Donald Trump said in a speech to the Association of Jewish Republicans in Las Vegas, that Benjamin Netanyahu was “your Prime Minister” – and the members of his party as Israeli citizens addressed. Whether the confusion was deliberate or confusion, can not say. Other passages of the speech were content irritating.

Basically, the US has been received, the President was very friendly at the conference. The Republican Jews support Trumps politics in the middle East and the relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the recognition of the Golan heights, the termination of the Iran agreement and the cancellation of the financial support for the Palestinians refer to conservative Jews in the USA will have great appeal. In all the speeches they highlighted and praised these points, and assistance for the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, thanking.

Donald Trump said “your Prime Minister,” Netanyahu

As a Trump, then in his speech on the alleged successes of his Israel policy came to speak, he said: “I stand with your Prime Minister at the White house, the sovereignty of Israel to recognize the Golan heights.”

Irritating also Remarks in which Trump accused the American Jews, in General, would you support the Democrats and Barack Obama. While this is correct insofar as a large majority of American Jews to the Democrats, but none were at the Meeting present: “How can President Obama support, as the Democrats support it?” Trump asked in the round. As a result, some listeners should have responded: “didn’t we”.

criticism of the show came from the American Jewish Committee, to feed that the President accused of being “prejudice”.

sources: “Sky News”, “Haaretz”


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