21. December: Trump is considering, apparently, visit to Germany

US President Donald Trump wants to come, according to US Ambassador Richard Grenell to Germany and the hometown of his ancestors in the Rhineland-Palatinate visit. “I don’t know when, but he told me that he is coming to the hometown of his family wants to see,” said Grenell in Berlin.

trump’s paternal grandparents came from Kallstadt an der weinstraße. The village with about 1200 inhabitants, is one of the best-known wine villages in the Palatinate. Trump was never there.

The US President has visited during his nearly two years in office already once in Germany: In July of 2017, he took part in the G20 summit in Hamburg. Was a purely bilateral visit, he, however, never been to Germany. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has visited the Trump two Times in Washington.

20. December: Trump switches to U.S. Secretary of defense Mattis

Only a few hours after the US President, Donald Trump has announced that 2000 US soldiers out of Syria to be deducted, he changes his Minister of defence James Mattis. Mattis will leave at the end of February the Cabinet of Ministers, announced by Trump on Twitter. In two Tweets, Trump praised Mattis and thanked him for his service. Mattis was considered for some time as one of the candidates, the need to leave the White house. Most recently, the two had a wand, apparently, differences of opinion about the new chief of General Mark Milley, the U.S. President against the recommendation of Jim Mattis had been nominated.

20. December: US President rejects compromise to the budget act ab

In the budget dispute in the USA, will be President Donald Trump, according to the Republican Congressman is not a law on transitional financing up to 8. February to sign. The speaker of the house of representatives, Paul Ryan, said that Trump had given the with his “legitimate concern” for border security. Ryan and other Republican members had previously met at the White house with Trump. The President of the United States requested five billion dollars for the planned construction of the wall on the border with Mexico are not included in the financing plan. The bridge financing has to pass the Senate by midnight on Friday the house of representatives, and Trump will be presented for signature. Otherwise, there will be a closure of approximately a quarter of the Federal authorities. Republicans and Democrats alike indicated that the submission by the Congress is likely to be approved.

18. December: trump’s Foundation is because of illegal shops

resolved, The Foundation’s US President, Donald Trump will be dissolved because of illegal transactions. The Trump Foundation have signed an agreement, said New York state attorney Barbara Underwood. “The Trump Foundation was little more than a cheque book, in order to serve business and political interests of Mr. Trump,” wrote Underwood. The remaining assets of the Foundation should now be to several charity organizations. Specifically, the Trumps should have collected with the Foundation’s donations in the amount of 2.8 million dollars, in order to influence the presidential election campaign in 2016. With the money, Trump paid open legal claims against his holiday home Mar-A-Lago in Florida and a Golf club, Trump Hotels advertised and things purchased for personal use.

15. December: trump’s interior Minister resigns from US government

From the government team of the US President, Donald Trump ruled out another member. Minister of the interior, Ryan Zinke will go to the end of the year, announced by Trump on Twitter. A successor will be named next week. Prong was longer than the loose candidate. The Democrats had to initiate after the house of representatives-winning the between choice announced investigations against the future Ex-Minister of the interior – due to the possibility of questionable expenses stories.

15. December: Trump nominated budget Director Mulvaney as interim chief of staff

After persistent speculation has appointed US President Donald Trump his former budget Director Mick Mulvaney to the interim chief of staff in the White house. The ultra-conservative Mulvaney to replace the outgoing chief of staff John Kelly, as Trump announced on Twitter. The search for candidates for the key Posts in the White house appears to be harder than I thought. Mulvaney had done in his previous role as budget Director in the White house for “outstanding” work, said Trump. He is looking forward to working with him in his new Position, cooperate. The 51-year-old Mulvaney, a former Republican Congressman for the U.S. state of South Carolina, is considered to be extremely conservative and as a supporter of a strict budgetary discipline. As a budget Director in the White house he is for government spending and administration.

Whether Mulvaney should only be a temporary solution, remained unclear. From the White house it was said: “There is no time limit. He is acting chief of staff, which means that he is the chief of staff. On the question of why Trump Mulvaney announced as acting chief of staff, said: “Because this is what the President wants.”