With 14 kilometers per hour, too much was at 31. October a car through a street in Munich. There’s a speed camera, the vehicle caught – a fine write. However, the driver appealed and was not only freed from the penalty, but received even a letter of congratulations. How can that be?

It was a little bit like we know it from the movies: A Couple was in the midst of rushed in the night, in a hurry to the car, as in the case of the pregnant woman, the birth is announced. And it all went a lot faster than you had planned. An ambulance to a call that ought to have lasted too long – so the man took his partner into the car and stepped on the Gas to get to the hospital in time. So, it is reported: “Bunte.de”. Fortunately, the roads that night were sleep time.

it was just the Sprint to the delivery room really shows a Tweet in the meanwhile, fresh-baked mother shared later:

in order To 2.14 PM, the Couple came with the car in the radar control. By 2.27 PM, the Baby was in the world. The boy’s father sent the police to the birth certificate of his daughter as proof of the urgency of the drive – and the law-enforcers responded confidently, and human. The identification procedure had been set to “on”, – said in the Letter, which reached the Couple. “We would like to congratulate on the birth of their daughter.”

It was an “absolute individual decision”, clarified the police on the site “express.de” – of course, this is not a free for all, the need to reach timely to the supermarket to get to the store before closing a litre of milk. “And he drove 14 km/h too fast, not 40,” cried the aunt of the freshly baked babies in the discussion in the social media, some outraged commentators to appease.

We can probably all agree that the upcoming birth of your own child is one of the very, very few reasons that justify it, not quite to the traffic rules to keep.

sources: “Bunte.de” / “Express.de”


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