Obernhof: wheel loader vineyard down

crashes In Obernhof, in Rhineland-Palatinate, fell on Thursday morning, a five-ton wheel loader on a slope. As the police reported, the vehicle broke down a retaining wall and slid 80 to 100 meters far, until it came to the verge of a road to a standstill. Previously, the excavator driver had stopped, fortunately, the Work in the vineyards and the leader of the house to leave. No one was hurt. The excavator was damaged in his fall, which was caused by the softened soil. The property damage amounts, according to the police at around 50,000 Euro.

source: police Directorate of Montabaur

Jülich: trapped dog

died after hours in the overheated car In Jülich in North Rhine-Westphalia in the district of Düren, died on Wednesday, a dog, after he was locked up for hours in 25 degree outdoor temperature in a car. As reported by the police, was a witness aware of the Situation and had informed the fire brigade. The car would be closed at this time all washers and fittings have been layers. The rescuers broke a wheel, were able to recover the dog in the car, however only dead. Then they called the police. As the officials were, in addition to came to the dog’s owner. He had to have his animal, only two hours previously supplied with water, – what challenging the officials due to the misting and moist interior.

On the dashboard was mounted, moreover, according to the police a message: “To all Curious! It is a dog in the car sits, I know that, and it’s good for him! Now you take care of your stuff and not mix in things that don’t concern you!” A fatal error. The 52-year-old holder now faces a proceedings for infringement of the animal protection act.

source: police Düren

Hockenheim: Mentally Confused, police officers

provoked by An apparently mentally ill man with a knife in baden-württemberg, Hockenheim is a delicate police operation. The officials told on Thursday, he considered himself the weapon to the neck and asked the forces to shoot him. In addition, he denounced them as “Nazis” and showed the Hitler greeting. After several minutes of reassuring of the speech he gave.

The officials, according to the 43-Year-old the knife fall, and “broke down emotional and whiny”. Police officers brought him tied up in a specialist hospital. Triggered the use of on Wednesday had been the fact that the man was in a Diner with two young people in dispute, and the cell phone of a 15-Year-old damaged one. The called the police.

you have suicidal thoughts? Help the phone offers pastoral care. It is anonymous, free-of-charge and round-the-clock 0 800 / 111 0 111 and 0 800 / 111 0 222 accessible. A consultation via E-Mail. A list of Federal-aid stations can be found on the page of the German society for suicide prevention.

For children and young people, the number against sorrow from Monday to Saturday from 14 to 20 hours – the number of 116 11.

source: AFP

Bochum: SEK-after Selfie with weapons Fullscreen

The gun was a faithful mock-up, however, the 21-Year-old in Trouble is likely to house

©police of Bochum

“think First, then post,” the police of Bochum ended a press release about an SEC-use at the beginning of April. As the officials write, had become the protection of the state in the run-up to a 21-Year-old, because of this, had presented with a rifle and a Machete-armed in the social networks. In addition, the man had spread via Whatsapp a brutal execution video.

The police then embarked investigation, which ended in the use of the special forces. Early in the morning had stopped “abruptly the sleep of the 21-Year-old”, according to police. This responded to the unusual Wake-up call with the words, that it was in the gun, but only a dummy, which he had borrowed for his Posting. To worry about what the consequences of the man, not called by the officials. They informed, however, that the 21-Year-old had to forego the Machete, as well as two mobile phones and other storage media. These were now being evaluated intensively.

source: police in Bochum

Berlin: Few must to oral sex in the train 7500 Euro.

figures For public Sex at lunch time in a Berlin S-Bahn will have to pay a man and a woman 7500 Euro fine. The Berlin district court imposed on 10. April the judgment because of public nuisance, a court spokesman said on Thursday. The “image” and the “B. Z.” had reported about it.

The incident occurred on a Sunday in April a year ago. On the S-Bahn route in the centre of Berlin, it came to the oral sex between wife and husband, as the Federal police said at the time. Passengers, including children, could watch the action unhindered. Witnesses intervened. It came to a violent dispute with fisticuffs. Finally, a passenger pulled the emergency brake. Police officers arrested the Couple. The 37-year-old woman must pay according to the judgment, 3900 Euro, the 39-year-old man 3600 Euro.

source: DPA

A1 in Bad Oldesloe: Young Wolf deadly

On the A1 at Bad Oldesloe (Schleswig-Holstein) hit was hit by a car last Sunday, a Wolf deadly as the “Hamburger Abendblatt” reported. Who is the female Cub ran, therefore, is unclear.

source: “Hamburger Abendblatt”

Hamburg: Killed 22-died Years of apparently serious neck injury

In the case of the early Tuesday morning in the Hamburg suburb of Eimsbüttel and killed a woman (the first message see below, entry of 23. April) examines the homicide, if there is a dispute over renovation noise could have been the trigger for the act. This is the “Hamburger Abendblatt” reported. Accordingly, the 22-Year-old should be fed until the beginning of April, together with her friend in the apartment in the family house at the Amanda street.

As strongly suspect, a 34-year-old neighbor of the victim, lives together with his mother, girlfriend and a child next door. The investigators accuse the man, to have the young woman first, brutally and severely injured, beaten, before he turned with a foot on their neck, which ultimately caused the death. The 34-Year-old on Tuesday, a judge been conducted, after the suspicion against him had been confirmed, writes the “evening Gazette”. He is yet to be entered by the police in appearance.

witnesses had alerted on Tuesday night the police, after they had heard screaming and a loud crash. Rescue workers found the woman, a little later, the severely injured lying on the ground. She had been reanimated and notärztlich supplies, a little later, however, in a hospital died, is quoted a police spokesman in the report.

source: “Hamburger Abendblatt” (pay-content)

Iserlohn: police weapons cache found in apartment of dead man

After the death of an 81-year-old man from the North Rhine-Westphalia Iserlohn, the police in his apartment and has discovered a cache of weapons. The police announced on Thursday, the officials found about 500 long guns, short guns, pistols, knives, and a larger quantity of ammunition in the apartment. As the apartment “was in a very disordered condition,” is not ruled out that there other weapons are.

Moreover, the man who died, according to police sources, a natural death kept, suspected hazardous substances in a basement room. The place had been cordoned off, therefore, to the other side. Forces of rescue service and fire brigade, and the municipal energy providers were consulted and kept ready, the basement room was by the special forces of the police searches. They found, therefore, approximately five kilograms of black powder.

source: AFP

Nürburg: couples can, for the first time at the Nürburgring marry

for the First time, the couples at the racetrack at the Nürburgring, the Yes-word. Only twice this year – on 12. July and on 11. October – there are marriages with a view to the asphalt loop, such as the Nürburgring announced. The Association of municipalities of Adenau, and the race track in the Eifel, in addition to the Start – finish straight of the Grand Prix track set up a noise-protected room. From 2020 to marriages with Motorsport Flair should be on four days in the year possible. “I can well imagine that as racing fans,” said the ring announcer Alexander Gerhard.

source: DPA

news of Wednesday, 24. April


in Front of a picturesque mountain panorama of the yellow phone booth to Germany, reduced the way in retirement

©Telekom St. Bartholomä: the last of the yellow phone booth and removed

There was a time in which the post-yellow phone boxes of German cities and municipalities were not indispensable. Now the last of the characteristic houses in St. Bartholomä on the Königssee in Bavaria was dismantled and removed, as the Telecom reported Tuesday. It was located on a Peninsula of the lake in a boat house. Accordingly, the removal was done on the waterway.

The first phone booth, called the “telephone kiosk”, was taken in 1881, in Berlin, in operation, in 1899, there were speakers coin. The Yellow of the Post – graced at that time for telecommunications – the cottage until 1946 – by the way, both in the Federal Republic and in the GDR, such as the German Telekom informs. From the mid-1990s, the cells, got the Magenta Telekom as exterior painting. As more and more citizens had access to a telephone at home, which reduced the number of the cell phone, the cell phone has become almost superfluous.

If a cell is no longer profitable, it is degraded, such as Telecom project Manager Günter Nerlinger in the company’s blog is quoted: “We decide to take a phone booth from the mains, if the sales per month drops permanently below 50 euros, because the costs are naturally much higher”.

sources: Telekom, Youtube (channel for “Telecom network”)

Lügde: the case against 68-Year-old in the case of abuse set Fullscreen

At the campsite Eichwald two police officers

©Guido Kirchner DPA

In the case of abuse of Lügde in Detmold stand in front of the now-fenced-in parcel of the alleged offender, the investigators have set out the case against a 68-Year-old. According to the joint communication of the police and the public Prosecutor’s office by the Wednesday no reasonable suspicion exists against the man-made stone home in the Kreis of Höxter (North Rhine-Westphalia). His daughter had told the police that her father had entrusted the main accused in the campsite in Lügde, although she had reported her father of sexual Assault at the beginning of the 90s. Thus, against the man suspected of the aid. According to the notification, the investigation showed no evidence for the now 39-year-old witness described sexual acts, violence, or threats from the main accused.

child abuse on the camping

for Years, weggeguckt have failed, as the authorities in the abuse scandal of Lügde

At the campsite in Lügde to the Main suspect – a 56-year – old long-term campers-with an accomplice, 33, over the years, children being abused and filmed. The two Suspects, as well as a 48-Year-old from lower Saxony, Stade sitting in detention. Have been identified so far, 40 of the victims. In addition to the three main suspect is now determined against four Accused for possession of child pornographic Material from the site or due to the obstruction of justice.

source: DPA

Erfurt: lioness infected at birth with blood poisoning

a Few days after the first lion birth in the Erfurt Zoo for 60 years, on good Friday, the joy was marred arg. The reason: The lioness Bastet suffered at the birth of her two babies a life-threatening blood poisoning. As the Zoo reported, it turned out after the birth that the lioness was still a third young animal, which in the mother’s womb died. “The dead Boy has triggered a Sepsis,” the animal Park. It had to be operated out of the lion’s mom was the report in the connection in a critical condition have improved. At first, it was, and she didn’t want to breast-feed their young. Now, you would have eaten, without complications. The lions, Mama and her boys would be watched around the clock.

source: Zoopark Erfurt


lion-Mama Bastet is a Sepsis already on the mend

©-/ Picture Alliance Cologne: Illegal casino in apartment dug

gambling investigators have apartment in an apartment in the city centre of Cologne to an illegal casino, converted by addiction. As the police on Wednesday berichtete, officials 13 people, including players and professional Croupiers. The officers seized two poker tables, several sets of playing cards, chips and other game accessories. In addition, the investigators drew a lucky slot machine from the traffic that had been manipulated after the first examination so that there is loss of several thousand euros per hour were possible. The players have to answer now, in a process due to the participation in illegal gambling. Against the dealer and the operator of the casino, the criminal police in Cologne under investigation for illegal organisation of a gaming.

source: , Cologne police headquarters

Bavaria: men drowned in a bathing accident

In Schönau am Königssee (Bavaria) drowned on Tuesday evening 18 o’clock, two young men from Saxony, in Baden, at the königsbach waterfall. As the Bavarian Red cross reported had underestimated the two may be the currently a lot of melting water of the lake, opening into the mountain stream. The tourists not succeeded probably due to the high oxygen content and the strong water pressure, to leave the pool. A witness chose the emergency. Forces of mountain rescue, water rescue, fire brigade and police were able to reach the two 21-Year-olds in the strong flow only with great effort, and finally, in spite of all efforts, only dead mountains.


Some rescue workers were brought by helicopter to the site at the Königssee


source: BRK

Regensburg: residents of houses to leave due to bomb

After the discovery of a bomb in Regensburg had to be around 4500 residents on Wednesday night to their homes. As the police reported, were hundreds of police, firemen and helpers in use, to the defusing of the unexploded bombs to prepare. The location in the vicinity of the port, were cleared on Tuesday and in the night houses, and roads blocked. The 250-Kilo bomb was found during construction work. She was blown up in the Morning successfully.

source: DPA

news of Tuesday, 23. April

Moers: women in the illegal car race hard

injured In Moers, a woman was brought in after a car accident with life-threatening injuries in a hospital. As the police reported, had delivered a Range Rover and a Mercedes on Monday evening shortly before 22 o’clock in an illegal car race. According to witnesses, the Mercedes should be driven-driver next to the Range Rover on the opposite lane. Both drivers should have to accelerate your car. As the 43-wanted Year, turn your Citroen that collided with the Mercedes. The driver of the Range Rover could in time slow down as it sped away after the accident, however, in an unknown direction. The Mercedes driver got out and away hobbled in an unknown direction.


The wrecked Citroen in accordance with the accident on the road

©police of Duisburg

source: police in Duisburg

Hamburg, 22-Year-old apparently beaten to death

In Hamburg collapsed a young woman on the road with life-threatening injuries. As reported by the police, rescue forces, the 22-Year-old lying on the floor. She was resuscitated, notärtzlich supplies and taken to a hospital, where their injuries, but succumbed to. House residents had chosen shortly after midnight the emergency services, after they had previously heard screams and a loud crash. Apparently, the woman with neighbours was involved in a dispute and had to be towed then seriously injured on the road. According to a report in the “Hamburger Morgenpost” was beaten to the first findings, with punches and kicks to death. The police arrested in the course of use of the 34-year-old neighbor. The officials are now exploring whether against him, a suspicion substantiate.

sources: police-Hamburg / “Hamburg morning post”

Marburg: the man package bombs is deceptive-stop in front of

In Marburg has been hurt on the green Thursday around 8.30 am a man in a company in the case of the Explosion of a package bomb. He had to be treated in a hospital. As a reaction, a post was vacated branch in Marburg temporarily. There, it was examined whether in a local mailbox of the company further danger lurked. Now comes out: The 34-Year-old faked the attack on himself only. As the public Prosecutor’s office in Marburg announced on Tuesday, has been the managing Director of the company officials to have the bomb made it myself.

In this context, he had accidentally caused the Detonation of a package contained cartridge with lighter fluid. He also confessed to other acts of faking, among other things, robbery and dangerous bodily injury, theft and damage to property. These he had displayed all the police. Because the police and the Prosecutor as to the credibility of the man doubted of it, they took the investigation against him on suspicion of Faking a Crime. This he admitted in a hearing. As a motive, he cited personal and family problems. As against the accused, no arrest reasons, he was released after the completion of the investigative measures.

Düsseldorf: blind dog in front of the supermarket

In Düsseldorf stolen Unknown stole a guide dog for the blind. As the Cologne Express reported, had leashed his master of the Beagle by the name of Arco on Easter Saturday at 8 p.m. in front of the shop in front of an Aldi store. When the 68 came out Years later and after the dog groped, it was gone – along with leash. For the owner it was clear The dog was stolen. “He can’t possibly have detached itself. In addition, Arco would not disappear without me. He is waiting always there for me”, is quoted by the pensioners. He appealed to the kidnappers, who did not know probably that it was a guide dog: “Please have a See and give me back my Arco.”

source: “Express”

Bielefeld: police carries dead dog out of the pond

The police in Bielefeld, Germany has recovered a dead dog from a pond. The officials received on Easter Monday at 18 o’clock a call that the animal would lie there. In a bed sheet wrapped, they found the black dog and pulled him out of the water. “It was found that the dog had a massive head injury,” – said in a press release. The dog, probably a Labrador or a similar mongrel, was brought in by a pet taxi in a veterinary clinic, where the holder should be determined. It is a complaint for violation of the Tierkörperbesei expected to, among other things, work-hardening law.

source: police headquarters Bielefeld

Munich: Two tourists in the Hostel with a knife

injured In a fight in a Munich Hostel, two guests were injured with a knife heavy. “The alleged perpetrator was detained,” said a spokeswoman for the police. According to initial findings, several guests were on the evening of Easter Monday in a violent quarrel, which escalated then. The police had a large contingent in use. The victims were brought for treatment to the hospital. “For Background, we can make no statements,” said the spokesperson.

source: DPA

news from Monday, the 22. April

Hamm: 64-Year-old dead in the apartment, found a wife in prison

A 64-Year-old was found with a stab wound found dead in an apartment in Hamm. The 63-year-old wife seats due to urgent Tatverdachts in custody, said Prosecutor Carsten Dombert of the Deutsche Presse-Agentur on Easter Monday. The woman did call on Easter Sunday her son and described that in the common apartment of the couple “something” had happened. The son had found on his Arrival, his dead father and called the police. A homicide took over the investigation. The result of a blood sample of a 63-Year-old was not available early Monday evening.

source: DPA

Erzenhausen: toddler crashes in the three-Meter-deep shaft

A 17-month-old child is in Rhineland-Palatinate like in a three-metre-deep shaft. As the police reported, had opened the child of the covered tube “apparently, in an unattended Moment, and was plunged in the depth”, according to police. Currently, firefighters, and rescue workers feverishly working to release the child. The Technical assistance work was also alerted and-rescue and mountain from the device to the deployment location in Erzenhausen (Kreis Kaiserslautern), police and U.S. military police secured the rescue work and first-hand investigations to the cause of the accident.

+++ Update: the police has in the meantime informed, could be freed the small child against 18 o’clock. The 17-month-old Boy had been stayed, at first sight, unharmed and still on site extensively by the emergency services investigated. Then you have brought in for observation in the Homburg University clinic. +++

source: the police headquarters Westpfalz

Salzkotten: mother dies in bike ride with her daughters

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Salzkotten a mother before the eyes of their three-and six-year-old daughters has been injured in a traffic accident. As the police reported, rammed a 28-Year-old with his car, the bike ahead of him mother. This was the seat of her three-year-old daughter in the children, the six-year-old drove in front. After the drivers from previously unknown cause on the wheel of 37-year-old waking up, he pushed then against the bike of the daughter. The mother was injured in the fall so hard that she had to be flown with a rescue helicopter into a special clinic to Bielefeld, where she died a short time later. The two girls were seriously injured, with ambulances and in hospitals. The Car driver was injured in the accident easily.

source: district police authority of Paderborn

Lenningen: 75-year-old hiker collapsed several meters in depth

In Lenningen (Baden-Württemberg) is a woman while Hiking heavy crash. As the police reported on Easter Monday, happened to Stetten of the accident on Sunday at 13 o’clock below the “small Scare” in the direction of the tomb. The 75-Year-old was with her 80-year-old husband on the narrow path in the field of horror rock when she fell from the trail and slid about eight feet in depth. Fortunately, it was caught by a tree. The immediately alarmed the mountain woke up the Elderly woman could be freed within the shortest period of time of their awkward position and slightly injured in a hospital are delivered.

source: the police headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany

Reutlingen: the dispute of patients in the emergency room

escalates In baden-württemberg, Reutlingen, Germany, has escalated a dispute in a hospital. As the police reported on Easter Monday, was in the evening against 20 clock a group of three women and a man, with others Waiting in the emergency room in dispute. As a patient, felt by the group disturbed, she asked for a little more peace of mind. A present couple of the women agreed. Then, the 28 was insulted-year-old husband of the group’s solid and of a 25-year-old group with a Cup of coffee showered. Furthermore, this injured the man with the finger nails on the neck. Then it came to the fight between the group and the couple a hand, in the course of all injured each other easily. The police are investigating.

source: the police headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany

Bleckede: Few crashes with car in the port basin

In lower Saxony Bleckede is a senior Couple of overthrown pool on Easter Sunday with his car to the port. The fire reportedly started the red Suzuki to sink immediately. Three passers-by jumped immediately into the water to rescue the pensioners. All the occupants were unharmed. When firefighters arrived at the scene of the incident, shimmered the vehicle roof through the surface of the water. With a winch, the rescue workers pulled the car out of the Harbor. How it could come to the accident, is still unclear.


When the rescue workers arrived, sticking only to the vehicle roof out of the water

©fire brigades city of Bleckede

source: fire Department city Bleckede

Kinding: railway line from Munich to Nuremberg for hours lame

A police operation on the main railway line between Nuremberg and Munich on Saturday for hours-long problems with cancellations and diversions, including delays. An ICE with around 380 people on Board had shortly before lunch after an accident in the case of Kinding in the district of Eichstätt stop, such as Deutsche Bahn announced. According to a spokesman, he was able to drive only after about four and a half hours in the direction of Ingolstadt. The travelers would have to stay while waiting on the train.

source: DPA

Rauenberg: thief steals children’s Easter baskets

in Vain have two children in Baden-Württemberg looking for on Easter Sunday your Easter nest in the garden. A thief, apparently, was faster and had stolen the candy, and toys, such as the police reported on Monday. The father of the children had hidden the things in the night on Sunday in the garden plot in Rauenberg (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis). The Polizei is now looking for the “Easter Bunny thief”. The gifts had a value of 25 Euro.

source: DPA

news from Germany the week of January 15. to 21. April 2019 you can read here:


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