US President Donald Trump has moved in with his defense of the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un in the case of the deceased US-students, Otto and warm beer, a lot of criticism from the home. The Chairman of the intelligence Committee in the house of representatives, the Democrat Adam Schiff, called the Statements made by the Republican President on Thursday evening (local time) “disgusting”. Trump had said after his summit with Kim in Hanoi, said he expected that the North Korean rulers have known of the detention Warmbiers in the country.

the warm beer was returned after almost one and a half years of imprisonment in North Korea drawn in the USA, and soon afterwards died. “He tells me, that he knew nothing about it, and I’ll take him at his word,” said Trump about Kim. “What’s done is terrible. I really believe that it (warm beer) is about to happen something terrible, and I really don’t think that the senior leadership knew.” Trump hinted that Kim might not know about all the prisoners in his country to know. “Big country, a lot of people. And in these prisons and these Camps has a lot of people.”

warm beer was made 17 months

the ship detained was criticized on Twitter that Trump had accepted the denial of Kim’s, as the U.S. President in the past with other dictators. The democratic U.S. Senator Mark Warner wrote on Twitter: “The dictators of the world have gotten the message: You can get away with anything, as long as you lie to then Donald Trump.” Warners party and Senate colleague Tim Kaine said the same thing.


summit Trump and Kim

“America’s President was made the buffoon”


the warm beer had been imprisoned due to the alleged theft of a propaganda poster in a Hotel in North Korea for 17 months. In January of last year, Trump made a “dictatorship” in North Korea for the imprisonment responsible.

court confirmed the torture allegations

A U.S. Federal court had ruled last December that North Korea for the torture and death Warmbiers was responsible. The court sentenced the government in Pyongyang to pay more than $ 500 million to Warmbiers family. Enforced the judgment can not be, however. The two-day summit Trumps with Kim in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi had been completed on Thursday ahead of time and without result.

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