US President Donald Trump engages in battle to be a prestige project of a border wall with Mexico to unorthodox means: On Saturday (local time) he gave the opposition Democrats of the blame for the death of two children from Guatemala, came in the custody of U.S. border authorities to death. “Every death of children or other at the border is strictly the fault of the Democrats and their poor migration policy, which allows the people, the long March to tackle in the Faith, to our country illegally to enter. You can’t do that,” wrote Trump on Twitter. “If we had a wall, wouldn’t you try it once,” he continued.

No salary for government employees

“Christmas is ruined”: this means that Sufferers suffering from the Shutdown of the U.S. government

By Marc Drewello

Trump is currently fighting the financing of the Berlin wall and has, therefore, a Government shutdown (“Shutdown”) in the absence of a new budget law. He refused to pass a law to sign and thereby give it the force of law, which contains no funding for the construction of the wall. The Democrats hold Trumps wall plans, however, for a pure election campaign mesh, with which he wants to tie his anti-migration layers of voters.

“Donald Trump there is a lack of human compassion”

The Opposition accuses Trump to politicize the death of children, and to try to want to respect him for his prestige project of a border wall of Mexico, excl. “He invents again things,” said the democratic members Ted Lieu on Twitter. Trump is not a doctor. The Democrats demand an independent investigation of the incidents. The New York Congressman Gerry Connolly stressed on MSNBC, Trump is using the deaths as a political tool. Trump it lacks completely in terms of human compassion.

The two deaths of children were not the fault of the border authorities, had argued the President. The father of one of the children have expressly confirmed this and said that he had given to the girl for days, no water.

Clear contradiction to the statement of the father

Another case of death

Second child dies in US custody near a border


This representation of the U.S. President is in stark contrast to the actual appearance of the father of a seven-year-old from Guatemala, on 8. December, died after a March, and a subsequent bus ride to a receiving location. The girl had no lack of food or water, said in a statement, the lawyers of the man.

The father, has mastered only a tribal language of the Maya as well as Spanish as a second language, have English-language submissions to sign. The authorities accepted have not announced the official cause of death of the child.

doubt, to dealing with migrant children

Meanwhile, a second child from Guatemala is an eight-year-old Boy in U.S. custody have died. First forensic examinations of the body showed that the Boy was sick with a flu, and suggest the suspicion that he was incorrectly diagnosed and treated. Here, too, the cause of death has not been announced yet officially. The cases had triggered a discussion on dealing with migrants, and particularly children in US border custody.

Mexican border

man to desire finds slips of paper on the balloon and is held for the Christmas elves

As Randy Heiss from Arizona the wish list of a little girl on the way, he could have just ignore him. Instead, he decided to trace them and to be to off your personal Christmas.

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