20. July: Trump defends plastic straws

have found The because of their environmental harmfulness discredited plastic straws a powerful advocate: Donald Trump defended the controversial drinking straws on Friday against a journalist who had asked about the attitude of the U.S. President in the fight against disposable plastic. “I think we have bigger problems than plastic straws,” said Trump.

After a short Pause, he drew a detailed explanation of his Position. “You have a small straw. What is with plates, packaging, and everything else is much larger and made of the same Material was made,” asked Trump. “All the focus on straws. There are many other things you could focus.” However, he added amused, smiling, that the question was “interesting”.

Also in the US, calls for a ban of single-use plastic last longer. Nevertheless, trump’s Team is advertising for the presidential election in the coming year, with plastic straws, which Trumps Name. In the short message service Twitter these extra were advertised – a pack of ten of the Trump-straws cost is therefore $ 15 (13 euros).

19. July: “the Error of thinking processes” – Trump calls U.S. Central Bank to cut the benchmark rate to

US President Donald Trump, the US Federal Reserve Bank has called again for the lowering of the interest rate. Because of the “error of thinking processes” of the Central Bank, the interest rates in the US are much higher than in other countries, complained to the Trump on Friday via Twitter. Because of the strong US economy, interest rates should be lower, he wrote more. In contrast to its predecessors, which is not expressed in the rule directly to the course of the Fed, Trump attacked the Central Bank have been frequent, and lower interest rates required.

The Fed will at its next meeting on the 31. July again on the amount of the Prime rate to decide. Central Bank chief Jerome Powell had least conflict in the face of Trade and signs of a slowdown in the world economy, an easing of monetary policy brought into play. Financial markets speculate turning on an interest rate and expect a cut of 0.25 percentage points. Currently, the base rate margin is 2.25 percent to 2.5 percent. A reduction in interest rates is likely to give the US economy a new impetus.

18. July: rare protest signal: US house of representatives alleges two Ministers

The U.S. house of representatives has endorsed the Minister of justice, William Barr, Minister for trade and Wilbur Ross for contempt of Parliament, a formal condemnation. The chamber voted with the majority of Democrats, after Barr and Ross the official claim of the Congress were not fulfilled according to certain documents about the dispute to the upcoming census in the United States. 230 deputies were in favour, 198 against. It is mainly a political Signal of the Democrat-dominated house of representatives against the Minister of the Republican government led by President Donald Trump.

The Congress may initiate a proceeding for contempt of Parliament, if someone is denied such a statement in front of a panel or the issuance of documents. Such cases are extremely rare. In the case of the census, there had been between the two sides dispute over the desire of the government, a question of citizenship in the questionnaire for the census is to be incorporated. Several democratic-led States complained against.

15. July: Trump considered raids against migrants as a “success,”

After his threat with large-scale raids against migrants without residence papers Donald Trump spoke of a success, but no Details mentioned. The raids of the police authority, ICE had been “very successful,” said Trump questions of journalists. He claimed that many people had been arrested, the Public have not noticed it only. Numbers or other Details he mentioned but. There is currently no evidence to suggest that it came on Sunday to arrests on a large scale. On the contrary, most of the Reports, had to be cancelled much of the planned operations. Large-scale and coordinated deportations in the past years already several times, even under the democratic President Barack Obama.

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