Italy has stepped up its pace against private Maritime search and rescue in the Mediterranean again, and thus again massive criticism is not triggered.

The UN refugee Agency (UNHCR) fears that higher fines and more penalties, the rescue of private helpers in the future be – or even prevent might. The EU Commission wants to examine whether the law with EU-law, as a spokesman on Tuesday announced in Brussels.

The Italian government in the fight against Migration from North Africa since assuming office last year, with hardness against private Maritime search and rescue. On Monday evening, the Senate approved a bill that increases the pressure on the aid agencies. The law provides for penalties of up to one Million euros, if a captain sails a ship without permission in the waters of the country. In such cases, the authorities can confiscate a ship in the future, immediately confiscated.

the basis for the law is an emergency Ordinance, the on 13. August had lost its validity and therefore, in a law transformed, it had to be. In the legislative process which is already in the “security decree” provided penalties were further increased. The decree goes back to the right of the Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini.

If the EU-Commission in its examination, to the conclusion that the law was in breach of EU law, they could initiate a so-called infringement procedure against Italy. In the course of which a lawsuit before the European court of justice could follow.

“play The NGOs have a crucial role in the rescue of refugees and migrants to take the dangerous sea Crossing to reach Europe,” said the UNHCR. “Her commitment and humanity that guides their Actions, should not be stigmatized and criminalized.”

organizations that are in the Mediterranean with ships in use or were until recently, auxiliary criticised. “Italian lawyers are regions of this completely derailed policy sooner or later have to stop,” said the spokesman for the German aid organization, the Sea-Eye, Gorden Isler, the German press Agency in Rome. “Such a penalty would not accept a Sea-Eye without another.” The Sea-Eye-rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” is currently in the rescue zone against Libya on the road.

The German aid organisation, Sea Watch, the new law deems unconstitutional. Your ship “Sea-Watch 3” is currently in Sicily on the chain, after the captain of the last bet, Carola Missiles, it had controlled illegally to Italy. In Racketes case, the safety handle of the decree Against them was fined in the amount of more than 16 600 Euro. According to the information your lawyer has been lodged against a complaint.

“The latest law is another step in the campaign for the criminalisation of any Form of rescue,” said a spokeswoman of SOS Méditerranée. “This criminalization and Blockade of sea rescue only increases the risks for traumatized people fleeing Libya. It is like the punishment of operators of an ambulance, the bring after an accident, people in the nearest hospital,” said the spokeswoman. SOS Méditerranée operates with the organization Doctors without borders, the vessel “Ocean Viking”, that is, for the first time on the road, in the rescue zone in Libya.

Italy has prohibited the rescue of ships of relief organizations recently, the entrance to the ports of the country. If a ship was allowed to create, and then only after lengthy negotiations with EU partners on a distribution of the people.

Currently, the ship of the Spanish Organisation Proactiva Open Arms, close to the Italian island of Lampedusa, with dozens of rescued migrants on Board endure. A spokesman for the European Commission said, with a view to the “Open Arms” was received by the authorities in Brussels are still no request for co-ordination among the EU member States. A fixed mechanism for the distribution of refugees by Boat, there is not.

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