Around half a Million apprentices will begin in September of their training. In the excitement of the first home and the major step in the independence of a core subject is too often neglected: How do I insure my new life? And what are the costs I save me?

In the exchange with our Aboalarm-clients, we realize again and again that many of the young people do not have an exact Overview of the necessary insurance. Most of them were previously insured with their parents and are now faced with the question of which policies you actually need.

Bernd Storm van’s Gravesande, the founder and CEO of the termination of service “aboalarm”, reported on about annoyances and Traps that consumers need to take.

©aboalarm Absolute obligation: health insurance

In Germany the General insurance is compulsory since 2009: Anyone living in Germany, a citizen must be a member at a health insurance company. There is no Apprentice comes over the minimum salary of just under 60,000 Euro, which you will need as workers to enter the private health insurance, the various statutory health insurance funds. From these, it chooses the one you will be insured from the first day of training by the employer. You have not taken care of 14 days after the start of the training a question of the insured, the employer and the trainees in the health insurance Fund, in which he was previously insured, family.

health insurance is a part of the social insurance, including unemployment insurance, nursing care insurance, pension insurance and accident insurance. The employer normally pays half of the insurance, the other half goes directly from the salary of the trainees. From the pre-agreed training, the content remains so through the social security contributions at the end of the month less left than expected – that is protected in case of an emergency. The monthly earnings are less than 325 euros gross, the employer pays the health insurance completely.

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Who was previously insured through his parents private, and now for sure know that he wants to switch to a later time in private insurance, can make what is called a qualifying run alongside? By a qualifying period of contribution payments, with the exception of a small percentage will be paused. The advantage of this is that you get to at a later date with the same contribution rate that you would have paid as a professional beginner and not with the contribution rate for the actual age, which would then be significantly higher.

tip: In the case of longer travel abroad health insurance

Who is during his training for a longer period of time abroad, should take out international health insurance. Good insurance with global coverage and flexible employment for between 30 and 40 euros a month as long as you don’t want to stay in the USA or Canada. The cost increase is due to the expensive healthcare systems rapidly to over 100 euros a month.

recommended: The insurance

Who does not know this: The Smartphone is the best friend to drop on an expensive pair of glasses kicked or accidentally against the TV pushed. Such mishaps can quickly become very expensive. And also in the road, a little carelessness can have serious consequences, if expensive vehicles or even people get hurt. For these reasons, private liability insurance is recommended. Good insurance with a low deductible, there are already 50 Euro a year. Recommended policies, the injuries of five million euros to cover.

In case of need: a car and Animal liability

anyone who has a car needs car insurance. This is insured in case of an emergency, however, only the environment and not the own vehicle. This is so new, or even by credit-financed, Fully or partially comprehensive insurance, which covers damage to your own car. Dog owners in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Thuringia must also complete a special liability insurance for your animal. For the animal lovers in all other provinces, this is recommended definitely. Because who can say how the four-legged friend reacts in a surprising extreme situation.

dentures and co. supplemental dental insurance companies in Check: “financial test,” and nominated recommended Due to the best rates: The disability insurance

Of his work, you have to live – way of the fall of the wage due to illness or an accident, this can be existence-threatening. Here is the disability insurance, which protects professional people, who have not yet entitled to a state pension kick in. This policy, however, is one of the most expensive of the presented here and, thus, for each of the question. It is recommended, but not absolutely necessary: Is it not forever incapacitated and can return to work after a break, attacks, for the time being, the sick money. Here, trainees receive up to 78 weeks for a maximum of 90 percent of their last net wage by medical insurance paid out.

Is not necessary: pensions, legal protection and household insurance

The career of a lot of other things in my head, than to deal with the pension. A part of the income flows already in the pension scheme and the employer plan pays the same at the top. And the rest of the trainee’s salary so much money no longer remains, in most cases, that you could invest in the private pension.

Similarly, in the case of household insurance, however, most newcomers have things of high material value in your home, a contents insurance would be worth. Such insurance, for example, in the case of burglary, theft, lightning or water damage, and covers all the things that are in the budget: From electronics to furniture to food.

Also, the legal protection insurance is when starting a career, in most cases, unnecessary. The main areas can be covered by other measures: For questions of tenancy law, membership in the tenants Association and in questions of the labour right can also organize apprentices in trade unions.

tip: beware of insurance for single products!

In recent years, in particular in the electronics sector policies on the market, the individual products, such as, for example, Smartphones assure. However, these are comparatively expensive and often incomplete. As a rule of thumb: insurance is intended to cover existential risks. The loss of a smartphone is not one of them in most cases. It is different, of course, if the Trainee work-related on his Smartphone.


The really necessary insurance for newcomers to the profession are manageable. Only the health insurance is absolutely compulsory, however, start with the professional already automatically covered. Private liability insurance should take care of apprentices. The disability insurance is very important, however, because of their comparatively high price is not for everyone.

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newcomers are in need of, however, no private pension, and can dispense with a couple of tweaks as confidently to legal protection insurance, household insurance, and various insurance companies for individual products.