The charismatic voice of Torsten Eikmeier is silenced forever. As the Association of German speakers (VDS) announced on his Facebook page, passed away the popular presenter already at 4. March. “‘Eiki, our friend and colleague is completely died, surprisingly,” it said of RPR1, where Eikmeier was on the microphone. Eikmeier influenced for many years the program of the most successful private radio station in Rhineland-Palatinate. “The mischief in his voice, his trademark, the rogue in the neck of his philosophy of life was,” wrote the Executive Board of the VDS.

On its Website, published Eikmeiers family on Tuesday evening, an official notice. Accordingly, the Moderator, died on may 4. March suddenly of a pulmonary embolism. “He led for 14 years, a happy marriage and leaves behind two children aged three and seven years,” it States. The funeral is to take place in the closest family circle.

Moving Post of his co-stars

in addition to his Job as a radio presenter Eikmeier was also the voice actor (theatre) actor. In the Karlsruhe-Mystery series “The circle” he played the main role. In a moving Post to his colleagues adopted. “Dear Torsten, dear Eiki, thank you for the beautiful, if much too short time with You. Thank you for your cheerful nature and Your big heart. We miss You very much”, an entry on the Facebook page. At the same time, the colleagues, on behalf of his family thanked for the great sympathy, asked but also from the outpouring of Grief via Facebook in sight. You will hide the corresponding comments out of respect for the desire of Eikmeiers woman.

The new series was only on 22. February started in the Schauburg in Karlsruhe with two Pilot episodes. In 2016, the father of a family played a major role in the Film “Mannheim – neuroses between the Rhine and the Neckar”. In the strip, he gave the role of “Mike” who was in the square city to the challenges of an unsuccessful Blues Band-musician.

The message was updated.

with a Heavy heart, we regretfully have to announce that our main actor Torsten Eikmeier Posted suddenly and completely…

from The circle on Sunday, 10. March 2019