Without Instagram, you would have heard of the book, nothing. The British journalist and blogger Katherine Ormerod has written a treatise on Instagram. She has around 40,000 Followers on the platform, the protagonist of your book (Camille Charriere, Pandora Sykes, Leandra Medine), the advertising made for it, belong to the international “Influencer”Elite.

All of these women thanks to Instagram your professional success. And yet, Ormerod takes apart in your book with the fast-paced title, “How Social Media is Ruining Your Life,” the impact of social networks on their users. It goes to the psychological mechanisms, which occur around the Like and follow of hunting, a question of how identities change, if selected, with Photoshop edited photos depicting the private life. As the eternal competition, the constant Comparisons, the unclear boundaries between reality and fiction, health and Psyche of the User to attack. Ormerod refers to statistics that show how very young girls with the Instagram-Perfect rag: In the UK, 35 per cent of the Eleven-to 21-Year-old online comparison with the lives of others as the biggest concern.

of Course, you know all of this already somehow. It is just this uncanny ambivalence that makes working with Instagram for adults as well as critical: You will be aware of Facetune & co., know that it is often only the perfect moments on the Internet. But can not prevent this realization is always the Despair of the own shortcomings. And impression that, on the platform, in part, a Mass dumbing-down is operated, not to scroll, even such as is possessed by the favorite Feeds.

The more important it is that protagonists of the Instagram-transmission deal with the consequences of their work. And not in the self-pitying manner, the Instagram debate in this country is often guided – and in the end, it is so often only to the trench warfare between micro-and macro-influencers, bloggers and journalists (“Why is invited to the Dinner and I don’t?”). Who earns his living in order to make one’s own Person to the digital projection, it must also deal with the consequences.

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