US President Donald Trump, his speech on the state of the Nation is now at 5. February prior to the Congress – and thus a week later than originally planned.

The Chairman of the US house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said on Monday (local time) in Washington, you have agreed with Trump on this date. Trump wrote in a letter to the front woman of the Democrats, he was looking forward to the speech before both chambers of the U.S. Congress. Previously, the two had delivered a fierce debate about the date for the speech – as a side battle in the budget dispute, which had led to the longest Shutdown in U.S. history, so a part-shutdown of the government shops.

The U.S. President traditionally holds at the beginning of the year, a speech on the state of the Nation. Originally, this Tuesday evening (local time) had been provided for it. Pelosi had insisted because of the week long shutdown of Parts of the US government, however, to postpone the speech, and to wait until after the end of the “shutdown”. They had established officially that the Secret Service was affected by the budget freeze – it is for the safety of the event in the house of representatives, is responsible. Trump didn’t want to accept the first.

After some Back and Forth, Pelosi had made, finally, from your house right to Trump the speech denied, as long as the Shutdown lasted. Trump gave in at the end. On Friday the partial government shutdown was gone to the shops to the end. The way was thus free for a new date for the speech.

for Five weeks, parts of the US had been placed in government due to a dispute over the financing of a border wall Mexico lame. Trump had refused to sign a budget law for several ministries and their subordinate authorities to sign, if not $ 5.7 billion (5 billion euros) for the construction of a border wall would be scheduled. In order to get the money for the wall, is Trump in the Congress to rely on the votes of Democrats. The reject a financing. Press and hold the wall for an immoral and ineffective means to combat illegal border crossings.

Trump and the Democrats agreed on a transitional budget for the concerned ministries to 15. February. Until then, you want to continue searching for an agreement in the dispute about the border security. The President does not believe in his own words, to an acceptable agreement. In an Interview with the “Wall Street Journal” (Monday), he estimated the chances of the negotiator in a timely manner to an agreement, as a low. “Personally, I see the below 50-50,” said Trump on the question of the chances of an agreement.

For the case of a failure of the talks Trump has threatened a renewed “Shutdown” – or with the proclamation of a “National emergency”. Trump is of the opinion that he could not leave the wall by the Latter, without the consent of the Congress building. But this is controversial and is likely to be challenged in court.

The spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, said on Monday (local time), the President did not want another “Shutdown” of the government. He see but the crisis at the border to Mexico. “And the President will do what is necessary to solve this.” Need adequate funding for border security and a wall was.

The “Shutdown” has devoured according to an official calculation of the independent budget auditor, eleven billion dollars in economic output. Of which a large part could be made up, three billion were lost in any case, it is said in a Monday report submitted to the party cross-border offices (Congressional Budget Office). This takes in the order of the Congress prior to the cost calculations for major societal decisions in the United States.

the head of The Democrats in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer, accused Trump, he did stick with his “tantrum” in the budget dispute seriously and stay caused damage to the US economy.

Trumps economic adviser Larry Kudlow pointed to the back and contradicted the report of the budget controller. There is no lasting damage to the U.S. economy by the “Shutdown,” said Kudlow. The American economy was very strong and by the time of Parts of the government have still not been seriously disturbed.