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Donald Trump threatens: “To make the southern border density” (13: 28)RWE chief Schmitz is for Nabu “dinosaur of the year” (11.05 PM)Blue light in the sky – New York puzzled over the alien (6.06 PM)Emma and Ben most common first name in Germany (5.07 p.m.)German arms exports go back to solid (4.34 PM)

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+++ 13: 28: Donald Trump to close the border to Mexico complete +++

US President Donald Trump has threatened to close the southern border completely, if the Democrats would give him the money to build the wall is finished. The announced Trump on Twitter. Background of the budget negotiations, the United States are currently in the so-called Shutdown. The partial government shutdown in the U.S. will last well into the new year. With his Tweet, Trump wants to put apparently, the Democrats are under pressure to follow his Wishes. Trump stood in a further Twitter message on the North American free trade agreement Nafta: The United States each year, around 75 billion dollars were lost due to trade with Mexico – “money from the drug trade, not counting”. The closure of the Mexican border was therefore a “profitable Operation”. “We build the wall or we close the southern border,” he continued.

+++ 12.36 PM: Klöckner sees in firecrackers-prohibition of a “patronizing” +++

The advance of the German environmental aid for tougher rules against new year’s eve firecrackers is met with CDU Deputy Julia Klöckner rejection. The existing rules were sufficient, the Federal Minister for food and agriculture. “The fact that there are always idiots that adhere to it is, unfortunately, also in other areas of everyday life,” said Klöckner, the German news magazine “der Spiegel”.

It could not be, that “those, who fail, the lives of those who determine the proper behavior,” said Klöckner of the magazine. “In a free society it will always go to the Balancing of rules and responsible freedom.” The approach of the environmental aid is “patronising” and damaging the “responsibility” of citizens.

+++ 12.00: utility credit for Air Berlin: the state has nearly 100 million +++

According to the auxiliary credit for the insolvent airline Air Berlin, the state gets back more of their money. By the end of December, around 98 million euros had been repaid, said the insolvency administrator Lucas Flöther, to be the “image”-newspaper. The Federal government had granted the Airline a loan of 150 million euros, in order to keep them in the air and to allow the sale.

“as things Stand we may even be able to pay off the entire loan, but without interest,” said Flöther. The Federal Economics Ministry confirmed that currently nearly 100 million euros have been paid to the promotional Bank KfW. “With the further repayment is expected.”

+++ 11.42 PM: Deutsche Post increased postage for 5 Kilo-packets +++

increases The Deutsche Post 1. January the postage for packages up to 5 kilograms, the private customers in a branch stamp. The price increases by 50 cents to 7.49 euros, informed DHL package. Online prepaid packages up to 5 pounds cost also still 5,99 Euro. All other prices remained unchanged. The last price increase for a 5-Kilo packages have 2014.

Also, for business customers, DHL will increase the parcel postage to the beginning of the year. The individually agreed terms increased more than in the previous years, had communicated to the German Post in September. The reason is the significantly increased Transport and personnel costs.

+++ 11.05 PM: RWE-chief for nature conservation Federal “dinosaur of the year” +++

For the nature and biodiversity conservation Union Nabu is the RWE chief Rolf Martin Schmitz in the field of climate and environmental policy, the “dinosaur of the year 2018”. The reason for the negative price, it was said that Schmitz had polarized, with its Insistence on the clearance of the hambach forest for the local mining brown coal in the increasingly heated debates about the protection of the climate.

Schmitz was charged with his “old-fashioned demonstration” in the dispute over the clearing makes itself into the Offside, said Nabu President Olaf Tschimpke in Berlin. The RWE boss I want to create a fait accompli, irrespective of the social mood, the ongoing negotiations in the coal Commission of a regulated coal phase-out and the consequences for nature and the environment. By a court judgment, the deforestation of the forest had been stopped for the time being.

+++ 10.57 PM: Damascus moved troops into Manbij in Northern Syria +++

Prior to an impending Offensive the Turkey in Northern Syria, the Syrian army has moved troops into the Kurdish-controlled town of Manbij. The General command of the army said that the troops of their obligation to fulfill, the state sovereignty on the entire Syrian territory.

The Region in the North of Syria controlled by the Kurdish militia, YPG, which have been supported by US troops. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had threatened an Offensive against the YPG, this last week, but for now postponed.

+++ 10.21 PM: Syrian Kurds ask Assad for help against Turkey +++

The Kurdish people’s defense units (YPG) in Syria, the government of head of state Bashar al-Assad’s assistance requested in the case of the expected Turkish military offensive. The YPG called on the government in Damascus on Friday, troops in the controlled areas in the North lay Syria. After the past week of US President Donald Trump announced a withdrawal of troops of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had threatened to expel the YPG from the Region.

+++ 10.09 PM: a rescue ship with more than 300 migrants in Spain, A rescue arrived +++

ship with over 300 migrants on Board has arrived after one week of travel on the Mediterranean sea in Spain. The “Open Arms” is a delivery around nine o’clock in the port of Campamento in Algeciras in the South of the country, media reported citing the authorities. Italy and Malta had refused to previously again, to allow the private Spanish aid organisation Proactiva Open Arms rescued people of the Land. As before in similar cases, Spain declared himself willing the people.

+++ 09.15: Technical regulations for Diesel retrofits are before +++

In the Hardware retrofits of older diesel cars, the Federal Ministry of transport has taken a step forward. The technical regulations are now available as the Ministry announced on Friday. In order for the Federal government to define the requirements for effective retrofit systems. First, the “Bild-Zeitung had reported” about it.

the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), said: “Now, the aftermarket industry is on the train, to develop effective systems, with which all the limits and regulations are complied with.” If these are met, will provide the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) as soon as possible the approval so that the systems could be quickly offered on the market.

+++ 08.43 PM: “Every life counts”: Indonesian rescue after the Tsunami stranded turtles +++

in addition to searching for Victims of the Tsunami disaster, the Indonesian helper to take care of stranded turtles. Alone on a beach in the particularly affected province of Lampung on the island of Sumatra they saved the turtles for almost a week, round 15 of the sea, as a member of the salvage team to the AFP news Agency reported.

+++ 06:39 PM: a gas leak in the Vietnamese power plant: Four workers dead +++

Because of a leak in a gas power plant in the South came in a heat of Vietnam, four workers lost their lives. The online newspaper Vnexpress reported that the workers were suddenly blacked out, as they cleaned out a water collection tank in the plant, in the province of Tra Vinh. They were declared dead after being taken to a hospital. Because of lax safety regulations, accidents in Vietnam have a high number of workplace. 2017 928 people had come in the course of their working lives.

+++ 06.37 PM: Hildesheimer Bishop warns of “Ikea-religions” +++

The Hildesheimer Bishop Heiner Wilmer has criticised the growing spiritual independence of many believers. He would warn against “Ikea-religions”, in which people were certain spiritual elements according to the modular principle, said Wilmer, the German press Agency. “Can’t go for a time, but I think that survived.” There is “no society without Religion.”

+++ 06.14 am: earthquake shakes Eastern Indonesia +++

The East of Indonesia, was rocked on Friday by an earthquake of a magnitude of 6.1. A Tsunami was not expected, however, informed the civil protection authority in Jakarta. Reports of injured, it was initially. The epicenter was located 55 kilometers Southeast of, South of Manokwari in the province of West Papua. A few days ago, arrived in Indonesia by a Tsunami that was triggered after the Eruption of a volcano, and landslides, more than 430 people have been killed.

+++ 06.06 PM: Blue light in the night sky of New York leads to wild speculation on the net +++

the Flickering blue light in the night sky over New York has led on the net to wild speculation ranging from aliens to super heroes to a divine appearance. The statement banal, but: The blue light came from a transformer Explosion at a power plant in the district of Queens, as the New York police announced on Thursday evening in the short message service Twitter. “The fire is under control.”

“No aliens”, noted the spokesman of mayor Bill de Blasio, Eric Phillips, on Twitter. The energy provider Con Edison, said, in a plant, in the district of Astoria, there had been a brief fire. Affected several transformers. “We are currently investigating the cause of the incident.” The fire Department also reported that the incident was under control. Has been violated, therefore, no one.

+++ 06.04 PM: German type more than a billion for sparkling wine and champagne from +++

consumers in Germany for champagne, Sekt, and Prosecco-deep in the bag. In the past twelve months, they bought alone in the food retail and drugstore markets around 311 million bottles of sparkling wine, and spent more than 1.2 billion euros, as a study by the market research company Nielsen showed. The greatest demand for sparkling wine, champagne, and co. for Christmas and new year’s eve.

+++ 05.07 PM: Top Ten first names 2018: Emma and Ben in the front +++

Emma and Ben, the most popular first names in Germany. The statistics of Hobby-name researcher Knud Bielefeld from Ahrensburg, near Hamburg, has more than evaluated 206.000 birth announcements from all over Germany. “Behind Emma Th, Mia, Hanna/Hannah, Emilia, Sophia/Sofia, Lina, Anna, Mila, Lea, and Ella are in the Popularity Top. On Ben to follow in the case of the boy, Paul, Leon, Finn/Fynn, Elias, Jonas, Luis/Louis and Noah, Felix and Lucas/Lukas.

+++ 04.38 PM: Frankfurt witnessed 2018 German heat record +++

two German cities are among the top performers of the exception of summer 2018. In Hesse’s banking metropolis of Frankfurt, it was, according to surveys by the German weather service (DWD) in the cut as warm as in any other place since the beginning of the records. The data that was measured in the Frankfurt Westend with 12.9 grade, the highest average temperature in 2018. In the capital, Berlin, the sun shone the longest. 2308 hours were registered at the Station Berlin-Dahlem. The evaluation considered data up to and including the 26. December, said DWD spokesman Andreas Friedrich of the German press Agency.

+++ 04.34 PM: Drastic reduction in German arms exports +++

In the case of the German arms exports, a significant decrease in this year. Up to the 13. December were approved according to the Federal Ministry of the economy, exports of weapons and other military equipment to the value of 4.62 billion euros. In the entire previous year there were a total of 6.24 billion Euro. The scope of the approved exports is expected to contract in order to 2018, for the third Time in a row. A growth there in 2015, then to a record level of 7,86 billion euros.

+++ 01.02 PM: the Central Council of Muslims wants to advise about a mosque tax in the case of Islam conference +++

The Central Council of Muslims has called for to discuss the currently discussed introduction of a mosque tax on the next meeting of the Islam conference. “There should be knowledgeable and sensible debate,” said the Central Council Chairman Ayman Mazyek of the düsseldorf “Rheinische Post”. The currently mostly under-funded mosque communities should be able to employ reasonable, trained and English-speaking imams.

This is also a donations-funded mosque Foundation would be conceivable, however, said Mazyek. For this purpose, the state could create incentives and organizational support.

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