US President Donald Trump has pronounced to the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, despite recent tensions the trust.

“I have confidence that Chairman Kim will fulfil its promise to me,” wrote Trump during a state visit in Tokyo on Twitter. Both leaders had exchanged in Singapore, and Hanoi in two summit meetings, the second Meeting in Hanoi failed. North Korea builds the in-principle approval to Kim’s to nuclear disarmament, and on terms and conditions, among other things, a prior easing of sanctions.

He had to smile, as Kim Jong-Un has confirmed his potential adversary in the next year, upcoming presidential election, the Democrats, and former Vice-President Joe Biden, a “low IQ”, re-wrote Trump. “Perhaps sending me a Signal?”, Trump asked.

Biden had responded in the past few days on the peaks from North Korea and according to reports in the media, explains, it is no wonder that North Korea Trump as US President before the course. These have dictators a slope and verprelle old allies.

The issue of North Korea plays in the state visit Trumps in Japan, also has a role. Trump wanted to discuss in the course of Sunday with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, among other things, the game of Golf about upcoming political issues. On Monday, it then comes to formal political talks.

North Korea had last tested back rockets. The Tests have not been evaluated by the White house, however, as a decisive escalation of the Situation. “North Korea”, has fired a couple of smaller weapons, which some of my people and others distressed, wrote to me, but Trump more.