the German armed forces assistance Junior, is known. But apparently, the Situation is even more difficult than previously thought. According to internal documents from the Ministry of defence, from which the “Bild am Sonntag” quoted, could worsen the injury crisis soon. Accordingly, the house of defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) predicts that, in 2020, of 760,000 school, only half of leavers is at all suitable for the army. The Rest I either don’t have a German passport, be physically fit enough, or reject the military in General.

In the internal forecast of the Ministry of defence alone of 160,000 “uniforma verses,” women and 95,000 “uniforma from the verses” men. Over 90,000 school-leavers there is a lack of German citizenship. And 27,000 young people with a Body Mass Index over 30 is simply too thick. Of the remaining 388.000 candidates, the Bundeswehr would need to convince 22 per cent (85,000 people) to apply to meet the personnel requirements.

Young recruits

German armed forces, more and more minors

DPA, more and more minors and, soon, alien forms?

On the personnel issue want to point out, according to “Bild am Sonntag” in the coming week, the defence Commissioner of the Bundestag Hans-Peter Bartels (SPD) in its annual report. “The conscription has been suspended, with no concept of how to cover the staffing needs,” said Bartels of the newspaper. A spokesman for the defense Ministry, however, was satisfied with the Applicants. We are on a good path.

mercenaries in Germany?

Bundeswehr is considering from staffing reception of foreigners


Actually, the Bundeswehr tried already a lot of things, to lure young candidate. On channels such as Youtube, it is advertising with elaborate campaigns to recruit. Completely unsuccessful, that is not, apparently, The number of underage soldiers has risen steadily in recent years.

in Addition, defense Minister von der Leyen would open the German armed forces also for other EU nationals, to fill personnel gaps. In the eye of the Minister of media, according to reports, mainly Romanians, poles, and Italians, living in Germany. Especially high-skilled, such as Doctors or IT specialists would win the German armed forces.

source : Sunday