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Top 08 Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair 2019


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If you are one of those who always complains that her hair has no volume, you have little hair, her hair has hardly any movement, your hairstyles are not as colorful as you would like, we give you 8 ideas of hairstyles for little and fine hair that will be your salvation

If you have fine hair, surely every morning you fight with him trying to take volume and shape, and you have come to wear the most bizarre hairstyles to make it looks more fluffy than usual.

Well, you don’t have to keep fighting, listen to your hair, and above all, look at many of your favorite stars, because even if you don’t believe it, many have fine hair and that does not condition them to look great hair or hairstyles that is a trend.

Before you start … Not only the type of hairstyle is important to give volume to the finest hair, but the products we use are also essential to make the hair not weigh and the volume is maintained for longer.

Haircare begins with the shampoo, choose one free of parabens and silicones, damage the hair and make them look thinner. After washing your hair, dry it with the dryer with your head down, it will give an extra volume. After applying a spray that of volume, it is a very effective product to maintain your hairstyle and achieve a stronger and more abundant hair effect

Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair:

  1. Midi hair care:

Midi hair
Midi hair

The midi mane has become one of the terms and trends of recent seasons. Neither long nor short, this length sweeps the world of celebs because of its versatility. If you opt for a polished midi mane, making strategic waves in the tufts near the face or at the tips, as Taylor Swift does, you will give more volume to your mane. If you choose to wear straight hair, you will also be able to give more volume to your hair, since the shorter your hair is, the more movement and volume you will achieve.

  1. High bun

High bun
High bun

The classic fine hair, the feeling of a clean and a little tight collection, will not cost you anything, and in this way, you will be able to focus attention on the chestnut of your bun, to which you can give texture and volume, either by carding it or helping you with some texturing product.

  1. Pixie

Katy Perry Got That Pixie Cut
Katy Perry Got That Pixie Cut

The always chic pixie is one of those cuts only suitable for girls with fine hair, so congratulations. Take advantage of the qualities of your hair and pass the scissors. In addition to very comfortable, you will save on time and products. Either a more hurried cut or a longer one, bring the pixie to life with an Audrey Hepburn-style bangs, and make a new look every day.

  1. Wavy midi hair

midi hair
midi hair

As we have already told you, the midi mane is a must-have this season. If you are already one of those who have made the visit to the hairdresser, explore all the options of this cut. Whether you leave your hair with soft waves or if you prefer some curls, the volume of your hair will increase.

  1. Braid disheveled effect

Braid disheveled effect
Braid disheveled effect

Again the disheveled effect has the solution. The braids can be very simple or very elaborate, the level of complication is chosen by you. Here the key is that once your braid is finished, take out some locks and achieve that it looks like a very natural hairstyle. Give that fluffy look to the braided part of your mane. The low braids will be of great help since you can pull strands from the top to get that volume both in the braid and in the rest of your hair.

  1. Bob Hairstyles

bob hairstyles
bob hairstyles

The bob cut came into our lives a long time ago, but it doesn’t abandon us, but it reinvents itself. The mythical hairstyle below the ears, either with a side parting or with the middle parting, will make your hair have more volume.

  1. Pigtail effect disheveled with volume up

pigtail hairstyle
pigtail hairstyle

The ponytail, in addition to being one of the simplest and most comfortable hairstyles, can become an off-road look that gives your mane a very distinguished touch. If your hair is thin, the disheveled effect will become one of your secret weapons. Generate some volume at the top of the ponytail, and then pick up your hair leaving the rubber somewhat loose, so you will achieve the acclaimed messy effect. Take out some tufts to give it a scruffy touch. If you also give the ponytail some fluff, the optical effect of a larger volume will be a success.

  1. Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical Hairstyle
Asymmetrical Hairstyle

And within the pixie, we must not forget the cuts with a long side. This type of hairstyles allow you to play a lot since the comfort of a short hair we add long strands that work like bangs and allow us to create different looks. Set and texture the strands and the volume will become a reality.

Final Consideration:

As you have observed, nothing like experimenting until you find the cut and hairstyle that best fits your face and your hair type. Of course, if your hair is thin, what you should not do is leave your hair very long and on the sides of your face, since the longer it is, the greater the feeling of fine and straight hair you will have. You know, nothing like cutting.

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