US President Donald Trump has criticized the Governor of California to ensure that this will suspend the enforcement of the death penalty in the state. The Democrat Gavin Newsom wants to impose on Wednesday a Moratorium on executions.

Trump accused Newsom on Twitter, to put the will of voters, by stop the executions of 737 “cold” killers. “The friends and families of VICTIMS are always forgotten, are not excited, and I’m not there too!” added of the Republicans.

In California it stop already since 2006, a provisional Execution. A Federal judge had ruled that executions were by lethal injection is unconstitutional, because it constituted a cruel and unusual Form of punishment.

California has wings in all States, the largest number of prisoners in the Death – namely, 737. The planned order of the Governor they would be spared. In addition, Newsom wants to close the execution chamber in the prison of San Quentin.