It is to be feared, it had to be Donald Trump verschlägt the language. Not primarily out of joy or disbelief, but from a lack of arousal. So often the US President has discredited the investigations of the so-called Russia-affair as a “witch hunt” reporting of the “Fake News”-the media demonized or his Mantra of “No Collusion” – so “no collusion” with Russia – is not repeated. Reporter, he was welcomed with these two words.

After 22 months could be so now, for the time being deadline: special investigator Robert Mueller has submitted its final report, in which Trump is relieved – that is, at least, to see a four-sided assessment of the Minister of justice, William Barr, which he sent on Sunday to the U.S. Congress (and you can here in the text to read). “No agreements, no obstruction of justice, full RELIEF,” tweeted the US President then. The issue for him is off the table, so it seems.

Mueller report completed

In case of doubt against doubt? The sensitive role of Minister of justice Barr in the Russia-investigation

That Trump is pulling an at least questionable conclusions, see Barr’s letter. In it Mueller is quoted, could not relieve, no clear evidence for a possible obstruction of justice by Trump have been able to find him, but also explicitly. Did Barr (as read here), which criticize the US Democrats are now in focus.

However, Mueller’s let the investigation, detached from the final report (or Barr’s assessment), not to Trump as a magnifying glass of pure clean man close.

Donald Trump and his questionable environment

In fact, the final report would appear to provide important answers to important questions, relieve Trump. About: Has mixed Russia in the US election of 2016? Yes. There was illegal collusion between Trumps campaign team with Russia? No. Has hampered the U.S. President, the judicial investigations in the so-called Russia-affair? Maybe.

it is to be Noted, however: the investigation of Robert Mueller and a total of 34 charges have been levied, once close companions, and employees of Trump are now convicted criminals. And Trump himself was in a sense transferred, to have the voters been deceived.

Russia affair: Ex-Trump-Familiar stand up in court or have already been Fullscreen

Paul Manafort – a former campaign Manager Trumps

Was convicted of tax – and sentenced to Bank fraud for nearly four years in prison. In the procedure, it was not in the first line of allegations regarding his work as trump’s campaign Manager, or with a view to a possible intervention of Russia in the US election. Thus, a further process will be decided in mid-March.

©Brendan Smialowski AFP

As the presidential candidate Trump should have paid hush money to women to prevent alleged extramarital Affairs to cover up and unpleasant Publicity during the election campaign. His former lawyer, and a “sweeper”, Michael Cohen, charged Trump in this matter is difficult: Before the judiciary Committee of the house of representatives, he said that Trump put him up to the criminal hush money payments (read more here). Cohen, who made the payments, was convicted of, among other things, for violations of the campaign Finance system, and occurs in may, is expected to a prison sentence of three years. Trump denies the payment in the order given.

Mueller recommends in its final report, according to the Minister of justice, Barr, no other charges. In New York a number of methods, however, are still pending, among other things due to tax and Bank fraud could be involved in the Trump in a variety of ways. In this respect, Trump with the completion of the Russia is likely to have investigations, at most, one less thing to worry about.

Of the “witch-hunting” counter-strike

The investigations have also shed light on a U.S. President, the hysterisiert apparently targeted, making something out of, and inciting them. Alone 183 Times to have Trump on Twitter about Mueller’s alleged “witch-hunt” laments, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. Mind you: a study of the officially appointed special investigator, appointed by the Deputy attorney Rod Rosenstein.


hatred and propaganda

Initial hate-messages, then letter bombs: What happens in the USA, should be a warning

Dieter Hoß

In a recent Tweet, he accuses the media, to have always known that there had been no collusion between Trumps Team and Russia. “They are the enemies of the people,” concludes Trump. What can take on a dangerous momentum of the “Fake News”-allegations of Trumps, was shown last October: A fanatical follower of the US President sent several letter bombs to the personal images of the enemy Trumps, including the American broadcaster CNN (click here to read more comment on this). A “Fake News”Medium, in Trumps eyes.

And now, it seems to Trump even a “witch-hunt”. He has announced to the advantageous end of the Russia studies, a counter-strike. “We’ve been through something, it happened bad things and these people will be safe,” said Trump on Monday in Washington with views of the initiators of investigations. “You have the Congress lied to,” he said. Trump spoke of vicious, and even “traitorous” things, but without being more specific. The investigation was on a “lie of representation” is based. “We can never let another President to do this again,” said Trump.

sources: , Germany radio, “Washington Post”, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, with materials of the news Agency DPA