Donald Trump thinks the world of himself. Again and again the US President during public appearances and in front of journalists, his own achievements and skills are emphasized. He had attended an elite University and there very well beaten, Trump said in October of 2017, reporters in front of the White house in Washington. “I am a very intelligent Person.”

Last September, said the 72-Year-old on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, he love the Chinese. A China expert said, “the fact that China has full respect for Donald Trump and Donald Trumps very, very big brain.”

And long before he understood the White house praised Trump moved in in April of 2013 on Twitter and his high intelligence quotient: “I know that some of you might think that I’m tough and rugged, but actually I am a very compassionate Person (with a very high IQ) with strong common sense.”

Donald Trump called his memory “great,”

most proud of is Trump, but apparently on his memory. Regularly, the Republican stressed his “great memory”. “I’m blessed with a great memory,” he admitted during the election campaign in 2016, the Tonight Show, US Moderator Jim Fallon. In front of reporters, he called it “one of the greatest memories of all times”. How much Trump is his reminder assets convinced, shows a section of the US channel MSNBC (starts at 1:45 min.)

When it comes to name, is left of the US President, however, again and again, from his great memory. He has called his own wife on Twitter Melanie instead of Melania, it would be maybe a typo explain. He called in a forest fire, California, a small town of Paradise, in Front of destroyed in a on-site visit, two Times Pleasure, although this is for weeks under her real name in the headlines, in contrast, is not so easy to excuse.

And if you look at the video clip with Trumps collected from the name confusion, the US media website “Now This News” has now been published, one wonders whether this is a “great memory” is not, perhaps, a bit exaggerated:

sources: Now This News, MSNBC, Youtube