It would be a plain breach of the law: U.S. President Donald Trump should have asked during his visit to the Mexico border, border protection officials behind the Scenes to deny asylum-seekers and immigrants in defiance of Federal laws and court orders entry and judge, if necessary, to lie to. The CNN reported on his show “Reliable Sources” referring to the two witnesses of the process.

“to Return. We have no place,”

Trump had met last Friday in Calexiko in the U.S. state of California, with employees of the border guard authority and the border fence open to the public. In the case of a round of talks in the local border guard station, the President in front of the cameras said, his message was to migrants on the way to the United States: “We can not accommodate you.” No matter, whether asylum or illegal Immigration, the country was full. “To come back. We have no place.” If it was, then it was full. As simple as that.

As the cameras and microphones were turned off, Trump instructed the witness, according to the border guards, to just stop, to let immigrants into the country, said “Reliable Sources”host Jake Tapper. “Told you, we have the capacity,” called on the US President, the officials accordingly. “And if you judge, make Trouble, says: ‘I’m sorry, judge, I can’t do that. We don’t have the space.'”

for homeland security Secretary

“Heartless-Minister” has to go – what Trumps a surprising maneuver on yourself

After the President had left the room, had asked the border guards to their supervisor for further advice. They had declared that they would not give such an instruction. Rather, the border guards would be made if they followed the invitation of the President, personally liable. “You must keep to the law,” you have been told. In accordance with the applicable immigration and nationality act, any alien may apply for in the United States for asylum, regardless of whether he is an official border crossing into the country or not.

The neo-conservative political columnist Bill Kristol calls the consequences of the allegations against Trump: “the President is not allowed to give people the instruction to break the law,” commented the Republicans, the allegations in the CNN broadcast. “If he orders people to break the law, there must be a serious investigation by responsible congressional committees, in order to clarify whether he has done this, whether he meant it and how the Executive branch is led.”

Donald Trump has railed “and raged,”

Trump is unhappy with the current immigration policy and wants to add more, such as CNN and NBC reports, citing government employees. This is also the reason for the on Sunday, the President announced the separation from homeland security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. So Trump is seeking a more stringent and extended separation of immigrant families. Nielsen’ve tried to explain that this was due to various court challenges to possible and reminded him that he himself had signed in June, a decree on the termination of this practice.

two weeks Ago, should have asked Trump to CNN, according to Nielsen and foreign Minister Mike Pompeo in the White house to make border crossing in El Paso the next day, sealing and more closures will follow. Nielsen have rejected the Plan and argued that only the legal trade and travel would be stopped while illegal migrants between the border crossings to the country were, according to CNN citing people who were present at the Meeting. Trump replied: “I don’t care.”

Don McGahn

Ex-Trump-consultant: “I have spent the last several years, to be yelled at”

The acting chief of staff of the White house, Mick Mulvaney, and I can make excuses to the President the Plan, after all. Instead, the President insisted asylum have to apply simply to deny access. Nielsen should have tried according to the report, in vain, to explain to him that the migrants from Central America have the legal right to apply for asylum in the United States.

Trump got scolded in the round “, and raged,” – quoted by Tapper a participant of the meeting, and explained that the border security be a core theme.

Indeed, the containment of illegal immigration is one of the key themes of trump’s presidency. However, courts have slows down the Republicans again and again. Recently a Federal judge from California on Monday conceded to send the arrangement of the White house asylum-seekers from Central American countries for the duration of your procedure back to Mexico. The judge explained that the U.S. government cannot guarantee the protection of “life and liberty” of the people Concerned. In December, a Washington court had placed the decision, victims of domestic violence and gang crime from asylum right to exclude. In November, a Federal judge in California Trumps arrangement stopped shall be allowed to apply, according to which only legal to deport people in the United States for asylum.