“Fox News” is not only conservative to the core, but also the most successful US news channel and Donald trump’s body – and stomach channels. Almost symbiotically, determine the political cycle of the country, and only sometimes, they do not run synchronously. On Monday was one of those rare moments: Since Fox had loaded “” to the panel discussion with trump’s arch-rival Bernie Sanders and the audience put it to the vote whether it would prefer a national health insurance (such as Sanders) or purely private (such as the Team Trump/Fox preferably). The guests decided clearly in favour of the former, whereby the transmitter (and Trump) had not expected.

Donald Trump complains about the “Fox”

This completely unrepräsentative vote with your feet had been in the media for a short amusement (as in the star). Sanders was gone and his left-wing populist course, the choice of fighters Trump as early as 2016, the biscuit and the popularity of the 77-year-old Senator is more unbroken. Maybe that’s why the U.S. President reacted again in a Huff on Sanders celebrated appearance. On Twitter suggested to Trump even his channel “Fox News” have a built in bullshit.

Controversial health insurance

Bernie Sanders in the citizen call: “Fox News” make a fool of himself with a simple viewer question

Niels Kruse

“Many Trump Fans and banners were in action last night in front of the ‘Fox News’Studio in the now-flourishing (Thank you President Trump) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania prior to the Interview with Crazy Bernie Sanders. A lot of complaints, because they were not let in fully with Bernie-supporters. What was going on, ‘Fox News’?”, the President wrote. As the channel was stopped, only Trump-convenient audience. Especially since it is totally unclear whether it has acted in the present, in fact, Sanders Fans, or whether you support just this aspect of his policy. The difficult Situation in health insurance was in between the election in November is a Central theme, and it will be in the next vote in 2020.

Trump is taking Bernie Sanders seriously

That Trump is considered the left, or as it is called in the USA “progressive” Sanders as a possible competitor at the upcoming presidential election, also suggest two follow-up tweets. In one he writes that, in his view, “Crazy Bernie Sanders” and “Sleepy (sleepy) Joe Biden”, the two “finalists” who will compete against him. And then the President fired against Sanders, he puts him under, he was saved by his, so Trumps tax reform $ 600,000 in income taxes. “He … always cuts against the tax, unless he benefits from them.”

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source: Donald Trump on Twitter