The negligence of a driver has caused, according to initial findings of the investigator, the serious train crash in Cairo, with many dead.

The man was with the driver of a second locomotive in the dispute, because his train had been blocked by this, said the Egyptian Prosecutor’s office on Wednesday evening. He had to leave his driver’s cabin to complain of another, without the brake. When the second train stopped then it in reverse, took the first ride. It bounced against a concrete block at the end of the track.

The driver took in an Interview with a private Egyptian television station put the blame on. He left his locomotive to scold the other, he explained. He did not know how his train had set in motion. “I wear the responsibility for the accident,” he said. At the same time, he noted that the locomotive is in poor condition and the brakes were loose. In addition, he claimed to have of the accident, initially knew nothing, because he had gone after the quarrel in the home.

The driver was arrested. In the misfortune in Cairo’s main train station had come on the previous day, at least 20 people were killed. More than 40 people were injured, some of them difficult. Even in the afternoon, transport Minister Hisham Arafat, resigned. In the past years, there had been many serious train accidents in Egypt. The cause of the poor condition of trains and tracks as well as the inadequate training of Drivers.