The defence Commissioner of the Bundestag, Hans-Peter Bartels, has criticized a sprawling Transport of German soldiers with civilian helicopters in Afghanistan. “This is not ideal. Germany should be able to, its a soldier fly indoor and soldiers both, even in the stakes than to transport in the operations – on the ground or in the air,” said Bartels of the German press Agency. Germany is the largest country in Europe, the second-largest Nato Nation, the fourth largest economy in the world: “and may, therefore, be no question of Resources.”

Russian helicopters, flying the soldiers out of

in fact, a majority of the flights take place for the German soldiers, within Afghanistan, with civilian rented helicopters,” said the SPD politician. “These are often in the Russia-built Mi-17, which are of course not protected as our own helicopter. You fly in use not two by two, as it actually corresponds to military Standards. Because we have a contract, and thus the safety is somehow guaranteed.”


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Bartels presents this Tuesday in Berlin, his report for the past year. Interesting, what conclusions he draws for the procurement of equipment and Material, as well as for the recruitment. Bartels has not criticized several times in the past that the modernisation of the military equipment come soon enough. The military representative shall, at least once a year a report, in which he takes the inner state of the German armed forces position. He is also the point of contact of the soldiers.

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