Mülheim an der Ruhr: tree crashes through the roof on Sofa

In Mülheim an der Ruhr in North Rhine-Westphalia was the fire Department because of a severe storm on Saturday afternoon. A resident had great luck, like the rescue forces informed. A tree snapped on his property, had the roof of his house and was crashed on the Sofa, where he had been sitting a Minute before. The man got off with a fright. The fire Department had to use a telescopic loader to pull the tree from the roof, so the owner of the house could protect against the rain.

Erfurt: man douses himself in petrol station with petrol

Strange case in the Thuringian town of Erfurt. There, witnesses saw how a man on Saturday afternoon at 12.45 PM for delivery at a filling station and gasoline spilled. Then he ran in the direction of the Thuringian Park, the officials said on Sunday. In spite of immediate search of the man could not be caught.

news of Saturday, 8. March

Hagen: one Year after crash

injured In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hagen has fallen to a 13-month-old girl out of the window on the second floor of a multi family house. As the WDR reported, had to be flown to the severely injured girl with a rescue helicopter in a special clinic. May life risk. On Facebook, the Journalist Alex Talash wrote that first-aiders on site would have supplied the girl until the Arrival of the rescue forces. The auxiliary measures had been disturbed by a number of curious passersby had formed all. The police detained in consequence of the road, partially for passers-by.

+++ Terrible misfortune in city Hagen: child (1) falls out of the window of 8 meters in the depth of +++ At lunch

is Posted… of blue light report of Hagen on Saturday, 9. March 2019

weissbach on the Alpine road: the dog after three weeks back in Fullscreen

The mongrel dog “Teddy” crouches in the snow. The dog, who had disappeared three weeks ago during a snow-Shoe tour, is alive has been found.

©Private/BRK BGL DPA

A dog that disappeared three weeks ago during a snow-Shoe tour, was found on Saturday alive. Emaciated it took his owner in the Bavarian town of white Creek at Alpine road in reception, as a spokesman for the Bavarian Red cross (BRK) said on Saturday. The woman had her mongrel dog “Teddy” after a snow-Shoe tour on the 16. February reported on the ristfeucht horn missing and the mountain rescue team asked for help. In the night of Saturday, the dog was seen again for the first time. From the mountain rescue service agreed, to the owner according to weissbach on the Alpine road. There she took “Teddy”.

Memmingen: crap trailer topples on car

An overturned manure trailer has cost in Memmingen on Friday, a motorists life. The 55-Year-old was died at the scene of the accident, said a police spokesman in Kempten. A 29-year-old driver of the tractor was bent in the early evening at the Green right – and probably too quickly. The full with manure-Laden trailer to the tractor was turned over and the car fell. This was on the left lane. The driver of the tractor was uninjured. The co-driver of the fatal accident suffered a shock, but remained physically unharmed. Behind the car, two other cars were also damaged were still.


An overturned manure trailer at a cost of a Golf driver is the life

©Benjamin Liss Picture Alliance Braunschweig: bus driver unconscious passenger pulls the emergency brake

In Brunswick has injured a bus driver while driving, so hard that he lost briefly consciousness. As the police reported, wanted to set the man to his seat and was injured in such a way on the Finger that he apparently lost consciousness and the Bus with the ten to 15 passengers abdriftete to the left. A passenger realized in time the danger of the Situation and moved immediately to the emergency brake so that the Bus in the area and only two on the roadside parked cars were damaged. Through the Intervention of a passenger, possibly worse could be prevented. Injured persons have so far not become known. The bus driver gained after a short period of time in and out of consciousness and was as a precautionary measure, spent in a hospital.

Worms: threat against the mayor following the killing of 21-Year-old

in The case of alleged by your friend stabbing 21-Year-old in Worms moves the Region. Meanwhile, the threat against the worms Lord mayor Michael Kissel (SPD), were taken after a murder the police measures to protect, as a police spokesman in Mainz, Germany, said on Saturday. Of determination tactical reasons, he could not say what these measures are exactly. The 21-year-old victim was killed on Wednesday night in her parents ‘ house in Worms. There, she lived on the top three floors. The young woman died, according to earlier information of the public Prosecutor’s office on several knife wounds. Overall, she suffered ten to 15 stab and cut injuries in the back, on the neck, in the lungs and on the hands. Your 22-year-old Tunisian friend, according to investigators temporarily in the house in Worms to a guest, sitting in on suspicion of murder in custody. His motive is still unclear.

The Prosecutor’s office is considering a psychiatric assessment of the rejected asylum seekers from Tunisia. In October 2017 the responsibility of the regierungspräsidium of Karlsruhe asylum application of the husband was rejected, first of all, he had to get a tolerance. The alleged perpetrator was of the police has long been known, according to the figures, because of bodily injury, drug offenses, threat, and coercion. In addition, he had served in October of last year, a three-week sentence for theft. The Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe announced that the 22-used-Year multiple alias identities. In October of last year, he was from the first recording submerged.


Grieving neighbors and friends of the family of the victim stand in front of the house, in which the 21-Year-old killed by her boyfriend

©Boris Roessler, DPA, lip: police officer for child pornography a criminal record

In the investigations of the police scandal of Lügde of the special investigators is encountered in the case of an official who is convicted of child pornography. The policeman was sentenced in 2011 for possession and Collecting of child pornography, according to the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” citing the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of the interior. The officer had not continued in service, however, in the studies to the abuse case in Lügde or other investigations involved, said a Ministry spokesman of the German press Agency. Accordingly, the police officer was demoted after his conviction in 2011, and in the County police authority, the lip was added. A dismissal would not have held the judge at the time, to be appropriate, it said.

authorities failure

How to abuse in Lügde the police, the LKA and the youth welfare office in expository

bring On a camping site in Lügde at the border to lower Saxony were in accordance with previous investigations since 2008, at least 31 children in the age from 4 to 13 years in more than 1000 cases, victims of sexual abuse. The case had expanded to a determination of scandal: 155 data carrier, which were found last December when the 56-year-old main suspect, gone for weeks without a trace.

Cologne: dispute at gas station escalates

At a gas station in Köln is a dispute between a customer and an employee is escalated. As the “Cologne Express” reported on Saturday morning, wanted to clean a man in his car, and handle first bucket and a squeegee, which is commonly thought to be only for cleaning the Windshield. Then the 26 is supposed to have thrown-Year-old coins in the high-pressure cleaner, the car abzusprühen. With the puller, he wanted to clean then, apparently, the body. However, the gas stations-the employee objected and asked him to stop. “He said the device was only for the discs. I meant: Where is the Problem? The discs are dirty!”, the customer is quoted – apparently as an explanation for why he took the puller at all. A word gave the other. Finally, the man aimed the high pressure cleaner against the employee, and splashed him wet. After him, the staff of the house of prohibition granted, the way he drove. To rang home, the police then a little later. The officials had made about the surveillance video of the vehicle owner. The gas station owner had reported him for assault.

news of Friday, 8. March

Brieselang: motorcycle driver is detected by the train and dies

A motorcyclist has been in conflict in the Brandenburg Havelland with a moving train and fatally injured. The man succumbed to was at the scene of the accident, his injuries, as the police in Brandenburg an der Havel on Friday. Why he has been captured at the manned level-crossing in the breeze from the length of the railway is unclear.

The police have initiated investigations. Forensic technicians to find out how it could come to the accident.


use of forces of the fire brigade and police on the scene of the accident

©Julian steels, DPA, Cologne: police asks to stuff videos of armored car Robbery

After the Robbery on a money transport at the airport of Cologne/Bonn on the last Wednesday of the Cologne police is asking witnesses to make Videos available. In particular, recordings of highway 59 in the area of the airport were of interest, informed the officials on Friday. They can be uploaded via the Portal www.nrw.hinweisportal.de .

Two unknown perpetrators had attacked on Wednesday morning, the money Transporter and deprived. A security guard was seriously injured by a bullet. The perpetrators fled in a car with an open tailgate, you put later in the district of Porz in the fire. In the burnt-out wreckage was found a Kalashnikov rifle.

Lülsfeld: child dies after falling into a catch-basin

In the lower Franconian Lülsfeld a one-year-old child pelvis after falling into a water-filled collecting on an agricultural plot of land died. The with several other children and four adults on the property-present child had fallen down from unknown cause in the waters, told the police headquarters lower Franconia on Thursday in Würzburg.

An adult discovered the boy on Monday in the water and recovered. A random present and I immediately started the initial supply. On Tuesday evening, had succumbed to the from the Leipzig-born infant in the hospital from his injuries.

Gladbeck: the doctor’s Dating a 14-Year-old son and his friend to have Sex

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Gladbeck is a 45-year-old doctor to court because he is supposed to have the minor son of a friend sexually abused. As the “WAZ” reports, the Boy was at the time of the incidents in the year 2015 only 14 years old. According to the report the showed in Bottrop living man in court guilty and admitted the allegations. According to the report, the defendant said the Teenager had come up to him, after he had discovered with homosexual feelings. He would have agreed to this. In the result there would have been several Meetings where the two had Sex, among other things, in a swimming pool.

according to The report accused the doctor now to have his own sexual interests above the interests of the young person. The Boy would have already been more often in psychiatric treatment – could have been in a difficult development and the Situation is not possible to properly assess the findings. A judgment is.

Bruchsal: No rescue alley – police calls for 23,000 Euro fine

After a serious accident on the highway 5 in the vicinity of Bruchsal, near Karlsruhe, where the police resorted to by hard against the driver that had no emergency lane. More than 100 drivers will have to pay about EUR 23,000 in fines. A half-hour long, the officials had monitored the route in the direction of Heidelberg. In the accident a Truck driver was in a traffic jam-the end to another by trucks. The 47-Year-old was severely pinched injured in his vehicle and had to be freed by firefighters.

Knittlingen: 33-Year-old crashes into parked Truck dead

A Car driver from the state of baden-württemberg, Bruchsal lost on Thursday evening on state highway 35, the control over his car. In a long sweeping curve to the left, he raced into the rear of a semi-trailer. The truck had been parked in an official lay-by on the roadside. By the force of the impact, the small was pushed almost completely under the truck and crushed. For the 33-year-old driver, help came too late. Because of the elaborate rescue operation, the B35 had to be closed for several hours.


From the Car of the 33-Year-old is no longer after the accident much to be desired. The man died at the scene of the accident.

©Gress DPA Grevenbroich: Truck driver forgets ramped loading area and runs against the bridge

the driver of The Truck forgot to check for the discharge of his vehicle, the loading area again to shut down and is gegen a highway-under the leadership of hazards. The bridge on highway 46 in North Rhine-Westphalia, Grevenbroich had been slightly damaged, police said on Friday. The static is not at risk. The heavily damaged truck remained between the bridge and the road slopes and had to be freed by firefighters with heavy equipment. It is a high-damage was done. No one was hurt.

Ludwigslust: Three Dead in collision on A24

In case of a severe traffic accident with multiple cars on the A24 motorway in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, three more people were killed. Two more had been injured, police said early Friday morning. A total of two Trucks and two Cars in the accident should, therefore, between Zarrentin and Wittenburg bodies involved. One of the two Trucks overturned in the process, apparently on the page – how the accident happened was initially unclear. The highway was blocked in both directions.

news of Thursday, 7. March

Worms: Ads against Gawker after a serious traffic accident

Two motorists, who were filming on Wednesday after a heavy traffic accident critically injured a motorcyclist, have been displayed by the police. As the officials said, had the 18 and the 29-year-old men in their vehicles when passing the scene of the accident almost slowed to a halt, to be able to be a better way to use their Smartphones to movies. Motorists were stopped by the police, however, checked, and then displayed.

At the time of the accident, a 78-year-old motorist had overlooked an oncoming motorcyclist when making a Turn, both of them collided in the consequence of a frontal impact. The 54-year-old Biker came by helicopter to a hospital, there was danger to life. The Senior suffered a shock.

Bremen: man with knife on the neck

In Bremen, injured a 24-year-old motorist has injured a 47-year-old man in the course of a dispute with a knife on the neck. As the police said, crossed the Elderly in the run-up to the confrontation together with his wife and child in a street, as the Younger drove by with his car and a few meters away was parked. The 47-Year-old was bothered by the obvious so much the speed that a quarrel developed, in the course of which the 27-Year-old a knife pulled, and his opponent on the neck injured. The victim was taken to a hospital, not a danger to life, therefore, was.

The suspect was a bit later arrested. Against him will now be determined because of dangerous bodily injury.

Papenburg: Aggressive sheep attack, several passers-by – a woman injured

Two sheep attacked in lower Saxony, Papenburg, several passers-by. The runaway animals injured at the village community house is a 43-Year-old lightly on the thigh. According to witnesses, the animals were broken out and different people went out, the police announced on Thursday. After the incident of Wednesday will be determined against the owner of the sheep because of negligent bodily injury.

Berchtesgaden: a woman reports the murder of a husband, so that police come faster

A drunk woman has been discovered in Bavaria, about the emergency, the assassination of her husband – because your Garage was blocked in. “The woman thought, if she reports a murder, the police will be faster,” said the press spokesman of the police headquarters in upper Bavaria South.

in fact, the officials were – and also the ambulance early Thursday morning in Berchtesgaden immediately. They met but only the 44-Year-old, who had attributed to the alcohol significantly. Because the woman obviously wanted to rise, nevertheless, to the car, the officials took her as a precaution, the vehicle key security, as the spokesman confirmed.

The lady the cost of the insert in the invoice, the licence will be informed and you can expect a criminal complaint for misuse of emergency calls. To clarify was, first, whether there is at all a husband, and where this was necessary.

Berlin: Life in prison for deadly car race required

In the new edition of the process to a deadly car race in the centre of Berlin, the Prosecutor’s office for the two accused to life has required a long time in prison because of joint murder. They were “insanely fast” on-the-go and would have taken deadly consequences approvingly, “to prevail, and thereby secure a self-confirmation”, it said on Thursday, in their plea. The speeder had acted with conditional intention to Kill. The district court is expected to be on 26. March, the verdict will be announced.

The now 27 and 30 years old, defendant had in the night 1. February 2016, an illegal race on the Kurfürstendamm supplied and according to the report, speeds of up to 170 kilometers per hour achieved. At an intersection, one of them collided with a Jeep. The 69-year-old driver died in his car.

Stuttgart: Two innocents die in speeder accident with a sports car

In the case of a heavy speeder accident came in the night in Stuttgart two occupants of an uninvolved Car and killed. Earlier, two teenagers were racing a rented sports car through the city center. According to police, the driver lost control of the Jaguar and crashed with high speed in a small car that is said to have confessed according to witnesses in a driveway. The 25-year-old driver and his 22-year-old co-driver had no Chance. The two died still at the accident. Such as RTL reported, were thrown both cars by the force of the collision, almost to a Café, where tables, chairs and a Window.

Only a week ago, the Federal court in Karlsruhe had been taken care of with a hook sentence for a stir. The judges confirmed for the first Time a murder verdict against a racer that was in may of 2017 with a stolen Taxi drunk by Hamburg threats and a fatal accident had caused.


Two teenagers raced last night with a rented sports car through Stuttgart and crashed into an innocent small cars. Both occupants died.

©Kohls DPA Neuhofen: 68-Year-old and his wife

kill In Neuhofen (Rheinland-Pfalz) has been a 68-Year-old to the police by phone to have his wife killed. According to the officials, the man also announced to want to take their own life. On the spot he had then no resistance to arrest, the police report. Previous investigations showed that the 66-year-old woman was shot and killed by to death.

the help you have self-suicidal Thoughts?

in every life situation, and round-the-clock telephone helpline for anonymous and free of charge, a listening ear and advice, telephone: (0800) 1110111 and (0800) 1110222. A consultation via E-Mail.
for A list of Federal-aid stations can be found on the page of the German society for suicide prevention. For more information,

Magdeburg, Germany: 23-year-old Radlerin of Intercity

More than just a guardian angel, a young cyclist was captured on Wednesday evening in Magdeburg. The 23-Year-old pushing her bike on a closed track barrier, over the tracks, according to the police report, in order to catch the train at the station Sudenburg, had left shortly before the Magdeburg Central station. However, the engine of this Intercity in the direction of Hannover recognized the young woman and hurled her against a traffic sign. The 23-Year-old suffered multiple fractures in the shoulder area and the legs. Federal police officer-served first on the scene of the accident, later, the young woman was taken to a hospital. The driver of the train can continue its service, the journey takes on a colleague.

Neuenstein-Obergeis: cow sets ICE line lame

A cow has laid the ICE on the route between Kassel and Würzburg lame. Because the ausgebüxte animal ran into a Tunnel, the fast line, had to take the trains initially on point of view, as a spokesman for the Federal police said. For about one and a half hours the track on Wednesday had been locked in the evening. The cow from the North of Friesland was away during loading or unloading from a transport of livestock in a German company called Neuenstein-Obergeis and in the Tunnel went.

In October 2018 and provided in Thuringia, a whole herd of Chaos. At that time, the animals from a pasture at Ilmenau were broken out and were on the highway 71 and later, on the track of the ICE railway line Erfurt-Nuremberg went. A cow was covered by an ICE and injured. On the road there were several accidents.

Gera: Unknown ATM, and escape

blow up, Apparently, several ATMs were flying early in the Morning at the Gera city centre, in the air. Two Unknown had gained, according to police access to the Bank branch and shortly before 5 a.m., an Alarm is triggered. According to previous investigations, they blew up by using the gas cylinders for at least a vending machine. How much cash the alleged perpetrators captured, is currently still unclear. In the case of the Detonation of some of the slices were to break, the Bank was severely devastated. In spite of the quickly initiated investigation by the police, including the police helicopter and a tracking dog could not be taken by the fugitive offender. The police Gera is looking for witnesses who can give evidence to the perpetrators and the getaway car (0365-82341465).

news of Wednesday, 6. March

Paderborn: man runs over dog and runs away

In Paderborn, the police are looking for a motorist who is said to have run over on Tuesday evening, a dog is deadly, and then from the scene of the accident. Accordingly, the animal and its owner were against 18.55 PM on a road when suddenly a Car approached, which had been accelerated in the high beam switched on continuously, police said. At this point, the dog stood, a miniature Pinscher, in the middle of the road and Call on his Herchens is not responding.

in Addition, the pet owner, that of the unknown motorist was driving right towards him and he can save himself with a jump to the side. The dog, however, was recorded by Car and around 50 meters wide through the air, thrown before, he remained for dead by the roadside. The accident the driver continued his journey, however, without a care for the animal. He is estimated to be 20 to 30 years, had a Beard and dark hair. According to the dog owner, the man was probably in a VW Golf on the road. Potential witnesses can contact at the phone number 05251-3060 with the police.

Tönisvort: young people with a confetti cannon-wounded – 14-Year-old

represents After on Sunday in North Rhine-Westphalia, Tönisvorst a young people at a carnival celebration on a supermarket Parking lot by a confetti cannon hit in the face and was seriously injured, on Wednesday, a 14-Year-old to the police. As officials reported, the Boy from St. Tönis. In the case of the confetti cannon, it was a no age restriction on over-the-counter-table-Confetti-cannon. How it came to the serious accident that is the subject of ongoing investigations.

A8 in the mountains: speeder sets in pursuit of travel crow’s-feet, a

A motorist has been supplied on the A8 in a chase with the police and, in the so-called crow’s feet. The police announced on Wednesday, escaped the driver shortly after midnight in front of a police control in the mountains in a circle Traunstein with high speed in the direction of Austria. Several officers took up the chase. During his escape, the driver throwing iron spikes metal set pins. The should damage the tires of the police car. In addition to the used to strip the tires of cars had been damaged in the car innocent bystander, it said. No one was hurt. The police lost shortly after the Austrian border connection to the speeders.

A24 bei Neuruppin: motorists driving through the emergency lane and accident building

Bolder than this: On the A24 motorway at Neuruppin, a motorist has used a rescue alley, in order to advance faster. As the police of Brandenburg announced on Twitter, threatening to tip over a semi-trailer because of the storm. As a result, a traffic jam formed. This rescue alley took advantage of a motorist, in order to avoid the jam. As it went, he caused a accident. As the “Elbe-Jeetzel-Zeitung” reported, the 57-Year-old with his VW on the vans. On both vehicles, property damage in the amount of 3000 euros.


The articulated lorry on the A24 threatened because of the Wind to tip over

©police of Brandenburg to Kassel: police man of low

In Kassel shoots the police shot a man, shot in the evening with a gun. As the officials said, had chosen a local resident to 18, at the emergency, because of a balcony of an apartment shots were fired. The officers encountered the shooter and had to make use of your service weapon. As a result, the man was seriously injured. he was brought up in a Kassel hospital. To can the exact reasons behind the use of the police no information. “As usual in such engagements, in which police officers from the firearm make use of, is the Hessian state office of criminal investigation with the Investigationthe gene responsible,” – said in a statement. Also, the Kassel office of the public Prosecutor was informed.

Stuttgart: Drunk Cowboy with revolver dummy triggers police use

As a Cowboy, a man in Stuttgart, has triggered disguised as a police operation. The 51-Year-old appeared on Tuesday night drunk with a turret mock-up in a restaurant, the police announced on Wednesday. A scared guest called the police, who took the 51-Year-old on a provisional basis. A Review of the alleged revolver gave the all-clear. Against the style of a real Cowboy-actor is determined on suspicion of a violation of the arms act.

news of Tuesday, 5. March

Düsseldorf: woman lured “patrons” in the case and robbing him of

had announced a 31-Year-old, the end of the Evening, certainly not presented: such As the police, was lured to the man in the night on Monday from a woman into a trap, by a head-butt struck down, and then robbed.

Thus, the subsequent victim had met the woman in the old town of düsseldorf. Than those stated in the further course, to have Hunger, bought the man a Pizza, which they wanted to at the request of the Suspect bit off the Carnival food. But nothing came of it: about 150 cm to 160 cm tall woman missed the 31-Year-old suddenly head-butt. The man walked in a daze to the ground. The woman rushed along with two accomplices, to the side, and together, the Trio stole the victim was slightly injured, his money. Because the man reported the fact immediately, was the manhunt for the fugitive offenders so far inconclusive.


undertakers carry a coffin out of the house in lower Bavaria, where on Monday three bodies

©Armin Weigel DPA mallersdorf-pfaffenberg: were found and discovered Three dead bodies – judge decides on custody

After the discovery of three bodies in a house in lower Bavaria to a judge to decide whether the 41-year-old suspect in custody. Possible also that the man is accommodated in a psychiatric facility, a police spokesman said on Tuesday. The decision is expected on Tuesday. The officials had discovered the bodies of the 69-year-old mother of 72-year-old father and 37-year-old sister of the suspect German on Monday in the house in Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg. The police is currently working a homicide.

According to investigators, the victim signs of blunt-force trauma. A post-mortem examination on Tuesday should bring clarity about the cause of death.

Nürnberg: home brand with five of the dead victims died of smoke inhalation

The five victims of the devastating residential fire in your home in Nuremberg, died, according to the investigators of flue gas poisoning. This revealed the autopsy of the bodies, police said on Tuesday.

on Saturday, a 34-Year-old mother, an infant and three other children were at the age of four, five and seven years old. They had been surprised in the attic of the house, probably in the bedroom of the fire. The two 68 and a 69-year-old grandparents, the 41-year-old daughter, the 28-year-old father of the children, and an eight-year-old son survived the disaster seriously injured. You was able to save himself from the burning house in the industrial area.

Tönisvorst: Teenager by a confetti cannon heavy

injured In a carnival celebration on a supermarket Parking lot has been injured in Tönisvorst, Germany with a student. The police announced on Tuesday that the incident took place on Sunday against 13 o’clock. The 16-Year-old celebrated in a group of peers, when she was hit by a fired confetti cannon in the face. The Krefelderin was seriously brought the injured to a hospital. It is still not known who fired the confetti cannon. The police are asking for any information from the public.

Buchloe: wife “overlooks” trailer and reports it as a missing

This use came to a quick end: In Buchloe, in the Ostallgäu a woman has called the police because she believed that to have a Car attached to a trailer in the middle of the journey lost. To the officials, the woman claimed, therefore, that the single axle must be on the B12 between Buchloe and market Oberndorf lost. Since they had borrowed the trailer, could specify the police, however, no mark. that’s not needed these ultimately. So the woman had a quarter of an hour later again and said that she had found the pendant itself, and unchanged to your car fixed. As it turned out, had you can no longer see him, due to its low height, just only in the rear-view mirror.

Berlin: the homeless lit – offender has to eight years in prison

a deadly fire attack on two homeless people in Berlin a man has been sentenced to eight years in prison. The accused had doused the victim in front of about seven months, after a quarrel with petrol and set fire to it, reasoned the district court Berlin on Tuesday its verdict. A 47-Year-old months, died after the arson attack to his severe injuries. A 62-Year-old suffered in fact, in the district of Schöneweide lighter injuries. The defendant, with German and Russian nationality has now been acquitted of the manslaughter and attempted manslaughter, guilty. The 48-Year-old will be in July 2018 with the Victim, with whom he had apparently already repeatedly caroused, in a dispute. The heavily intoxicated defendant have bought then gasoline, which he wanted to use “to Sniff,” it said further on in the judgment. Around 23: 00 he was a Trouble out on the forecourt of a S-Bahn seat men approached, doused with gasoline and set on fire.

Severe injuries

the homeless in Berlin, lit – first notes on perpetrators


Cologne: Costumed man found dead in the cellar

In Cologne, have found residents a 27-Year-old lifeless in the basement of a tenement house. The police announced on Monday occurred the incident already last Friday. Accordingly, the witnesses discovered the costumed man against 19 clock at the foot of a staircase lying. A immediately alerted emergency medical’ve only been able to observe the death of the husband. The police initiated a death investigation, but an autopsy revealed no evidence of third-party negligence. Rather, the officials assume that the man in consequence of the staircase fall, passed away.

Wiesbaden: women in Germany are still slightly in the Majority

women in Germany are still in the Extell you. According to data from the Federal Statistical office, by Tuesday they were in October, with 50.3 percent, a slight majority of the population. Around 42.1 million women lived, therefore, in Germany, the Wiesbaden-based authority for international women’s day announced on Friday.

Over the decades, the proportion of men and women in the population was according to the statistics, increasingly. In the Wake of the world wars women in 1950 had accounted for a significant majority of 53.5 percent of the German population.

Göttingen: man on highway Truck captured and killed

On the highway 7 in lower Saxony, a man of a load is detected the car and fatally injured. According to police, he got out first, unknown reasons, early Tuesday morning in the vicinity of Göttingen from his car and was captured by the truck.

The circumstances of the action are still unclear, stated the officials in Göttingen, Germany. The investigation as to ran. Because of the accident, the highway had to be closed in the area temporarily.

Rudolstadt: cyclist crashes in case of a collision with a deer

In the Thuringian town of Rudolstadt, a bike driver in the evening with a deer is encountered. The police announced on Tuesday morning, drove the man, at 19.30, a sloping road, when the animal ran in front of him suddenly to the roadway. Despite full braking, the cyclist collided with the deer and crashed. He was badly hurt. He was hospitalized with broken bones in a hospital. The DOE escaped apparently unharmed in a nearby forest area.

Staufen: drivers with 4.7 per mil stopped

In Staufen (Baden-Württemberg) has been stopped by the police for a drunk driver. As the officials said, reported a witness to the man on Sunday against 18.30 o’clock, because this was at a gas station unsteadily to his car, and with that drove off. Shortly thereafter, the officers were able to stop the 55-Year-old. An alcohol test revealed that the man had 4.7 parts per thousand in the blood. The police took the driver’s license and filed a criminal report because of drunkenness in road traffic.

news of Monday, 4. March

Mettmann: police take aggressive bather festival

police officials in North Rhine-Westphalia-Velbert Uniform against the trunks changed and a refractory pool of visitors in the water. The 32-Year-old had previously unusually aggressive, Personal baseless insults and a ban of the life guard ignored, as the police in Mettmann announced on Monday.

the attack When the man finally summoned the officials and after a use of pepper spray in a large swimming withdrew basin, borrowed three policemen on Sunday short-hand swimwear. The officers overpowered the renegade swimmers after further attacks, tied him still in the water, and took him.

The strong spiritually confused 32-Year-old was placed in a psychiatric clinic. The bathing in the swimming pool continued to be undisturbed.

Bad Segeberg: a ten-year old dies while Playing

In Bad Segeberg, a child at Play is an accident in a barn deadly. The police announced on Monday, was slain by the ten-year-old from a 500-pound bales of Straw. This was solved 17 PM from yet unknown reasons, from his mount and the boy is buried. Using a tractor with a front fork, he was lifted off of the boy. At first he was able to resuscitate the child. In the course of the Evening the Boy died, however, his serious injuries in a hospital. The criminal investigation Department Bad Segeberg has taken over the investigation. The investigations on the cause of the accident.

Wiesbaden: power outage puts downtown minutes long lame

A power failure has put the entire city of Wiesbaden temporarily lame. The cause of a fire in a substation, as a spokesman for the electricity supplier ESWE Versorgungs AG, said on Monday. Therefore, a high-voltage line in the direction of the City had broken down.

Before the dark shops and cafes in the Hesse state capital, rallied during the twelve-minute interference major crowds of people. Directly after the power failure to 14.03 at the visitors had to leave the large Department stores. How many people were affected, the spokesman said. The cause of the fire in the substation is still unclear.

Bonn: Sexual abuse? Police frees girl from the camping car

The police in Bonn has released the car on suspicion of sexual abuse of a twelve year old from a camping. According to a statement from the police and the public Prosecutor’s office from Monday, the girl on Sunday car was brought from a strip of the crew out of the car. A 54-Year-old man and his 50-year-old girlfriend were arrested. From the protection of victims, the police holding back reasons with details to the girl. It comes, therefore, from North Rhine-Westphalia and to count to the circle of the man.

After initial interrogation, the twelve-year-old was handed over to the youth welfare office. Two caravans were seized for forensics and towed. Because of the suspicion against the 54-hardened Years, he should be on Monday for a detention judge. His girlfriend is on the loose.


This and another of the campers were from the police to ensure

©police Bonn Ochtrup: tree topples in the storm on car driver dies

In the münsterland Ochtrup in NRW, a 37-Year old died in an accident. The man was toppled over, revealing a report, according to the police in his car in the direction of the A31 on the road, about 500 meters from the motorway a tree driveway abruptly. To this point, the storm just deep “Bennet” across the Region. “The Car was collected from the tree and bury”, police said. The driver suffered fatal injuries.


In Ochtrup, münsterland, a tree, buried a car. In the accident the driver was killed

Picture Alliance, Munich: four-year-old’s Hand in the drinks holder

a rescue operation is likely to experience the fire brigade rather rare: A four-year-old had put on Saturday evening their fingers in the Opening of your child’s seat mounted drinks holder, and that they could not free themselves from it, such as the Munich fire Department said. After the parents failed in the liberation in the car, they took their daughter velvet child seat in the apartment. Meanwhile, the Hand was greatly swollen.

In the apartment the parents called the fire Department, which arrived with a special tool and beverage holder be careful for your children, as well as from the Hand of the Small sawing off. Because the girl was now held by a television in a good mood, not with got you from the rescue action in the first place much. The fire, however, the unusual task made evident pleasure: “We firefighters will experience such missions are rare,” wrote the forces after their successful rescue action in your message.

Altena: man pissing in car wash and operator of the hospital, suggests Mature

escalation in a washing line in the North Rhine-Westphalian Altena. There is a black SUV with loud music in the plant went on Sunday evening, at 19.30. The operator observed shortly thereafter, as the driver of the Range Rover urinated in the wash Bay. As the operator asked him for the speech, the man hit him to the ground. On several occasions the victim tried to pick yourself up again and struck and entered the offender to the man. As the two companions walked between them, he let go of him. The men drove away, the car wash operator was seriously injured in a hospital. The police is now looking for witnesses.

Cologne/Düsseldorf/Mainz rose Monday trains due to the storm

lost In the carnival strongholds on the Rhine will have to adjust the fools and jesters at the rose Monday trains, this time on restrictions. Köln and Mainz seek from the impending storm “Bennet” fun, specken but for reasons of safety in their parades. The one million city of Cologne wants to waive portable large figures, flags, shields, horses and carriages, such as the Cologne festival Committee and the city announced. The Mainzer Carneval-Verein decided on Sunday, the move is not quite cancel. You’ll need without the horses get along. In Düsseldorf, the Fear, the revellers went on. A decision will be there probably until Monday morning.

The rose Monday parade in Düsseldorf, only to roll up at 13: 30 – was originally planned for 11.50 PM. A spokesman for the Comitee Düsseldorfer Carneval said, everything seemed to indicate that the “Bennet” will be withdrawn on a late lunch across the city. “Therefore, the requirements and understandings of the concept of security can be met.” Also of Münster suspended the launch of its Rosenmontagszugs on Sunday to two hours – he should begin to 14.11 clock at the Central Palace square.

The German weather service said strong gusts of wind, especially in the morning before and in the tip with Thicknesses of 8 to 9. In the afternoon, the gusts should back down. Already in 2016, the move to Düsseldorf, and Mainz had fallen victim to a storm.

Trier: man goes to dispute at almost the night of the event in group of people

After a dispute at a carnival event in the vicinity of Trier, a man with his car drove into a group of people. In the process, was injured in the Mosel-municipality of fur (Rheinland-Pfalz) on Monday night an 18-Year-old, the police announced. The intoxicated 28-year-old attacker initially fled, was arrested after a manhunt but. The Prosecutor’s office of Trier classifies the attack as attempted homicide. In the case of the almost-night event in the fur it had come to the police, according to the first to a quarrel and then a physical altercation with several injured.

The Accused then sat in his car and drove into the crowd of people that had formed because of the brawl in front of the event hall. “In this case, he slowed down, first in front of the group, went a step backward and drew the Car and then targeted in this group of people,” said the police. In the course of the investigation, it was first found the abandoned car and, later, of the Accused taken.

sources: media portal of the police, “WAZ”, “Cologne Express”/”Kölner Stadt – Anzeiger”, WDR

news from Germany the week of January 25.February to 3. March you find here:


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