The Winter has wide parts of Bavaria a firm grip. There are still delays on the roads and on the rail, even though the snow cleared in the Monday night something. Add to that road closures due to avalanche danger. Everywhere in the German Alps, the second highest avalanche, reigns warning level. For the next few days, more snow announced cases.

In the course of Monday Berchtesgadener Land are in the district up to 20 centimeters, in the Allgäu region up to five inches of new snow possible, said a meteorologist of the German weather service in the night. He warned of avalanches and snow breaks like breaking Branches.

School in the South of Bavaria – the man from snowy tree

slay Features are likely to be circles of school children in the South of Bavaria: In several of the country as well as in Lindau is on Monday at many schools the lessons. Authorities, fire brigades and auxiliary forces are likely to try in the course of the day, especially, to the operation of the public local and regional traffic back to the legs. Because of trees that had fallen under the weight of the snow on overhead lines, it was on the weekend and many failures and closures.

In the upper Bavarian Wacker, Berg bei Bad Tölz was slain Branches of a 44-year-old ski-goers from falling. The man had been hit by a tree crown that had broken under the weight of the snow, it was called in on Monday night by the police. The man was instantly dead. He was, according to police data alone. The following tour-goers found him and alerted the responders.

the snow in Bavaria: Live Tracker shows where it is currently (especially heavily) snowing

In the following Live-Tracker you can track in real time how the weather developed in Germany – so the current snowfall development. By default, the map displays the temperature in all Parts of the Federal Republic of Germany. On the menu bar at the top right of the graph, you can set also the following display options:

wind, rain and snow thunderstorm air pressure

At the foot of the card, in turn, is an Animation with the forecasted weather over the course of available. This is started with a click on the “Play” Button. In addition, the click on a city name for more Details.

the Service Provided by the Portal The creators use for their presentations, and before the model say from the “European centre for medium-range weather forecasts”.

source: German weather service

cf/mod / DPA

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