Four weeks after the beginning of the “shutdown” in the USA has also brought a new offer by President Donald Trump to the Democrats no breakthrough in the budget dispute. In a speech in the White house, Trump offered to protect around a Million immigrants in the United States for three years before deportation. In return, he insisted, but his demand for $ 5.7 billion for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico, the financing of which the Democrats absolutely refuse. The Opposition made it clear that the new thrust of Trumps will bring no breakthrough in the deadlocked dispute. For the international press, the spectacle, the afford Trump and the Democrats is, a debacle.


record-Shutdown: Donald Trump insists on the border wall to Mexico

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“daily mirror”: But there are also good news for all those who care about the Reputation of the United States. The images of police officers, Museum staff and tax officers, with sunglasses, scarf and hat in long queues to get undetected a free lunch, are shameful. A superpower is not in a position to pay for those that keeps your business Running – a devastating message.

“Frankfurter Rundschau”: you Probably didn’t expect even Donald Trump seriously, that his push could end the government shutdown in the United States. To small concessions for people who live for decades in the country. And powerful was the Symbol of the boundary walls, the construction of which would celebrate the President as a Triumph. Nevertheless, trump’s poisoned offer and compromise is a wise move. In the population, the frustration grows over the ‘Shutdown’ huge. So far, Trump is considered to be the main culprit. But if the Democrats sit there without their own way out of trouble to propose, could land the Black Peter with you soon. A ” no ” to the wall is correct. Concrete policy, but it is not replaced.

“Süddeutsche Zeitung”: The lone Trump gets, the more he must rely on his most loyal followers. He will continue to be tempted to pursue a policy which secures him in his eyes, the support of his base. In the past two years, the President had a series of ideas, of which his Ministers and advisers dissuade could. To the withdrawal of the USA from Nato, the attack on Iran, the dismissal of special Prosecutor Mueller. The Shutdown shows that the President is afraid of a policy at the edge of the abyss.


der Standard: Yes, Trump has moved on to a couple of inches – which reveals alone, the pressure was weighing him down. The longer the Shutdown lasts, the more he acts like a stubborn son of a law partner who finds nothing if to 800,000 public servants are furloughed, either forced or unpaid work. Surveys leave no doubt as to whom the majority for the plight of responsible power: the President, provoked by, he tipped an already negotiated Deal between Democrats and Republicans. Now Trump is trying to score points in the battle for public opinion. Although he alienated quite against his habit, the hard core of his followers and himself in an unusual Position: He is sitting in between all chairs.



The wall in the head: Donald Trump – a President borders

Florian Schillat Belgium

“De Tijd” : at The Moment there is a complete stalemate. Neither side seems willing to budge. The Democrats count on the fact that the President will be punished by the voters. And that is not unimportant, because in the next year, Trump will have to re-enter the race for a second term as President.(….) For years, the US is struggling with a weak democracy in which there is no stable majority, and the willingness to compromise is completely gone. It seems that the have become opposites with the years, only deeper. For the policy of a super power this is a disturbing finding.

the United Kingdom

The London Times : , The stalemate between President Donald Trump and the Democrats in Congress due to the financing of a wall may be on the border with Mexico is a domestic political issue. However, it is increasingly a global Problem. (…) The biggest risk is that a prolonged Shutdown of confidence in the political System of the USA is undermining. Especially in the light of other controversial issues, including major infrastructure initiatives and the ratification of the free trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. The Rest of the world can only hope that the U.S. is slipping into an even worse resentment. In view of the turmoil in our own policy in a global economy, as a result of the malfunction, on the other side of the Atlantic, from the Kick would be the last thing I need for the UK.


“Kommersant”: The majority in Congress Trumps rejects proposal, from the longest budget crisis in the history of the country. This is now two years after taking office, the most violent Moment during his reign. He is with the Congress in a stalled Clinch. Still, Trump continues to build the wall on the border to Mexico. The members refuse, the Budget for the construction. In this tricky Situation, the state employees will get no money, the institutions remain closed. And this is exactly where the Democrats want to take advantage of the crisis: The President will lose popularity.

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