US President Donald Trump sees its first progress of his campaign to the fight against drug abuse in the United States.

“We are making great progress,” said Trump on Wednesday in Atlanta (state of Georgia). Across the country, the number of drug-related deaths had declined by Overdose in the last twelve months by five percent, according to a paper from the White house on the subject.

The abuse of opioids – mostly prescription painkillers and other hard drugs is one of the largest social problems in the United States. Millions of people are affected. In addition to the personal fates of the epidemic plays as a cost factor is also an increasing role for the US economy. The Trump Administration provides for a two-year, six billion dollars to fight the crisis.

“We will not end the epidemic overnight,” said Trump. “But we will not stop until the Job is done.” The campaign includes a variety of initiatives, the withdrawal of prescription drugs through better treatment options and job opportunities after the successful withdrawal to the fight against drug trafficking on the border ranges to Mexico.