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Because polar bears Plage – authorities are calling on the Northern polar sea a state of emergency (8:57 PM)dinosaur with huge spikes detected (4.25 PM), Another army officer against Venezuela’s President Maduro (4.11 PM)allegations against consulting company Accenture in the Bundeswehr-adviser affair (3:15 PM)

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+++ 10:11 p.m.: attack on IS in Syria: the life of hundreds of civilians in danger +++

After the beginning of the Offensive on the last Bastion of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) in Syria, the lives of hundreds of civilians is in danger. The attacks of the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) and the international Anti-IS coalition continued on Sunday, reported the Syrian Observatory for human rights. In the small town of Baghus in the East of the civil war, the country hundreds of families are included.

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All the collecting and hoarding out of fear of Brexit. We don’t

By Michael Streck +++ 9:59 PM: IHW-examination: “Hard Brexit” compromised more than 100,000 German Jobs +++

In the case of a Brexit, without the compromise and catch-all solution, according to a study by the Leibniz-Institute for economic research Halle (IWH), more than 100,000 German jobs at risk. The Economists Hans-Ulrich Brautzsch, and Oliver repeated möller from the IWH and the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany by playing in a analysis of the “hard Brexit”, and breaking the effect up to the individual districts and circle-free cities in Germany, such as the “Welt am Sonntag” reported.

+++ 8:57 p.m.: Because polar bears Plage – authorities polar sea declared a state of emergency +++

Too many polar bears on the North – therefore, the authorities call on the Russian island of Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic sea a state of emergency. Since December, the bears would have been approached again and again to human settlements in the Region of Arkhangelsk, reported the news Agency Tass. At least 52 animals were sighted in the vicinity of the settlement Beluschja Guba. Up to ten bears were there constantly.

polar bears belong to the endangered species. Permission to launch has not been granted, therefore, initially, it was said in the Reports. This could change, however, should not relax the situation.


polar bear after attack shot – animal friends plagues on Twitter

experts from the Sewertsow-Institute for Ecology and Evolution in Moscow, referred to as the reason for the bear Invasion that the animals found in the settlements lining. Due to the melting of the Arctic ice, the animals migrated increasingly to the South, to look at Land for food.

+++ 8:04 PM: conjoined twins in the Yemen +++

died two weeks ago in the war, the country of Yemen-born Siamese twins died on Saturday. The Iranian-backed Houthi rebels who control the Yemeni capital city of Sana’a was divided. The brothers Abdelchalek and Abdelrahim had each of their own hearts and lungs, were shared with the hull, a kidney, and had only two arms and two legs.

The Doctors in Sana’a, it was lacking in the necessary equipment to be able to the two boys separate. The chief of the children’s Department at Sanaa’s Al-Thawra hospital, Faisal al-Babili, therefore, asked last week to foreign aid. A Saudi Arabian team of Doctors offered to treat the boy. However, the twins could not be flown until her death.


The newly discovered Dino researchers Bajadasaurus pronuspinax called, in allusion to the locality Bajada Colorada, in the province of Neuquén.

©dpa picture funk DPA +++ 4:25 p.m.: dinosaur with huge spikes detected +++

beings like something out of a Star Wars movie roamed around 140 million years ago the territory of present-day Argentina. The dinosaurs had huge spines on the neck, some more than a Meter long. The paleontologist Pablo Gallina and his Team found the Remains of an animal in the Patagonia Region, such as the researchers in the journal “Scientific Reports.” The newly discovered Dino you called Bajadasaurus pronuspinax, in accordance with the location Bajada Colorada, in the province of Neuquén. The dinosaur belongs to the plant-eating family, the Dicraeosauridae.

New Cold war

In Venezuela, the people are struggling to Survive. And Trump and Putin to Power

By Jan Christoph Wiechmann +++ 4:11 p.m.: Another army officer against Venezuela’s President Maduro +++

In the power struggle in Venezuela has made another army officer against President Nicolás Maduro. The Colonel and a military doctor Rubén Paz Jiménez, announced in a Video that he recognises the Parliament’s President, Juan Guaidó as a transitional President. “90 percent of the armed forces are unhappy,” he said in the Video. The soldiers would use “” to keep Maduro’s government in Power.

+++ 3:15 PM: allegations against consulting company Accenture, army-Advisor to the affair +++

the adviser affair in the army, there are a few days prior to the first regular session of the Bundestag Committee of inquiry new allegations against the consulting company Accenture. As the “Bild am Sonntag” reported, must justify the company IT strategy consulting after allegations of nepotism now also because of potential fraud.

According to “BamS”-information, a Manager is supposed to have settled in 2017 consultation hours for IT projects twice. This was not initially noticed, because different authorities had been involved in the framework contracts. Accenture is conceded by the false invoices to at least 25,000 Euro to much.

news from Germany, from Saturday, 9. February:

+++ 17.53 PM: number of dead after house collapse in Istanbul rises to 18 +++

Three days after the collapse of a residential building in Istanbul as the death toll has risen to 18. It is likely that still more bodies were found, said interior Minister Süleyman Soylu. “If God wills it, we will come to our citizens under the rubble by,” said Soylu. How many people were still missing, he did not say. The house in the district of Kartal on the Asian side of the Turkish city, the different, according to seven or eight floors. It was like together on Wednesday afternoon for unknown reasons.

+++ 17.17 PM: twelve-year-old among arrested murder suspects in the U.S. +++

A twelve-year-old girl belongs to a group of five young people, the police in Nashville in the U.S. state of Tennessee, a murder accused to a rock singer. The police stated that three boys and two girls, aged 12 to 16 years had been detained. They were suspected to have the singer Kyle Yorlets of the Band Carverton to his home invaded. The police assumed that the young people shot after Yorlets the return of his car had refused the key. In the coming month, the Yorlets co-founded the Band wanted to release their first Album.

+++ 17.16 watch: Surfer dies after accident in the Rhine +++

A Windsurfer has died after an accident in the river Rhine in Neuss (NRW). A witness had noticed a riderless surfboard in the Rhine and called the fire and rescue services. This met another Surfer who reported a missing Person. Then, a water rescue unit searched for the Missing. After about five minutes, they found the 58-Year-old and took him to a hospital. He died there of his injuries. The man had probably fallen due to strong wind in the river, it was called in the police.

+++ 16.53 watch: 91-Year-old by lighter explosion seriously injured +++

A 91-year-old woman has moved in the Westerwald serious burns when filling a lighter. The Pensioner had been trying to have in your kitchen to fill petrol in the lighter. This came after information from the police in Montabaur from initially unknown cause an explosion. The 91-Year-old was airlifted with severe burns on the back in a special clinic.

+++ 16.24 clock: Three girls, in Berlin, xenophobic, and hit +++

On the open road, a total of three girls have been offended, insulted in Berlin, xenophobic and attacked. As the police said, struck a hitherto unknown man late on Friday afternoon in the district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf, two Syrian youths, aged 15 and 16 years of age with the fist in the face. Prior to that, he insulted you xenophobic. They had to be treated in a hospital on an outpatient basis. In the district of Neukölln, a woman should have attacked late on Friday evening, a twelve-year-old, the police announced. You should have tried to tear the girl’s head scarf from the head. In this case, you moved it to the hair, and insulted, it is xenophobic. In addition, you should have tried to stab twelve-year-old with an apparently blood-filled syringe. Also you threatened, therefore, with pepper spray. Before the police arrived, the woman fled in an unknown direction. The girl sustained minor injuries.

+++ 15: 28: More than 40 British companies settle because of Brexit in the Netherlands +++

The Netherlands have been able to recruit due to the impending Brexits already more than 40 companies from the UK. The investments for the resettlement in the Netherlands amounted to around EUR 290 million, in addition, the firms brought almost 2000 jobs from the UK, informed the Dutch foreign investment Agency. The government is in The Hague, welcomed the decision of the company to expressly. Most of the companies are British, there are also branches of companies, for example, from the US or Asia are including. Nasty, among other things, the Japanese investment Bank, Norinchukin, the media company TVT Media, the providers of financial services MarketAxess and Azimo as well as the Maritime insurers UK P&I