5. May: Trump defends rights Hetzer

US President Donald Trump is once again in Rage. On Saturday, he defended in several Tweets, right-wing commentators, after they were blocked on Thursday by Facebook. Including the US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, the notorious provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and anti-Semitic, US black leader Louis Farrakhan. In addition, he retweetete comments from banned people such as Paul Watson, a British conspiracy theorist.

In the tweet, Trump did not attack the so-called “left” media and the democratic party: “Social Media and the Fake News media, know together with your Partner, the democratic party, in which situation you would.” He called on the “radical left media” in addition to apologize with regard to the allegations that he had acted “in collusion with Russia”,.

in addition, Trump announced that he will pursue the censorship to a few American citizens by individual platforms. “This is the United States of America and we have something that is as freedom of expression,” tweeted Trump.

Facebook explained the lock in order that it had been transported, banished individuals or organizations that “violence and hatred”. Affected their pages in Facebook, will be deleted network as well as at the group’s subsidiary Instagram.

3. May: Trump discussed on the phone the Mueller Report: “He smiled,”

U.S. President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin talked on Friday about the situation in Venezuela and the Russia-investigation of the FBI. Trump then spoke of a very good conversation. Putin told him that he would not be in the conflict in Venezuela is involved, “except that he wants to do something Positive for Venezuela’s happening,” said Trump. “I feel the same way. We want to get humanitarian aid (to the country). At the Moment the people are starving, have no water, you have no food.” Representatives of his government accuse Russia, however, that the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro could only keep by the support from Moscow.

It is not the first Time that Trump is expressed in relation to Russia to the public other than members of his government. The Republican sees himself since the election campaign, accusations that he was pursuing a Russia-friendly rate and have great admiration for Putin.

Trump said on Friday to reporters that he had spoken with the Kremlin chief is also on the Russia-investigation of FBI special investigator Robert Mueller. “We talked about it and he smiled and said something in the sense that it began as a mountain and as a mouse ended. But he knew, because he knew that there was no collusion.”

1. May: Obama’s produce Netflix adaptation of the book about Trump

This constellation is likely to bring before the attention: of all things, his predecessor, former US President Barack Obama, will produce with his wife, Michelle, a Netflix series about his successor, Donald Trump. The production company of the Obama’s, Higher Ground Productions, is working on an adaptation of the book “Increased risk” of the author Michael Lewis about the Trump-government, such as the Video-streaming service announced on Tuesday.

In the book, the best-selling author describes how to start, like a completely unprepared Trump the President, as he is interested only for the reports of his staff and authorities posts with unqualified staff.

Netflix had announced in may 2018, the cooperation with the Obama’s. Their production company, Higher Ground Productions, is also working on the filming of a project, the newspaper “New York Times”, “Overlooked” (“Overlooked”), such as Netflix announced on Tuesday. It is a question of obituaries to the Deceased, whose death was initially no public attention – mostly because it’s women or Black.

a Film about Frederick Douglass, a former slave who campaigned for the abolition of slavery is also Planned.

30. April: Deputy U.S. attorney General Post, leaves at 11. May

Deputy US attorney Rod Rosenstein, has played an important role in the Russia investigation, is leaving his Post. The step had been expected. Rosenstein President, Donald Trump informed that he on 11. May out of office, will be retiring and thanked the President.

the relationship between the two was characterised by highs and Lows. After Trump had fired in may of 2017, the then-FBI Director James Comey, Rosenstein special investigator Robert Mueller, the Russia-affair examine Trump. Mueller established for almost two years, if trump’s campaign team has made secret agreements with Russia and whether or not Trump disabled the judiciary. Rosenstein was in charge of the investigation.

In his letter, Rosenstein wrote to Trump: “I am grateful for the opportunity the office to exercise, and for the courtesy and humour, in our personal conversations have shown, and for the goals that you have set in your inaugural speech: Patriotism, unity, security, education and prosperity.” Trump has appointed the conservative lawyers Jeffrey Rosen already a successor for Rosenstein. The Senate must consent to the change of personnel.

27. April: man throws phone on NRA stage – he wanted to meet Trump? The Secret Service determined

A man was taken at a meeting of the gun lobby organization of the NRA (National Rifle Association) and from the hall, after he had thrown a mobile phone-perhaps after the US President Donald Trump. About the Friday incident among others, the U.S. portals, “The Hill” and the channel Fox News reports. On Twitter-Videos to see how an object on the stage that flies, while Trump goes to the lectern.


US-Prgroping Donald Trump at an event for the gun lobby organization of the NRA

©Scott Olson / AFP

The mobile phone landed on the other side of the stage and missed the US President. According to Fox News the man who threw the object was said to be drunk. The Secret Service is looking into whether this Trump want to damage have, – said in a Statement to the US transmitter. The motive of the man was still unclear.

Trump wants to pull the consent of the United States to the arms trade Treaty the United Nations (ATT). At the NRA event, he signed in Indianapolis, in a letter, in which he calls on the Congress to complete the ratification process. The United States had approved the Treaty during the presidency of Barack Obama, him so far, but not ratified, as many other countries.

sources: , “The Hill,” Fox News,

26. April: Trump wants to pull out of an International Treaty on the arms trade

US President Donald Trump get off want to the consent of the United States to the arms trade Treaty the United Nations (ATT). At a meeting of the gun lobby organization of the NRA, he signed on Friday in Indianapolis in a letter, in which he calls on the Congress to complete the ratification process. The United States had approved the Treaty during the presidency of Barack Obama, him so far, but not ratified, as many other countries. A total of 154 countries voted in favor of the agreement. 100 countries, according to the foreign office to be fully part of the 2013 contract to restrict arms shipments across borders and regulate.

“Americans live according to American laws, not to laws of other countries,” said Trump. He promised the weapons lobbyists, the conservatives on the US Constitution led right to the possession of weapons not to touch. The NRA has worn according to CNN, in the election campaign of 2016, more than 30 million dollars in donations for the election campaign camp Trumps.


NRA: the gun lobby manipulates said that public opinion and policy

Rune Weichert

The US President that the violent crime in the United States had decreased. Murders in big cities had fallen to six percent, according to Trump, without a comparison period. 30 States have now allowed teachers to carry in class rooms, guns, and a claim of Trump after the School attack in Parkland (Florida) with 17 dead.

25. April: Joe Biden wants to choice 2020 against Trump

The former US Vice-President Joe Biden to compete wants to compete for the Democrats in the presidential election of 2020. The 76-Year-old announced on Twitter. With him, there are now a total of 20 democratic presidential candidates. The party start’s internal primaries for the Democrats in the coming year. Biden is one of the most well-known candidates of his party: From 2009 to 2017, he was a Deputy of then-US President Barack Obama.

Months had been speculated about a candidacy of Biden’s. He himself fueled the speculation by various statements on a regular basis but without. Biden is now quite late in the internal race of his party.

25. April: CNN: Deutsche Bank financial records Trumps presented to authorities

Deutsche Bank reports a US media report, according to financial records from U.S. President Donald Trump to the investigating authorities in New York. The money the Institute had made a request no information on the case, reported CNN on Wednesday. Deutsche Bank, however, had already declared previously in the principle: “We are committed to cooperate with authorized investigations.” Also, the Prosecutor’s office in New York commented on the facts of the case on request.

investigators in New York had asked in March in the context of civil proceedings, to the surrender of the documents, after Trumps had says Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, the President of its assets as too high. The studies conducted in New York, the new Trump Hotel in Washington, two other Hotels in Miami and Chicago, and the takeover attempt of the American according to CNN,-Football-Teams Buffalo Bills in the centre.