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Top 10 TikTok Stars In World 2022

Tiktok is one of the most popular apps in the world of 2022. The creator of this app is Chinese inhabitant named as Byte Dance as it is a social media platform which is used for the making and sharing of short videos clips. This app makes the new generation to express their feelings and emotions on social media.

It is the top-rated Social media app but not more than Instagram and Facebook. But it makes its pathway towards the young generation because of its popularity, not only the youth but teenagers and elders also become very suspicious about the arrival of TikTok. As many of the new generation that mainly include child, joining tiktok’s incredible platform and they become TikTok Stars. So, you can find out all information about the Top 10 most popular TikTok stars and also about their Stardom.

It is declared that up to 500 Million User is registered for this app. As the popularity of TikTok spread very fast, there is an excellent influencer on this platform. If we talk about Tiktok user only in India, it is observed that more than 20 million people of India are entirely active on this platform and using this app. This app attains huge popularity, especially in female, so at the beginning, their first stars are only female. But now as people become more social, boys also enthused to show their skills or talents on social media by this app.

According to the estimation, it was observed that the ratio of female tiktokers is more than male ones.

  • Female = 75%
  • Male =   25%

54% out of 75% of females are between the age of 13 and 24.

The users of this app can upload up to 12.5 million Videos per day. If someone has craze of acting and also have talent, but because of minimum resources, he/she can’t show their talent to the world.

So here is an excellent suggestion for these type of people, install this app in your smartphone, make useful videos that explain your talent and show your content to the world.

In previous days, this app becomes the central point of many arguments, and their main reason is the kind of that useless content which is made by this app. This issue took a short time and solved by the creator as early as possible. Later on, by increasing security setups, this app comes back in India. TikTok app is an excellent opportunity for those who create good content.

Now go towards the Top 10 TikTok stars in the year of 2022

1: Faisal Shaikh:

Mr Faisu the top Indian TikTok star in the year of 2021. He is the only man in the world of TikTok who has followers of about 24.2 Million. It’s not false if we give him the title ” GOD of TikTok”, because of his hard work and his content deserve this title. Faisal Shaikh aka Mr Faisu first wink his eyes in the great City of Mumbai, India. Now he is only 24 years old. In the beginning, he uploads many of its funny short video clips on his account @mr_faisu_07 but later on as he becomes famous he also start creating the Lips-sync content and famous by his this unique talent. On Instagram, he has 6.4 million followers, and he got up to 1.3 billion likes on all of his videos. But his this account was recently suspended from TikTok because of some controversies. Mr.faisu is also an ideal personality according to fitness for his fan followers and he this man, leading Team 07, which is the most popular group among all users of TikTok.

2:  Jannat Zubair:

Let’s know something about Jannat Zubair Rahmani; she is also the second top TikTok star in the top 10 of 2021. Before the TikTok star, she is also a celebrity Indian Film Industry and an actress in Indian Television. In the beginning, she appears in 2009 in the television industry but later on Color’s TV give her proper identity of her career. She has 19.0 Million fan followers, but only On Instagram, she has 8.5 million fan followers, and 398 Million likes on her entire videos till now. Her dancing videos become more famous on the TikTok platform.

3:  Riyaz Aly:

Riyaz Aly is Indian by nationality but Live in Bhutan. He is the only fastest person on tiktok who touches 10 Million fan followers just on TikTok. Total fan following is 16.8 Million. He got 576 million hearts on all videos. On TikTok. He is famous for his lip-sync humour and also dancing. Now he became a crowned muser and verified the user of this app. His hairstyle is just heart touching for his fans

4:  Awez Darbar:

Awez Darbar is not only a TikTok star but also a Director and founder of Ace Production Company. He has 14.3 million fan followers, although, on Instagram, he attains about 2.3 Million followers and 463 Million hearts. Awez Darbar has its own YouTube channel where he makes choreography videos. His popularity is because of lip-syncing, dance videos.

5:  Garima Chaurasia:

She is the girl who is famous as “boot hard girl “on the platform of TikTok. She has 13.6 Million followers just on TikTok and got 263 million likes. Firstly she makes a video clip with her friend named Rugeesvini on Emiway Bantai’s “Machayenge” song. That was the video which becomes Viral, and she got famous. In the end, she became a TikTok star.

6:  Avneet Kaur:

Avneet Kaur is the girl who won the finalist in Dance India Dance Lil Master 2010 and now known as top TikToker in India. 13.5 million fans follow her on social media, with 260 million likes. She is multitalented because at a time she is also a YouTuber, fashion designer, dancer and even writer as a profession.

7: Manjul Khattar:

He is also the TikTok star with 12.1 Million followers. Manjul is mostly known as “Male Crush of India”. His popularity is because of Lip-syncing, Guitar, and singing. Not only this but also followed by his dress sense and comics.

8: Nisha Guragain:

She is the awesome personality of female Tiktoker. She is known as Angel Nishu. Often she uploads lip-sync videos on most of the excellent topic. Nisha is famous for her acting talent, which makes her a TikTok star, and she followed by 10.7 million followers with 213.9 million likes.

9: Adnan Sheikh:

Multitalented Adnan sheikh has 10.6 million followers and got 470 million hearts. Just like Faisal Shaikh, he is also a member of Team 07. Mostly he uploads comedy contents but sometimes group videos. He also gains popularity because of dressing sense, Body fitness, and fashion talent.

10:  Hasnain Khan:

Hasnain Khan is famous as “Expression King” on TikTok with 10.4 million followers, and on Instagram, he got 3.1 million followers. Just like Mr Faisu, his account is also dispatched from Tiktok just because of controversial videos content.

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