The fatal fall of a toddler from the cruise ship “Freedom of the Seas” in Puerto Rico has to wear may be different than previously shown. First it was said that the grandfather had kept the child out of a window. Then he slipped the 18-month girl from the hands and about 45 feet deep on the quay wall like that. The Doctors were unable to save the child.

“Freedom of the Seas”

played With grandpa? Little girl plunges from cruise ship death

The family lawyer has told a Version of the accident, which relieves the grandfather and the blame for the fatal accident of the ship’s crew there. As CBS reported, denies the family’s attorney, Michael Winkleman, the official described the accident. According to him, a window in the game area of the ship was open and the grandfather have noticed until it was too late. According to the family the Little of it I loved, the hockey-Playing your brother in the glass to beat. Therefore, the grandfather lifted the child high and a railing in front of the seemingly closed window of the front set. “He sits up there and thinks that they will knock against the glass, and it will be great, and she knocks against the glass tapping and the next thing he knows is that she’s gone,” said the lawyer, according to CBS.

The company is silent on the accident

Now he was expecting answers from “Royal Caribbean”, the owner of the cruise ship. “Why built it in the play area of a cruise ship at all window, can open passengers?”, ask Winkleman. From the shipping company it is, so far, according to CBS, only to support the investigation by the local authorities and have to communicate for the time being, nothing. The Version of the family should vote, this should be for “Royal Caribbean” is very expensive. On its Homepage Winkleman lists cases in which he could pain money riding. For example, a sailor from Honduras 3.342.440 US Dollar have received, because he had been denied after a foot injury on a freighter to adequate medical care.

According to the cruise experts from CBS, you will quickly know the circumstances of the accident, because on modern cruise a minimum of 900 cameras ships were installed, the recorded round-the-clock Events on Board. Also, the family’s attorney hopes to have the recordings of the surveillance cameras. They will show by whose fault the small child had to die.

sources: CBS News, CNN, the website of attorney Michael Winkleman.