The British house of Commons has spoken out against a tough Brexit – just a day after Theresa may’s Brexit, has rejected the Deal. Now the vote is whether or not the Brexit is moved. According to the will of the Prime Minister Theresa May is the MP between a short and a long shift in the EU should decide to exit. A prerequisite for an extension of the deadline, however, is that all 27 other member States agree. Actually, the UK wanted the EU on 29. March leave – in just over two weeks.

the thing with The Brexit is also complicated by the fact that British politicians throw their principles seem to like to go overboard, and your own power-political calculus follow.

Theresa May

The current Prime Minister had spoken to the Brexit Referendum in June 2016 for remaining in the EU, but so timidly that hardly anyone noticed. So you put this position on Board, paved the way for her to inherit Prime Minister David Cameron. “Brexit Brexit” she repeated, then again and again, and took after the Referendum, a hard-Brexit-the exit from the EU single market, withdrawal from the customs Union, and no role for the European court of justice in the UK.

In July of 2018, surprised May in a closed-door meeting in the country residence, Chequers, her Cabinet with a Plan for future relations with Europe, should make everything possible: a clear exit from the EU institutions, but no significant disadvantages for the economy and no border controls between the British province of Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland. You promised more than you-Brexit Deal could keep, she guessed, maybe. But it is long ago master to keep, in spite of adverse conditions in the office. Let’s see how many vote defeats and a change of course survives.

Jeremy Corbyn

the leader of The opposition and head of the Labour party is not against exiting the EU, is advertising but at least for a “Jobs-First-Brexit”, to get as many jobs in the Kingdom. The majority of Labour MPs are pro-European and vote against the Brexit Treaty. They speculate on new elections, or a second Referendum on Britain’s exiting the EU. Of a new Referendum Corbyn holds in turn a lot. That new elections would bring the office of the Prime Minister, is considered to be very questionable.

John Bercow

His “Order, Order, Order!”-Calls have been made known by speaker of Parliament John Bercow in the Rest of Europe. But he is also one of the most dangerous enemies of Theresa May. Bercow’s Lord of the debates and votes, and May could make a dash through the bill. Originally a Conservative, has alienated Bercow increasingly of the ruling Tories. Reason for the alleged deprivation of the Brexit advocates, accused him again and again, is in addition to his left-liberal orientation. Bercow himself – this is no secret – had the UK seen in the European Union, as he told once in a conversation with a group of students. He is considered to be a Character on its own, maybe better: thick skull.

Bercow sees itself as the defender of Parliament against a government that is increasingly authoritarian trains, and against the tabloid press. The had denounced to the important votes of the EU-friendly members with their photos on the title page as mutineers. Bercows answer was a passionate commitment to parliamentary democracy: “In the output of your voice, how you hold it right, you as a member of Parliament never mutineers, never a traitor, never querulous, never enemies of the people”, called to Bercow and the MPs.

Yvette Cooper Fullscreen

Yvette Cooper hope a lot of Brexit-opponents

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The British Labour MP Yvette Cooper has become a bearer of hope for many of Brexit-opponent. The aim of the respected and influential politician was it that the Parliament discharge is a “No Deal” in the EU-the UK’s advances in a bar. This is managed with the result of the vote of Tuesday, at least for the time being. Cooper has always been an adversary of the Prime Minister, Theresa May: as Chairman of the Committee on internal Affairs, but also as a former shadow home Secretary for Labour. May was at that time Minister of the interior.

Many observers believe that the 49-Year-old fresh Wind to bring in the Labour party and even party chief Corbyn could be dangerous. Cooper is facing not only May and your Brexit course critical, but could also have interest in your own party leader out of the way.

It only Mays is not so negotiated Brexit Deal that makes the voting so hard. It also has personal goals and sensitivities, the Brexit discussions in the lower house to have a kind of war of position.

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