US President Donald Trump has called on China, “to remove immediately all tariffs” on agricultural products, including beef and pork.

He justified his claim on Friday night on Twitter that the trade discussions with China went well and he’s on 1. March have not increased as planned, the punitive tariffs on 25 percent. “This is very important for our great farmers and me!” wrote Trump.

On Monday, Trump announced the extension of the deadline in the trade dispute between the United States and China. On 1. March would be officially gone a 90-day “truce” to the end, the both sides at the G20 summit in early December in Argentina had agreed. The United States had threatened duties with a new Criminal, if there had been, until then, no agreement. The special duties on imports from China in the amount of 200 billion US dollars would then be able to according to the plans of Washington from the current 10 to 25 percent increases. Trump had stressed that he was ready to collect, no further customs duties, as long as the negotiations were promising.

Meanwhile, economic adviser, Larry Kudlow and the Fox Business channel, Trump is expected to hold before the end of March in Mar-a-Lago in Florida with Chinese President Xi Jinping in a summit, where a commercial deal signed and announced. He also praised the recent progress made in the talks. “It is virtually a Revolution” in the US-China trade relations, he said.