It’s not looking good for Justin Trudeau. At the latest since the middle of January, scal rigidity and Minister of justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould, the canadian Premier on the Wednesday before the justice Commission of the Parliament has charged – on live TV -that is the clean man under the heads of government of the leading industrial Nations, the office on the game. The government could no longer be evaluated as before the scandal, wrote the newspaper “Toronto Star”. In current polls, the Conservatives Trudeaus Liberal party have already surpassed it. In eight months, will be elected in Canada.


Mon Dieu, here is the eyebrow of Justin Trudeau independently

makes use of the smart 47-Year-old then in office is confirmed, has become very questionable. What Trudeau, according to his former Minister of justice has done, would you rather his colleagues from the southern neighboring country is expected: Donald Trump. The US President has hate in his tenure, numerous unwelcome employees – so now Trudeau. Based on interview notes Jody Wilson-Raybould said that from September to Christmas last year the pressure on them was exercised by the Minister of Finance, of several personal staff of the Prime Minister and, finally, Justin Trudeau. The goal: to The Minister of justice in Canada at the same time as the attorney General, the top Prosecutor in the country should beat the charges against the construction company SNC-Lavalin.

fear of the loss of thousands of Jobs

SNC-Lavalin is a global construction company. In the province of Quebec-based companies are accused of having around 50 million US dollars to representatives of the Gaddafi regime in Libya bribed in order to get lucrative contracts. Therefore, the canadian justice had started investigations. The crux of the problem for the government Trudeau: Would be sentenced to SNC-Lavalin, would be excluded from the group for a period of ten years from the awarding of state contracts. The result: thousands of Jobs would be. A disaster for Trudeau, given the upcoming elections.

decision-making in the Senate

Canada will legalize first G7 country Cannabis


This is the scandal that shocked and now Canada, but also. To be the beginning of the investigation against the construction company information on the hazardous jobs have been legitimate, said Ex-Minister of justice, Wilson-Raybould in front of the parliamentary Commission, according to media reports. But in the months after that, again and again, the pressure exerted by the had been, had been “inappropriate”. The word “illegal” did not want to use the 47-year-old lawyer, obviously.

Justin Trudeau: “Always professional

behavior” Nevertheless, Jody Wilson-Raybould left no doubt that Trudeau had urged to help him in the matter. A exiplizite statement, set law enforcement against SNC-Lavalin, did not exist. 14. In January, she had been replaced as Minister of justice, and to the veterans, the Ministry added. This was a direct result of their refusal to quash the investigation, did not want Wilson Raybould answered in the affirmative. You have Trudeau asked directly afterwards, but he denied it.

Justin Trudeau himself responded to the Comments of his former Minister of justice, he stressed that he had always been professional. The same is true for his staff. To create good jobs and to receive, is now the task of the Prime Minister. With the representation of the Wilson-Rayboulds he was not at all in agreement. Whether that’s enough of the canadian electorate will turn out in the coming months.

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