For four weeks, parts of the government machine are still in the USA, since then, approximately 800,000 Federal employees were not paid for. It is the longest Shutdown in US history (read more here on the background). It is sometimes held also, and increasingly, on a personal level (why, read here): Given the budget line, US President, Donald Trump’s lock on Thursday his democratic adversary Nancy Pelosi in the short term, Afghanistan-troops in a military aircraft. Also, the travel of U.S. Delegation to the world economic forum in Davos has been deleted.

However, Trumps rogue fair play to the “800,000 of the great Americans, who get no salary”, does not apply to seems to be for his wife, Melania Trump. The First Lady is, apparently, traveled at state expense to Florida to spend the weekend in the family Golf club Mar-a-Lago.

Melania Trump seems to have been to Mar-a-Lago flown

According to the “Palm Beach Post” at the airport in Palm Beach, a government machine spotted. In the night from Wednesday to Thursday (local time), shortly after trump’s rejection of Pelosi, Melania broken. It was a long-planned weekend trip with son Barron, reported CNN citing an unnamed source from the White house.

the flight data to confirm the Trip. To see it: “EXEC1F”, according to Jake Sherman, “Politico”Journalist, the detection for aircraft with Melania Trump on Board and the route from Washington to Palm Beach.

In addition, it should have been at the machine, a Boeing C32-A – a model airplane in the US Air Force.

Possible movement in the Shutdown dispute

Meanwhile, a possible movement in the Shutdown dispute suggests: U.S. President Donald Trump has announced a far-reaching opinion on the Situation at the U.S. southern border. He wanted to make on Saturday at 15.00 local time (21.00 CET) for a larger announcement, which also deals with the government Shutdown, wrote Trump on Friday evening (local time) on Twitter. In Parallel, the “New York Times” wrote that the Democrats were inserted in an Amendment to the budget law a billion dollars in connection “with spending for border security” (read more here on the background).

sources: “the Palm Beach Post”, CNN

fs / With Material of the DPA, and AFP