Prior to self-praise does not shrink US President Donald Trump. This is particularly the case for his tax reform. Via Twitter, he is not tired to emphasize how much all of his “Tax Cut” benefit. Even his democratic rivals Bernie Sanders have left by Trumps tax changes in a lot more money in the account, the US President recently know via Twitter. Much more important seems to him, however, that the “american worker” had much more money available. Anyway, Trump mentioned again and again.

Now, the “Economic Policy Institute” – a Think Tank that would provide the needs of Americans with low and middle incomes to pay more heed in discussions of economic policy followed. The result might not like Trump. Because in your article, the economy of present scientists, that the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” by 2017, the middle class has brought in an average of only a little more money.

A Cent more per year for workers

Therefore, have evaluated the researchers in the statistics of the U.S. Department of labor, and the Pay of 2017 – Trumps-Reform – and in 2018 – Trumps-Reform – compared. Your score: bonus payments have fallen between December 2017 and December 2018, to 22 cents, on average, a normal American has American workers by Trumps tax reform exactly one penny more in the pocket.

“State of the Union”

Trumps speech on the state of the Nation in the Faktenchek


This is not what is said Republican representative at the time of the adoption of the tax reform. You and Trumps members of the government had promised the Americans, many thousands of dollars in the next ten years through the Reform. That researchers come to a different result, it is Trump to hold from the self-praise for his tax reform. If he does not challenge the “Economic Policy Institute” eh just the credibility.


sources: Economic Policy Institute study, “Employer Costs for Employee Compensation”, Vanity Fair.