Donald Trump think climate change is a gigantic hoax, is well known. So it is not surprising that the US President pulls the push by a group of opposition Democrats, the shooting star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for more climate protection in the USA to the Ridiculous.

last week, under the name of Green New Deal, presented the Resolution calls for an ecological turnaround in the country through massive investments in clean energy, new technologies and infrastructure, and in addition, a comprehensive health care for all, and more economic justice.

Donald Trump mocked the Initiative of Ocasio-Cortez

Trump compared the Green New Deal is now at a campaign appearance in Texas El Paso with a “high-school-of-semester work to get a bad grade”. The Resolution would mean an end to “American energy” as well as “a little thing called air travel”, – said the President on Monday evening in the town on the border with Mexico. “How do you drive with the train to Europe?”, he cried to his audience. “How do we get on a train to Hawaii?”. The 72-Year-old claimed that the Democrats wanted to take away “Your car, the value of your house decrease, and millions of Americans unemployed”. In his speech, he also indicated that the Deal would mean that “you are allowed to have no more cows”.

on the last weekend, Trump had mocked the Resolution: “I think it is very important for the Democrats, with their Green New Deal to move forward. It would be great if the so-called ‘CO2-footprint’ of all the planes, cars, cows, Oil, Gas, and the military would permanently eliminate – even if no other country would do the same. Brilliant!”, the US President wrote on Twitter.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is defending are the

Directly after his speech in El Paso, Trump got a peppered answer by Ocasio-Cortez: “Ah Yes, a man who can not even read the Briefings, which are written in full sentences, provides literary criticism of a Resolution of the house of representatives”, back wedged to the 29-Year-old via Twitter. Then Ocasio-Cortez pointed to an article from the “Washington Post” (paid content), which States that the reading of news briefings “are not Trumps the preferred ‘learning style'” and the President instead of oral reports.

Several of trump’s claims about the consequences of the Green New Deal are wrong. The initiators of the Resolution plan, the waiver of planes, cars and cows. The Resolution also calls for not explicitly the end of the development of fossil fuels, is pushing, to ensure that within the next ten years that the United States “to cover 100 percent of the electricity needs” with Solar and wind energy.

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