US President Donald Trump lets loose with its aggressive trade policy, even after a Last-Minute agreement with Mexico.

On Monday, he threatened to duties the Mexicans again with the Criminal, should not be granted to the Parliament of the neighbouring country, the necessary consent for parts of the agreed negotiated package.

China’s President Xi Jinping, he even put an Ultimatum: If the Chinese head of state, not to a Meeting at the G20 summit in Osaka (Japan) on 28. and 29. July should be ready, would raise U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports at a value of $ 300 billion.

Trump is because of his Deals with Mexico in the United States significantly in the criticism. “Threats and tantrums are not the way to negotiate foreign policy,” said the Chairman of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, on Saturday. “The President, Trump has been the outstanding leadership of America’s role in the world is undermined, in which he has been reckless with the imposition of duties against our friend and neighbors in the South are threatened.”

In a telephone interview with the channel CNBC, Trump went on Monday, the heavy artillery against China. “The best Deal we can get is 25 per cent (inch) to 600 billion.” So Trump said that he could impose on imports from China in the amount of around 300 billion dollars of customs duties. So all of China would then be imports with special duties charged. This is a threat, and with the Trump for a long time, the talks with Beijing escorts. China was under pressure and had to devalue its currency to keep its economy in Balance, stressed to the U.S. President.

The “New York Times” reported, large parts of the of Trump as a great negotiating power sold Deals with Mexico had been for months under the roof. Already in March it had given public talks with the former homeland security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, which is about providing the in writing agreed to use the national guard in Mexico. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo rejected this representation. The new agreement was much more far-reaching than all previously agreed measures, he said on Monday in Washington.

After days of negotiations between Mexico and the United States Trump had on Friday evening, the punitive tariffs threatened on all imports from the neighboring country for an indefinite period of time is suspended – otherwise they would not be entered into force on Monday. Mexico undertook, in return, to take measures against illegal Migration. Recently, the number has increased especially from migrants from Central American countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador coming through Mexico to the United States, dramatically.

to avoid the punitive tariffs, agreed in Mexico to a “significant” tightening of border controls. As of Monday, the national guard should be moved to the border with Guatemala to stop the illegal Migration of Central Americans into the United States, said the Mexican foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard. 6000 soldiers were seconded to the limit. In addition, Mexico will harder against the gangs approach.

In 45 days of the check in both countries, whether illegal Migration has been mitigated by the new measures, as Ebrard announced on Monday. The result is not satisfactory, could be exacerbated by the measures in the following 90 days.

If the number of illegal migrants in the United States is still not significantly reduced, could Washington invade, according to information from the Mexican government again to declare Mexico to the safe third state. Then all of the migrants from Central America, to Mexico in the United States would have to apply for, first of all, in Mexico for asylum.

“We are confident that our proposed measures of success. But if this is not the case, we must ask ourselves this discussion,” said Ebrard.

The new agreement is that the United States can send back in addition, from now on, Central Americans on the whole length of the border to Mexico, where you have to put on your asylum procedure in the United States waiting. So far, the Mexicans had allowed only exceptionally, and in some cities. The US government wants to prevent with the rule that asylum-seekers descend in front of a judicial decision on their application in the United States.

Pompeo said on Monday that so far, you have only to send “some hundred people of the day” back to Mexico. Here are dramatic now increases possible. This will make a “decisive difference” in the calculus of those who come to the planet, through Mexico to the United States.

Without the agreement, would be entered on Monday, duties on all Mexican imports of goods in the United States in force. Trump had threatened to increase the level of compulsory levies gradually to up to 25 percent. Critics warned of price increases in the United States, and against severe impact on the economy in the two neighbouring countries. The German car manufacturer VW and BMW would have been affected because they manufacture in Mexico, cars for the US market.

Mexico has, along with China and Canada, the largest trading partners of the United States. In the first four months of the year, the trading volume between the two neighbors over 203 billion dollars.

According to official figures, were placed at the southern border of the United States in may alone, 144 000 people – three Times as many as a year earlier. Many of the migrants were children who were without parents on the go. Hundreds of thousands of people flee every year from poverty and violence in Central America and through Mexico to the United States.