It is not known whether Mick Mulvaney point his head subtly to something, perhaps even to warn. As chief of staff in the White house, he is theoretically the most important adviser to the US President. And this was in an interview with ABC News on a sensitive topic: his tax Declaration.

Donald Trump is in his financial documents, so far buttoned up; keep the documents under lock and key – a first for a U.S. President. The U.S. Democrats want to change that (read more here). Now Trump was in conversation with the transmitter, by looking how “fantastic” his tax return was in fact and that he could “imagine at a certain point,” that the papers be published.

appearance Mick Mulvaney, whether voluntarily or involuntarily: The chief of staff of the US President coughed, while his boss talked about this “impressive” document. And was reprimanded for being prompt.

Donald Trump: “you can’t just cough”

“Let’s run it again,” said Trump to the Reporter, “he coughs in the middle of my answer.” He is not, may the just declared Trump, and looked visibly irritated face. ABC News informed the relevant snippet of the conversation on Twitter.

“If you need to cough, then please leave the room,” he said to chief of staff, Mulvaney addressed. “You can’t cough up easy.” The complaint was followed up by a downright appalled shake of the head, until Trump asked the Reporter: “So, you want to make it again a bit differently?” The camera man changes the setting, and a Trump comes back on his tax return.

Trump is trying to clarify

written in The One-to-one interview to ABC News with the US President had made headlines. So Trump would assume by his own admission during the election campaign information from other States about his rivals, he said the US station (the star reported).

Trump has been criticized for the statements, high-ranking Democrats reacted indignant. After the storm of indignation Trump sought to clarify. In a television interview with Fox News, he said, should be from abroad incriminating information about a choice of rival offers, he would inform you “absolutely” the Federal police of FBI about it. ABC News he said a day earlier that he would “contact” at the FBI.

sources: ABC News, (Twitter), With Material of the DPA news Agency


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