US President Donald Trump is running in his address to the Nation to the atrocities in El Paso and Dayton, with more than 30 of the dead a slip under. “May God bless the memory of those bless who died in Toledo,” said Trump on Monday in the televised speech.

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Toledo is located – such as Dayton, also in Ohio, but more than 200 kilometers away. In the from the White house later prepared a transcript of the speech, the phrase is marked “Toledo”, but crossed out.

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However, the Republican President was not the only one, who got the places confused. The former Vice President Joe Biden, who is vying for the presidential candidacy of the Democrats in the election of 2020, the voice, according to US media, of “the tragic events in Houston and the day before in Michigan.”

Later, Biden corrected himself according to the Reports, at the event on Sunday in San Diego. Houston is located, such as El Paso, in the state of Texas, but more than 1000 km air-line distance away. Michigan the state is North of Ohio. In the cities of El Paso and Dayton, two deaths had on the weekend protect independently of each other killed more than 30 people.

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