A German shepherd dog (file photo)

©Caroline Brinkmann Picture Alliance Helbra: German shepherd dog attacks girl and injured it has been hard for

A torn shepherd in Helbra (County Mansfeld-Südharz) is a ten old girl and seriously injured attacked. According to initial findings, the animal bite the girl on Saturday afternoon in the arms and also face, like a police spokeswoman said on Sunday. The girl was alone in the place. It was only when a man was added, and the shepherd entered, the beast, the ten-year-old. The girl was taken to a hospital. The injuries were not life-threatening, according to police spokeswoman. It would be examined whether the 84-year-old owner of the German shepherd dog due to a negligent bodily injury will be determined. The animal was gotten out before the biting incident of a plot of land in the vicinity.

Also in Krefeld, a runaway shepherd dog to handle on the weekends for children. Five children aged four to ten years, as well as a woman were easily treated injured and in a hospital on an outpatient basis.

Filderstadt: Bolder motorists wasted and escapes through the emergency lane

decided To a completely unnecessary and highly dangerous driving maneuvers of a Car-driver in the district of Esslingen (Baden-Württemberg) on Wednesday. Apparently, in the rush of the Unknown turned his car in a traffic jam on the B27, which was formed after a severe accident because of a lockout. For the sake of simplicity, he used the emergency lane and drove 200 meters to the exit. A driver reported on Thursday at the police station and reported the three most road users. Even the honking of other drivers, have not been able to dissuade the man from his Plan. The police are now looking for more witnesses who may have observed the turn, or by the action were at risk.

Düsseldorf: engineer steals a case of Money, but didn’t think a mistake

all the way up to the end, was a train driver his Plan, two found suitcases full of coins for yourself. As the Federal police announced on Friday, confessed that the 48-Year-old, the two pieces of baggage with a total of 6,000 euros in cash in a train and the lion’s share of taken discovered, before he had brought the suitcase with the Rest – about 1000 Euro to the Fund office. What had not considered the man: surveillance cameras captured the range of his Umladeaktion and exposed him. In the case of a house search, you have found the money in the basement of the Suspect, and ensure, according to police.

in the Meantime it became known that the valuable suitcase belonged to a Nigerian that she had lost at the train station Leverkusen due to a mishap. The 56-Year-old had risen, therefore, shortly before the departure of the train, to validate his Ticket. Then the train closed the doors and drove off without him. The money he had displayed on his arrival, according to police properly.

Stuttgart: 200.000-Euro-speed cameras to take pictures of the

since October, two of 200,000 Euro expensive high-tech to speed cameras on the national road 10 in the direction of Stuttgart notorious speeders. The highlight: The plants in Stuttgart-Hedelfingen, and cheeks, send the photos of the drivers via the data line directly to the penalty spot. But that’s exactly what you do not. And no one knows why. “The clerk’s office does not manage the interface for data transfer to set up”, – quotes the “image” a city hall spokeswoman. Accordingly, the city of Stuttgart flutes were already revenue in the amount of approximately 100,000 Euro for a ticket. In addition, the B10 is a popular route for car drivers with foot. The lawn for half a year unmolested in the direction of Stuttgart. After all, The flash system, which had hit a Car driver, in January, at the Cannstatter Straße (image) is repaired and available again.

Büdingen: woman without driver’s license officials and stunned a 53-Year-old on Wednesday, leaving officials in a police station in budingen (Hessen). The woman was already on 10. March noticed, as you built with 1.8 per Mille in an accident – the driver’s license, the police could not move in back then because the had to make the Büdingerin in 2017, after an alcohol driving. The disturbed the 53-Year-old but apparently not. Also in 2018, they caught you in the case of a control without a driving licence. The bird, the unteachable men shot but on Wednesday. Officers were summoned to questioning the accident in March. After the hearing, the woman left the area, got in the car and drove off. According to the police report, she was stopped immediately. The car was seized.

Stuttgart: 55-Year-old man dies after collapse in S-Bahn

bags on Friday morning in Stuttgart, in a S-Bahn line 6 together. As the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” reported, the 55-Year-old first knocked out. The emergency alert rescue workers took care of the Station to the city center to the collapsed man and attempted to resuscitate him, but he died still in the ambulance. As the police said, had fallen the victim without external influence.

Grömbach: 59-Year-old

fires on landlord note you Have suicidal thoughts? Help the phone offers pastoral care. It is anonymous, and round-the-clock, free of charge, accessible at: 0 800 / 111 0 111 and 0 800 / 111 0 222 . Also the communication via Chat or E-Mail is possible.

In a community in the Northern black forest is escalated in the night of Friday, the dispute between a landlord and his tenant. The police announced on Friday, have fired a 59-Year-old in Grömbach first of several times to his landlord, and in the process, seriously injured. Local residents alerted the police, who called out with a number of officials and a special operations command. Investigators found the alleged perpetrator dead in his apartment. He was shot, presumably by the police. What the dispute between the tenant and the landlord, try to investigators currently find out.

Duisburg: Broken sprinkler system flooded the Opera house

The theatre of the city of Duisburg is like currently more of a Swimming Pool. About 80,000 litres of water from a sprinkler system flooded early Friday morning, the Opera house. How it could come to the sudden intrusion of water, not initially. Especially the stage area was affected, says a press release from the city. The fire brigade pumped in the morning, the water masses from the concert hall. Until Further notice, the performances must be in the neoclassical building. On Sunday, the cultural festival “Duisburger Akzente should go to the now flooded stage” with a degree program.

Hamburg-Fischbek: stroller two bodies

At his morgendlichen walk has discovered a man on Friday in the Fischbeker Heide two bodies. According to the police, it is to be a woman and a man. How the “Hamburg morning post” reported, made sure the investigators of the homicide in the immediate vicinity of several injection molding. Therefore, to be examined, whether the Couple died of a drug Overdose. “The investigation is still ongoing,” said a spokesman. Is, apparently, that the two have already located several hours dead at the site.

Easter field: record-the sinners with 180 in 80 Zone

flashed A little glorious record of a motorist on the A9 in Easter field (Saxony-Anhalt) in Germany-wide blitz marathon on Wednesday. The man was caught speeding at 180 kilometres per hour – were allowed only 80 km/h. The costs for the racers only several hundred dollars, in addition, there are two points in Flensburg and a three-month driving ban.

A bad example the driver of a school bus in the Hessian town of Büdingen. The woman raced with more than 60 km/h by a Tempo-30-Zone.

Alsfeld: Truck by breaking a guard rail and flips, the driver of the dead

A 40-ton truck crashed Monday on interstate 5 in Alsfeld through the guard rail of the roadway slipped and down an embankment overturned. The driver of the Trucks of a forwarding Agency from Langgöns died at the scene. His semi-trailer was destroyed in the accident. The salvage operation lasted for several hours.


The driver of this Truck could be salvaged on Monday, just dead from the wreckage of his semi-trailer.

©Philipp Weitzel DPA

news of Thursday, 4. April

Aying: Mummified “corpse” turns out to be the Prop

it’s A serious shock is likely to have seen a woman in Aying near Munich, Germany. According to police reports, the 65-Year-old on Wednesday by calling a guard to report the discovery of a supposedly already mummified corpse, which she had discovered while cleaning up in a storage room. Since the light conditions did not allow, could not substantiate the woman’s your information, so a Patrol was on the way.

The police officers were able to give to their Arrival, then quickly the all-clear. Therefore, it was the corpse of a very realistic replica of a human mummy, the stock Interior is made of Styrofoam. Probably the object was used in the past as a theatre prop, a word, writes the Munich police force in your press release.

Bad Oeynhausen: a naturopath is said to have made child pornography images in practice

in physiotherapist and naturopath, from the Westphalia, Bad Oeynhausen, is said to have made in his practice for the treatment of multiple pornographic photos of two children. In addition, the 60-Year – old, many children-and youth-porn is supposed to have had graphic images. Due to the risk of repetition, the man was for a week in custody, police said Dortmund on Thursday. The public Prosecutor’s office Bielefeld determined against the therapist because of the suspicion of sexual abuse of children and possession of child pornography.

Gelsenkirchen: parts of the city centre after bomb threat cleared

In Gelsenkirchen (NRW) has cordoned off the police on Thursday morning after a bomb threat against a business parts of the city centre and shops vacated. According to the police, the area between the convent street/Armin street in the direction of station road, as well as the additions over the Preuteplatz and Beskenstraße is currently blocked. How the German press Agency reported, meanwhile, also arrived sniffer dogs on site. You take the threat seriously, according to a spokesperson from the news portal “The West”. According to the report, the threat against the downtown-based Primark to branch is directed.

Kassel: man slips from the edge of the platform, the leg separated

At the train station Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe is on Wednesday evening, a man under a start-up Intercity ends and been severely injured. As a spokesman for the Federal police announced on Thursday, ‘ve tried the 62-Year-old to open the door of the already moving train. He had slipped from the edge of the platform and between the train and the platform toppled. His left leg came under the wheels and was separated. Why the man wanted to open the door is unclear. According to the Federal police, the victim’s brother was sitting in the Intercity. If he himself had been on the train and had missed, in a timely manner to re-enter, not first. “hessenschau.de” had first reported about the accident.

Dortmund: Four bombs in small gardens

found Four unexploded bomb from the second world war hold for two days, the people in Dortmund. Already on Tuesday, three British 250-pound had been discovered-bomb during construction work in the small garden, “The blessing”. The fourth, an American, was only discovered on Thursday, as specialists, we wanted to get the defuse of the three other duds. Some 350 residents had to be evacuated for safety reasons. In addition, 45 patients of the Johanniter-hospital, were moved to a different area. As the city of Dortmund tweeted, should be made the four bombs at the same time harmless.

news of Wednesday, 3. April

Hannover: 29-Year-old hoarding 51 sharp weapons and kilos of ammunition

Because he had tried on the Internet to order a sharp weapon, the lower Saxony police a 29-year-old man on the track. By the end of March by officials from sticks searched the apartment of his father in a multi-family house in Hanover, and found a total of 51 mostly requiring a permit firearms. Including more than a dozen long guns, three machine pistols and eight revolvers. Also liked to keep a stash the man pots there, according to police, several kilograms of ammunition of different calibre, as well as military Fog. Were seized accordingly, about 100,000 euros in cash, of unknown origin. Apparently, the 29-Year-old had also a penchant for third Reich. Investigators discovered in the apartment, among other things, in order, honor the characters and images from the time of the national socialism. When it is accessed by the officials to put up a fight the Suspect is massive and a police officer with a targeted punch to have hurt. Evidence of a politically motivated Background, it is not, so the criminal investigation Department on Wednesday to give at the present time. A judge sent the weapon shortly after his arrest in custody.

Cologne: man discovers an exact copy of his car

By sheer coincidence, the city of Cologne has encountered an exact copy of his car. Model, color and, above all, mark all identical. “An employee of mine had seen it by accident,” said taxi operators Adem Altay on Wednesday. He was driving with his car – a black VW Polo, immediately there, and I called the police. “I, of course, got a fright,” he said. “The looked like twins.” With the copy of his car, theoretically all kinds of offences could have been committed, then the police would have stood on his doorstep, said Altay.

A police spokeswoman confirmed the incident. The car had been stolen. It is a known Scam that the perpetrators were then often to an identical car with the same color and the mark left on your pad and copy it. Thus, they hoped, not so easily noticed. About the car-Doublette before the “Cologne city had reported-Anzeiger” and the “Express”.

Treuenbrietzen: Unknown shoots on train

In the state of Brandenburg is a regional train during the journey allegedly been fired. The conductor in the direction of Jüterbog-propelled railway discovered a hole in the outer pane of the double glazing, as the Federal police announced on Wednesday. Travelers had not been injured.

That the damage on Tuesday afternoon, Treuenbrietzen, near to the train station instead, for example, by a stone to be built, concluded the investigators, according to a Federal police spokeswoman. Federal police officers on the basis of with the help of a helicopter, and a Brandenburg police officer, according to the as-yet-unknown perpetrator.

Eschweiler: 15-Year-old with a Tempo of 70, father, want him home drunk

bring stopped A 15-year-old student, the police moved in on Monday. He was with the his father’s car on the road, and groped in Eschweiler with just under 70 km/h instead of 50 km / h in a radar trap. Papers he could not produce a driver’s license, of course not. As the police reported, he admitted that his father knew that he was with the car on the road. As the arrived on the scene, to his son to pick up, not noticed by the officials quickly that the man was sober. In the case of a voluntary alcohol test-two per thousand were found. As a result, the 50 admitted-Year-old, on the eve of a bottle of vodka to drink. During his Junior should expect to View for driving without a license and Exceeding the permissible maximum speed, to the father, because he had the Teenager a number of occasions with the car.

Melle: third graders find body at a garbage

to gather on Friday the pupils of a primary school in Melle, Germany (administrative district of Osnabrück) in an empty hall, have discovered the body of a 69-Year-old. The third graders collected a report of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”, according to the garbage and came across the site of a glider club on the dead man. The police announced, there was fault on no evidence of foreign. Accordingly, the school principal informed the parents and the school authority after the incident, and a psychologist involved. The children are doing well under the circumstances, a police spokesman.

Ribnitz-Damgarten: Three killed in accident with Truck

In case of a severe traffic accident on Wednesday morning on the Federal highway 105 in Ribnitz-Damgarten (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) three occupants of a Car were killed. One of the parties involved in the accident the Truck went up in flames and burned down completely. The driver was able to save, according to initial information from his vehicle. The three occupants of the Car that came to rest after the accident in the ditch, could only be recovered dead from the wreck. The small car was the first investigation, according to the oncoming lane and collided head-on with the Truck collided. First, the “Baltic sea was reported by the newspaper”.

Oberhausen: cemetery employees stealing rings from morgue

to surpass In impiety, is a theft, the employees of the police since mid-March. The daughter of an 88-Year-old reported at the time display, because of their deceased mother, were taken in the morgue of the Oberhausen cemetery two rings. The immediately initiated Fahnung to the jewelry and the perpetrator led the police to Duisburg, where the thief put the rings at a pawn shop for cash. As the criminalists told now, they suspected a cemetery employee, was summoned on Monday for questioning. The 30-Year-old confessed to the crime, therefore, before him the evidence was presented. Apparently, the man had come, unnoticed, to the key to the morgue, had removed the old lady on the rings and on the same day in Duisburg, Germany, silver-plated.

Windeck: married couple dies in house fire, granddaughter rescues

In the case of a house fire in leubsdorf (Rhein-Sieg-Kreis) came in the night on Wednesday two people were killed. The granddaughter of the two deceased was able to save himself from the flames and came out slightly injured in a hospital. The grandfather of the girl had been brought from the fire brigade is still out of the house, the resuscitation but were unsuccessful. As the “Cologne city Gazette” reported, could be rescued his 86-year-old woman in the early hours of the morning when the fire was completely deleted. A total of 80 firefighters fought against the flames, the house burned down to the ground.

Fullscreen ©Feuerwehr Windeck

news of Tuesday, 2. April

Hamburg: firefighters freed a 38-Year-old chastity belt

An angle grinder had to use the fire brigade of Hamburg in order to free a man from a fairly awkward position. With a locked chastity belt of the 38 appeared-Year-old, first on a police station in Poppenbüttel – this is the “Hamburger Abendblatt” reported first. According to his statement, the Domina, had after a Meeting at a rest area on the A7 near Lübeck is the key for the steel corset to keep. He should have worn the belt for two weeks. To the police he later claimed to be the Dominatrix blackmail. According to the 25-Year-old, who was identified by police, was part of the deal, you keep the key. You have refused him, because the man had been looking for a Dominatrix. As the “evening Gazette” reported, the police have now problems, the dubious case of fraud. Because of the supposedly Injured party is, apparently, off the grid. The last hearing date, he stayed away.

Karlsruhe: armed junk escalates

In Karlsruhe, Germany escalated on Monday evening, an armed junk. As the police reported, was a 32-Year-old shortly after 22 o’clock with his dog on the road, as he threw a 56-Year-old encountered, the bulk of the waste to be searched, and parts of it on the sidewalk. The prompt, the bulky waste to clear away, not after the guy came. After a short battle of words, the Situation escalated. The 56-Year-old initially threw boards and rods in the direction of the 32-Year-old. Finally, the bulky waste collectors took a Board and struck the stroller. This fought back with a rod. Both brawlers were minor injuries. Witnesses alerted the police.

Willich-Anrath: 14-Year-old tractor run over

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Willich came on Monday evening a 14-Year-old in a traffic accident. As reported by the police, drove the girls against 18.45 with your Inline Skates on a bike path, as the ended suddenly. As they wanted to avoid so-called Traffic guide baffle, and was on the road and was hit by a tractor and run over. The Teenager died at the scene of the accident. The 27-year-old tractor driver suffered a shock and needs to be treated in a hospital and an emergency chaplain support.

Gronau: 15-Year-old fires in school with tear gas, 19 injured

A tear gas-loaded blank-firing pistol has a student in the stairwell of a secondary school in Gronau (North Rhine-Westphalia) fired. The youth injured, according to a report by the police Borken on Tuesday morning, the 17 students in the class and two teachers. Accordingly, the Affected complained of irritated eyes and the respiratory tract. Twelve injured had to be treated in a hospital on an outpatient basis. The police identified a 15-Year-old, who is considered a suspect. The fire part ventilated the affected Building.

Paderborn: school bus dashed against a tree, 20 injured

In case of an accident with a school bus were injured on Tuesday in Paderborn 20 people, including many children. A rescue helicopter flew two seriously injured in a hospital. According to police reports, the Bus came to a County road in Lichtenau for yet unknown reasons, of the roadway and crashed into a tree. The right-hand side of the bus was ripped open partially. A total of 28 passengers were between the ages of twelve and 52 years. The 43-year-old bus driver remained according to the police, unharmed.

Unna: fire in mother-and-child home, 39-Year-old dead,

The fire at a mother-and-child facility in Unna is a second death has claimed victims. How police and prosecutors in Dortmund said on Tuesday, succumbed to the mother of the six-year-old girl in the night in a hospital for your serious injuries. The investigators assume that the 39-Year-old, the fire has died down in the night on Monday. Previously, she should have locked herself in with her little daughter in the room where the two were for some time housed. The six-year-old has died on Monday in a clinic.

news of Monday, 1. April

Kerpen: beginner builds accident and freaked out

Just three weeks after his driving test is going to be a young motorist for his driver’s license again. Because of its risky and reckless way of driving of the 18-Year-old caused on Saturday on the A61 at Kerpen in a serious accident. Before, the man was a witness because of his particularly “renegade driving style” to get noticed, police said on Monday. Accordingly, despising the Teenage miss rules on the highway any traffic. “He used all the lanes, the lane, overtook on the left and the right and drove snake lines”, – stated in the police report. Before the collision, he moved from the far left to the far right and touched the rear of a Car trailer that detached from the car and on the pavement threw. Anything other than remorseful, responded to the 18-Year-old after the accident. Accordingly he got out, and loudly around screaming. Because of his aggressive behavior, a drug had not been test on site is possible, according to police. The result of the arranged blood tests from a stand still.

Sinsheim: Three cars after accident on the A61 burnt out, at least two of the Dead

at Least two people came on Monday afternoon, a serious traffic accident in the Rhine-Neckar-circle of life. As the police said after a preliminary investigation, was driving a van when Changing the lane on a tractor. He captured a in between a Car and pushed it under the trailer of the Truck. All three vehicles involved in the accidents caught fire and burned completely. At least two passengers in the jammed Cars died in your car. How many people sat in total in the car, could not tell the police first. May the number of dead to rise, a police spokesman. For protection from curious passersby had formed all the car and train set maintenance Walldorf at the scene of the accident, protective walls.


In the accident on the A6, a Truck, a van and a Car burned out completely. At least two people were killed.

©Rene Priebe DPA Cologne: Walker flying cash, they believe it was an April fool’s joke

when morning walk, a 500-Euro bill against a leg flew, believed to be a Pensioner in the Cologne first at a April fool’s joke. Then you’ve looked around and have other bills discovered, reported the 68-Year-old later on a Cologne police station. “So it was clear to me that it was not a joke, but rather a case for the authorities”, – quotes the woman in the police report. The honest girl scout informed by phone the Poover the past few years and delivered for the officials, a total of 3000 Euro in cash.

Geislingen: a 30-Year-old in the car of dog killed

The unrestrained dog has been thrown in a serious traffic accident in Geislingen (Baden-Württemberg) from the rear Bank to the front and met the driver of the small car. The 30-Year-old, after a preliminary investigation, also not wearing a seatbelt, suffered in the Crash on Saturday afternoon fatal injuries. A police spokesman said, he had on the Geislinger control of his car and lost Gains, and was head-on with an oncoming Car collided. The two occupants were slightly injured. Also, the dog came up with the horror of it, and was recovered by rescue workers slightly injured from the wreck.

Bochum: Hobby-racers lawn with a 450-horsepower cars through the City

Landgericht Berlin

Kudamm-speeder for the second Time for murder


Two young speeders condemned the city of Bochum have confused early on Sunday morning, apparently, with a race track. Up to 200 kilometres per hour, you should have more than 450 horsepower sports car at your illegal race accelerated. A Patrol stopped the Duo after several kilometers of pursuit, and took the driver’s licenses of the 27 and the 30-year-old Hobby racer. Also, the cars were ensured. The police announced on Monday, had started the men of the race through the inner city of Bochum with screeching tires, followed by several other cars overtaken, and harassed.

Stelingen: game father slaps young-Ref

Because he was with a decision of the arbitrator will agree, is charged a 48-year-old man on Saturday during a game of the C-youth of the TSV Stelingen (lower Saxony) on the square. There, he slapped the 15-year-old Referee. The had brought the goalkeeper of the guest team from the JFV Calenberger Land II for a Foul on son of the father, the Yellow card shown. Too little for the übermotivierten game father. The young referee broke off the game in the 68th. Minute. The “image” had first reported. Thus, even the summoned police officers were able to calm the man. Officials initiated a criminal case for assault.

Unna: mother is said to have killed six-year-old daughter

In a mother-child facility in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Unna came in the night to Monday, a six-year-old girl killed. As a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office announced on Monday, was found injured the child after a fire in a room is difficult. According to the police, it died a little later in the hospital. The mother of the girl had to be brought in with severe burns in a hospital. After the initial investigations, should be included in the 39-year-old Soesterin with her daughter in the room, and then a fire. “We go to the previous status, that she has placed in suicidal intention in the closed room fire”, so the state’s attorney.

you have suicidal thoughts? Help the phone offers pastoral care. It is anonymous, free-of-charge and round-the-clock (0800) 1110111 and (0800) 1110222 accessible. A consultation via E-Mail. A list of Federal-aid stations can be found on the page of the German society for suicide prevention.

castle mountain: mountain climbers 100-Meter plunges to death

A 36-year-old climber crashed Sunday afternoon at the castle Berger Hörnle mountain in the Allgäu. The man was, apparently, a route alone on a climbing on the South ridge of the almost 1500-metre high summit, at the grünten solid on the road. According to the mountain Sonthofen he wakes up lost for unexplained reasons, the Stop and crashed about 100 meters in depth. Also climbing a witness from rose, therefore, immediately to the severely injured, and dialed the emergency call. As the rescue helicopter arrived at the scene of the incident, was said to be the climber is still responsive. In the hospital, he died a little later of his injuries.

Mannheim: a 15-Year-old abused, the perpetrators escape

A stranger has raped in the night on Sunday in Mannheim, Zeppelin Park, a 15-year-old girl. The police announced on Monday, was asked about the victims of two men to cigarettes. As you wanted to go further, it was held, and then by one of the two sexually abused. His accomplice is said to have been “dope”. As the alleged rapist of the young people desisted, and fled to the Duo. The 15-Year-old filed a police report. The perpetrators of this crime wanted. They are described as follows:

1. Perpetrator: 1,80-1,85 m tall, 18-20 years old, very slim, wearing black sweatpants, black hooded jacket, black baseball cap with white print, nose piercing

2. Perpetrator: 1,75-1,80 m tall, 18-20 years old, blue Jeans, dark jacket, including a white T-Shirt, dark baseball cap

Ettlingen: Car after accident in flames, two Dead

In case of a severe traffic accident on Sunday evening on highway 5, two people were killed. After a preliminary investigation, a 25-collided-Year-old when changing lanes with two cars. One of the two cars was thrown against a concrete sliding wall at the edge of the road and caught fire. The two as yet unidentified occupants burned in your Car. The accident was apparently under the influence of alcohol – he was seriously injured in a hospital.


police and the fire brigade inspected the completely burnt-out small cars on the A5. The two occupants burned on Sunday night in her car.

©Thomas Riedel, DPA, Hamburg: Abi-Party escalated, police grants Park

A Graduation Party with about 600 teenagers escalated on Friday evening. The “Morgenpost” reported, had agreed to meet a-level students from three schools of social networks in a public Park. The Celebration, with a lot of alcohol to peacefully joined his run – up, a group of 60 to 80, prepare part of violence, young people. Only with a large squad and some of the dogs could finish the police-the scuffles and the brawlers apart. Against 21 o’clock, the officers broke the revelry. Left a huge mountain of waste remained. About 50 students moved in on Saturday to clean the Park from garbage.

sources: police press / police in Munich

news from Germany the week of January 25. to 31. March 2019, you can read here:


Severe burns: a man flips a seller of sulfuric acid in the face

southern Hesse: small plane crashes +++ Bad Homburg: a man can hurt a seller with sulphuric acid, + + + guestrt: father and Nuenjährige when grilling hard-to-news from Germany, injured,+++.

DPA jek / js / DPA

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