Donald Trump speaks before Congress – and millions are listening. The attention to his state of the Nation is large. Important questions and answers:

What’s with the speech?

the Constitution of The United States provides that the President “the Congress from time to time, informed about the state of the Nation”. Is not set, the Form in which this should happen. The first President of the United States, George Washington, entered 1789 in person before the members of the Senate and of the house of representatives. Other presidents sent their speeches in writing to the Congress. Again, the Tradition of personal speeches in 1913 by President Woodrow Wilson, was revived. “State of the Union” is the name of the official address but it is only since 1947.

In today’s time it is a gigantic media event and gives the President an opportunity to advertise in front of an audience of millions for his policies. Trump had an audience of 2018, according to an estimate by the information company Nielsen, approximately 45.6 million.

when and where Trump is talking about?

The speech begins on Tuesday at 21.00 (local time/3.00 PM CET) in the Capitol. Trump speaks at a joint session of the Senate and of the house of representatives, both chambers of Congress. Behind him, his Vice Mike Pence, who is also the President of the Senate, and the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the Chairman of the house of representatives seats. She has held this position since the beginning of the year, and appointed himself in such a short time to the powerful opponent Trumps.

Why is the interest in the appearance so high?

Trump should keep his speech, actually, in the past week. But that was nothing, because Pelosi from her house was right and the speech said, as long as the partial government shutdown (“Shutdown”) lasted.

Both sides have now agreed on a transitional budget, the funding Parts of the government, however, only up to 15. February. Until then, Republicans and Democrats must agree on a new budget law. Trump wants to agree to this but only if it contains money for the required wall on the border to Mexico, which the Democrats oppose, but, as before, strictly. It could therefore threaten again soon a “Shutdown”.

Will announce Trump concrete measures?

there is at least speculation. They climb a question of whether he could impose the speech of a national emergency, to come to, without the consent of the Congress of funds for the construction of the wall. A country-wide state of emergency, the laws, or even fundamental rights, does not mean that the measure is nevertheless highly controversial and would likely lead to lawsuits. Moreover, it is speculated whether Trump could announce at the speech, an agreement with the radical Islamic Taliban about the future of Afghanistan and a withdrawal of international troops.

What is the tone of the speech?

From the White house it was said before, Trump wool call to unity and reconciliation. Similar to the government’s scattered Central in the past year. In the show, even Trump put then in fact, in many Parts of a milder tone to the day, as it is otherwise usual. A certain amount of hardness, he could not help but also back then: on The topic of immigration, for example, or, in his announcement that the controversial Guantánamo Bay detention centre continues to operate.

The communication scientist Aaron Kall believes that the speech will also change, this time, hardly anything to the hardened fronts. Although Trump will try for sure with some of the points of consensus between Republicans and Democrats-establish – for example, as regards investments in infrastructure. The will, however, probably reduced to nothing, that the unstrittene subject of Immigration accounts for a large part of the speech, said the scientists from the University of Michigan.

What happened to trump’s promise from last Time?

His Plan for a Reform of the immigration system failed, bills for it were not a majority in Congress. Also trump’s appeal to Congress to pass a comprehensive infrastructure package that bore no fruit. However, he has in the trade is a success: In the speech last year he promised to change “bad” agreement, or to renegotiate. With Mexico and Canada, the United States has signed, in the meantime, the successor agreement to the North American free trade Pact Nafta. Also with South Korea, Trump agreed on a revised Deal.

Trump is the Only one who speaks this evening?

no. Following a counter – speech, the Democrats-not, however, followed in the Congress. This is a Chance for the party to give Trump double, and to bring aspiring politicians in position. The Democrats have selected Stacey Abrams, the would have written in the past November is almost history. Abrams wanted to be Governor in Georgia and the first African-American woman in U.S. history to the post of CEO in a Federal state. The 45-year-old Democrat, lost the race in the fall but just your Republican competitors, Brian Kemp. In addition, the Californian justice Minister Xavier Becerra will hold a talk in Spanish.