120 PCs per 100 inhabitants. This makes for sad records in other statistics: According to the organization Gun Violence Archive start are killed in the USA alone for the year to more than 8700 people killed by guns – including cases in which police officers shot are.

Periodically it comes to cases which Protect in shopping centers, schools, or on the open road, open fire and a bloodbath – as now in El Paso and Dayton. According to Gun Violence Archive, there were in this year alone, more than 250 “Mass Shootings”: The Definition of the organization of cases in which at least four people injured by firearms violence, or were killed. In purely mathematical terms, this is more than one such incident per day.

Democrats want stricter background checks, enforce

After these attacks, the same reflexes: arms, supporters repeat recommend, teachers, security guards, or citizens with more weapons to equip, so that they can protect themselves against attacks. Weapons call, however, for tougher weapons laws – for example, after a ban of military weapons such as assault rifles.

murder in El Paso

a German among the dead – Obama condemned the “climate of fear and hatred”


For some time, the Democrats also seek to more stringent background checks to enforce for those who want to buy a gun. With their majority in the house of representatives have passed there in February a draft law to do so. Thus, the project becomes a reality, would also have to agree with the Republican-dominated Senate. This is not in sight.

On Monday morning after the bloody weekend in El Paso and Dayton US President Donald Trump on Twitter is speaking first, to strengthen background checks for gun owners. As it is three hours later in the White house, with an address to the Nation, mentioned he, but identifies a number of other – more vague – consequences: Among other things, he wants to ensure that the mentally Ill who pose a danger to the Public, may have no more weapons. Trump provides this announcement with the remarkable sentence: “diseases of the mind and hatred are not pressing the weapon.”

Donald Trump does not want a law tightening

do you mean, it’s not guns that are the Problem, but a couple of Disturbed, do not know to deal with it? Experts disagree immediately. Trump’s statement is also interesting for other reasons: Under it, the regulation from the government abolished the Congress of the time of President Barack Obama – with the result that the mentally Ill had access to guns. To reverse the Trump back. A real tightening of laws he does not want to.

The gun lobby organization of the NRA reacts, pleased, and praises the line of the President of gentle -. Democrats scoff at, however, it only took three hours for the Trump of his claim gave. “This shows that the President remains a prisoner of the gun lobby and the NRA”, claims the heads of the Democrats in the Senate and in the house of representatives, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

last year, after the massacre at a school in Parkland, Florida, the Trump initially for stricter laws to increase the minimum age for weapons purchases. He went on distance to the NRA. A day later, he met with representatives of the organization and moved away from the claim.

NRA has a major influence on the policy

efforts of the gun control laws for years, into the Void – especially because trump is the Republicans are against it. The NRA vehemently opposes any attempt to regulate gun ownership more.

The National Rifle Association is one of the most powerful lobby groups in the United States. The number of members is in the millions. It has a great influence on the policy. The NRA graded about members with a view to their attitude to weapons-issues – quasi as a handout to their members, whom they should choose and whom not.

rhetoric of US presidents

migrants shoot? About Trump was able to laugh a few weeks ago, still

The NRA has already ended the political careers: In the ‘ 90s, the then Chairman of the house of representatives, Democrat Tom Foley laid out with the weapons-Lobby, as he supported a ban on assault rifles. The NRA launched a campaign against him. At the end of Foley missed the re-entry into the Congress. It was not the first Time in decades that a more powerful Chairman of the house of representatives, the managed re-election in the Congress. And it was a power demonstration of the NRA. Some politicians are downright afraid of the organization.

According to the USA experts of the German society for Foreign policy, Josef Braml, there will be no substantial tightening of gun laws in the United States. For Republicans, the issue of gun ownership is a fundamental commitment and an important Factor to mobilize their own base. “There’s no Republican will rantrauen, the political ambitions.”

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