Before the start of the German traffic court tags have become this week in Goslar demands for tougher speed limits on German roads, according to.

Only the number of fatalities could be reduced, said Deputy Federal Chairman of the police Union, Michael Mertens.

“If we do not want to accept the fact that each year, approximately 3200 people get killed in road accidents, we need to come up with something,” said Mertens. “The limitation of the speed plays an important role.” The accident researchers of the insurer, hold a General speed limit on motorways for worthy of discussion. “The speed differences between the lanes, to take more and more,” said head of Siegfried Brockmann.

The ADAC holds, instead of General speed limits, limits on accident-prone routes as well as structural measures to be useful. Dangerous intersections on country roads need to be upgraded to roundabouts and Overtaking lanes laid out, the claim. In the inner city of additional traffic lights for pedestrians should be installed.

the Ex-Green leader Cem Özdemir holds a speed limit on motorways for a “principle of reason”. This he said on Tuesday in the ARD morning magazine to the debate about a speed limit for the protection of the climate. “It’s a bit like when you discuss with the Americans the right to bear arms,” he said. “This debate in Germany is, unfortunately, very irrational.” Most of the countries in the world have speed limits on the car.

The Greens have been calling for for years, a speed limit. They argue that if the cars run faster, they were met with more CO2, there are more severe injuries and a worse flow of traffic. Özdemir said that he was aware that his party was with your claim, and such arguments are not a majority. “I know this is in Germany, as if they would prevail for men is a kind officially potency reduction.”

One of the Federal government commissioned a Commission of experts with representatives is currently working on proposals for more climate protection. Background the climate protection targets of the German government until 2030. On Friday the observations of a working group of the Commission had become known – including a speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour on highways, higher fuel and quota for electric cars. The CO2 emissions in car traffic has increased in the past few years. Blame it on more cars, higher performance and stronger engines.