at about 6.30 PM, a stroller, and led his dog in the Frankfurt Nidda Park for a Walk found the body of a young woman. It was the 9. In may of last year. The Dead man was lying on a Meadow, few meters from a Park bench. The body was covered in blood, the body with knife wounds littered. It took a couple of hours, until the police had cleared the identity of the dead: Irina A., 29 years old, born in Moldavia, for several years in Frankfurt. Mother of four-year-old twins.

The Dead in the Nidda Park probably would have been just the local press a report value. However, Irina A. had provided in February 2017 nationwide headlines. Together with the Frankfurt scene host, Jan M. they had invented a Sex-Mob. The Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office has accused the restaurateurs now for murder. Jan M. is said to have stabbed his accomplice Irina. His Motive: Greed.

Irina A. and Jan M. invented Sex-Mob of Frankfurt

“mass of immigrants” have harassed women in his Bar sexually, had Jan M. claims at the beginning of 2017 compared to the “image”-newspaper. “They grabbed me under the Rock. I can be glad that I said he is a pantyhose wearing,” confirmed Irina A. He had nothing against foreigners, underlined, Jan M. “for Almost my entire staff has foreign roots”. “I want the whole do not perceive social romantics, finally, that it goes on like this.” The “image,” wrote: “Sex Mob raged in the Frankfurt Restaurant-mile.” Also, the television reported on the scandal: Apparently, it had been not only in Cologne, but also in Frankfurt new year’s eve of 2016, a Sex-Mob. Concealed from the Frankfurt police, whose press office had spoken of a “largely peaceful new year’s eve night”.


body Fund: victims of “Sex-Mob-lie” of Frankfurt in the world

you invented with your boss, the lie of the mass harassment of women in Frankfurt’s Freßgass in the new year’s eve 2016 – now Irina A. was found murdered. The police faces a puzzle.

By Daniel Wüstenberg

A week later, in mid-February 2017, in: Jan M. and Irina A. had invented the Sexmob. “In the new year’s eve there was in the “refreshment stall” no massive mobartigen Assaults by masses of refugees. In the space provided allegations are baseless and unfounded,” said the police. Irina A. had himself betrayed. They had celebrated in the Belgrade new year’s eve. And photos on the net.

by the end of 2017, the Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office filed charges against Jan M. and Irina A. due to misrepresentation of a criminal Offence. Half a year later, in may 2018, was Irina A. dead in the Nidda Park. Shortly thereafter, the police Jan M. arrested. His blood should have been detected at the crime scene. With over 20 knife wounds he is said to have Irina A. killed.

the Suspect debt to the victim?

“Irina comes from a rich family,” says a man who claims to be to the star as “one of your best friends”. In fact, her father is an entrepreneur. Irina A. lived in a fine Frankfurt’s Westend, drove an expensive Mercedes SUV. From the father of their sons, they had separated. With two business partners, she founded 2015 a real estate company. Share Capital: Euro 27,000. Also to the pubs by Jan M. is supposed to have Irina A. involved. “Jan has taken advantage of Irina,” says the friend. “He has not paid permanent money back of your borrowed it.” The 100,000 Euro Jan M. Irina A. should have owed.

police investigations

The alleged Sexmob in Frankfurt, there was, apparently, not at all

Jan M. was in Frankfurt, as the press wrote, “a fixture in the gastronomy and club scene”. After a banking apprenticeship he had studied according to his own business in Germany and Canada. He worked for economic consulting firms, before he started in the catering independently. In Frankfurt, Jan M. had several shops. By the end of 2017, a few months after the trumped-up Sex-Mob, was deleted its GmbH in the commercial register. The pub, the incident should have played in the new year’s eve night, got a new managing Director. Jan M. retired. Maybe he was broke. And Irina A. claimed back your money.

A trial date is not fixed yet.