US President, Donald Trump declared that the US could not absorb illegal migrants.

During a visit to California on the border to Mexico, Trump said on Friday (local time), his message was to migrants on the way to the USA: “We can not accommodate you.” The country was full. “Turn around,” warned Trump. “We have no place.” Several times he repeated this message and emphasized: “If it is full then it is full.” As simple as that.

The President met in the city of Calexico with employees of the U.S. customs and border protection, which complained that the influx of migrants was not cope. The capacities are exhausted.

Trump said that in the coming months, many new cross-border barriers would be erected. He spoke again of a state of emergency on the border and complained of serious deficiencies in the immigration system in the United States.

He complains for years about the Situation on the border with Mexico and had already been promised in the presidential campaign of 2016, to build a wall, illegal Migration, smuggling of drugs and people to curb the trade. In mid-February, he had declared a national state of emergency on the border to Mexico, without the consent of Congress to the construction of new sections of the wall to Finance. Trump wanted to look at the section on his visit to California is also a border to the existing border fences.

In the first two years of Trumps took office, no new walls were built in sections. There have been long repaired, only existing barriers or replaced. Just last November, the customs and border protection, CBP had awarded the contracts for the construction of two new sections in the Rio Grande Valley in the U.S. state of Texas, to be built this year.