US President Donald Trump has doubts that the Republicans can wrest in Congress, the Democrats, the funding for the required wall on the border to Mexico. The Republicans would be wasting their time, wrote Trump on Twitter.

“The Democrats will give in spite of all the evidence and caravans no money for the much needed wall.” During an appearance at the White house underscore Trump later that without the financing of wall no agreement in the budget dispute could be.

representatives of the two parties are currently negotiating on border security. You have up to 15. February time to find a solution for a new budget law. Otherwise, Parts of the government, once again, a budget lock. In order to get the money for the wall, is Trump in the Congress to rely on the votes of Democrats. The reject the funding, because they keep a wall, among other things, as immoral as well as ineffective against illegal immigration in the United States.

The democratic Chairman of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, made it clear on Thursday that it will give in the budget act, no money for a wall, such as Trump you want to. You signaled but openness to other measures for border security.

Trump accused Pelosi to play political games. “Without the wall, it does not work. As simple as that,” he said at the appearance in the White house. The Republicans also made it clear that he is considering the imposition of national emergency in order to get money for the wall. So he would not have to rely on the consent of the Congress. The Problem would be, however, that this would be a case for the courts. A country-wide state of emergency, the laws, or even fundamental rights, is not the but.

Trump claimed on Thursday also once again, the wall was already built. This is not right. Since his arrival, only existing barriers have been repaired or replaced. It is not concrete walls, but most of the steel barriers. In February, for the first time with the construction of new sections in Texas started. But this is not the Trump originally required concrete wall, but barriers, some of which go back to an older law.

Trump picked up on this fact. “The renovation of the existing WALLS is also a big part of the Plan to secure our borders after many decades, finally”, he wrote and spoke at the same time, you should just refer to everything as a wall. “A WALL is a WALL.”

The dispute about the border security had led to the so far longest “Shutdown” of the government in the history of the United States. Last week, Trump and the Democrats agreed on a transitional budget.


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