In the dispute over the financing of a border wall to Mexico, US President, Donald Trump, according to U.S. media reports, before the turn-in.

The broadcaster CNN reported, citing sources from the environment Trumps, this wool accept a compromise, a cross-party composite negotiating team had reached.

Therefore Trump for the construction of border fortifications with 1,375 billion dollars would get significantly less money than the required $ 5.7 billion. The spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, said that Trump had not yet taken a final decision. The draft contained “some positive parts,” said Sanders. Trump was not completely satisfied.

Trump had already declared the previous day that he was “not happy” about the compromise. He does not believe, however, that it come again to a government to a standstill. Via Twitter, he thanked the Republican negotiators for the work done. to avoid

To a new “Shutdown”, it must be approved by Friday evening, 24: 00 hours local time, a new budget law and the President signed. Due to the dispute regarding the funding of border security has so far been no agreement reached. For the same reason, it was about the turn of the Year for the 35 days the longest Shutdown in US history.

For Trump, it was possibly the last occasion, a large sum of money for its prestigious project, the construction of a border fortress, to push through. With the majority of Democrats in the house of representatives this is likely to be, at least until the next election in 2020.

Trump insisted in recent days on several occasions that the construction of the wall is proceeding anyway. In the current Work, however, it is only supplementary measures or repairs to existing fence parts. The 1,375 billion dollars, according to media reports, for 55 miles (89 kilometers) to the fence.

Trump had spoken in the election campaign of a concrete wall along the 2000 miles long border with Mexico. “It is not a fence, it is a wall,” he had said at the time.

The draft law was still in processing. Trump’s spokeswoman Sanders said the White house had no full knowledge about the paper and wanted to await the final version.


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