It seems as if in the moment, in the Notre-Dame seemed to be lost, not only France is advanced, but the whole of Europe. In the social networks, thousands are expressing their grief, anger, and Terrified. The European press power on her title pages clearly: We France.

France: “Le Figaro”

Notre Dame is inextricably linked with the history of France. In the collective memory of the great hours of the Nation, have dug in: Royal weddings, Speeches, the coronation of Napoleon, and the Te Deum of victory of 1945 (…). This masterpiece in the heart of Paris, has witnessed wars and looting. But never the Cathedral has suffered a lack of conformity on such a scale, never have been by a spectacular fire destroyed it. The emotion is enormous.

the UK: “Guardian”

Notre Dame will rise again. Paris will survive this, as it already has so much else survived. And France is back. But, the traumatic consequences of what the French way of life was done in the week of Easter 2019, in Paris, cannot simply be dismissed. The self-confidence of a city, a Nation, a culture, of an entire continent has been dealt a blow. The Cathedral will be resurrected at the appropriate time. This terrible fire event is not an event that should be downplayed or trivialised. How stupid it is but in a Moment like this appears to do so, we’re not all Europeans. In France’s hour of grief we stand at his side. And we will never turn away.

fire in the Paris Church

Church window, class of travel and love: memories of Notre share-Dame

Of Eugen Epp Italy: the “Corriere della Sera”

Notre-Dame is not only a Symbol of Christianity and of the French history. It is not an isolated building, not a simple tourist attraction (…). The Cathedral is part of the city (…). The newspaper “Le Parisien” tells their stories as if it were a living being, and often called “the sick old woman”. Because of their myriad of complaints, the dilapidated water gargoyles, one of which in September fell even down, so the road had to go down are blocked off. But always in a loving way, as you would be a dear, ill-dressed Relative.

Belgium: “De Standaard”

If the flames are deleted, there will be an investigation to answer all outstanding questions. How could this happen? Who was careless? It was a simple short circuit? There were no sprinkler systems? Why wasn’t the fire Department be faster? There was plenty of fire-extinguishing systems, to be with a fire of this magnitude done? Maybe there are not satisfactory answers, but maybe. We will then, after the name of the search that may have made a mistake. The proverbial Scapegoats. Perhaps layoffs will follow, fines, penalties. Maybe, but maybe not.

the Netherlands: “de Volkskrant”

“If the Brand of Notre Dame is symbolic for something, then for connectedness and energy. A poignant evening of mourning, wrote the (French newspaper) Le Monde. This was no Exaggeration: around the world, people with bated breath to saw, such as Notre-Dame in the heart of Paris, from the fire engulfed the rail.

The loss of the Cathedral would also have been in a secularized world is unbearable. Notre-Dame is a Symbol of European civilization, eternity, and spirituality in a world that is so often marked by transience and materialism.”

France: “Les Dernières Nouvelles d’alsace”

It is the heart of Paris, the has fire yesterday evening. And in the whole world has cried in front of the (…) spectacle of this burning Cathedral. It is embodied – it can be difficult to talk about this in the past – France and its history. As the Central tower collapsed, shortly before 20 PM, the heart of the country is painful. You don’t need to be Catholic or Christian to feel this sense of enormous loss.

Sweden: “Dagens Nyheter”

“part of us” have burned this evening, wrote to the President Macron over the tragedy, and maybe he meant first of all the French. But there are many more that hit the fire in the Mark: Christians, Catholics, Europeans, and others were still. Now, will gather good forces from all over the world to help in the reconstruction. Because we work with people when we are at our best: We mourn, to teach us to look to the future and begin to build. 700-year long-Notre-Dame-origin of beauty, comfort, admiration, devotion, and world literature. It is hard to believe, if the world follows the images of flames, gray smoke, and collapsed towers – but this will be the Cathedral.

great fire

could be saved Which relics and works of art of Notre-Dame and what h3> Spain: “La Vanguardia”

not displaced

Switzerland: “Tages-Anzeiger

“Notre-Dame of Paris was, and is, in spite of everything the Symbol of a France that had been in architectural, cultural and religious terms for the development not only of Europe but of the whole world the character of a model and still has. It is thanks to her age, also for the continuity of a cultural development that took place in the early middle ages. (…) Like a Phoenix from the ashes you will rise again, the Gothic Cathedral on the Île de la Cité, which has become at the Moment of their destruction, the Symbol of the Christian-Occidental culture.”

Switzerland: “NZZ”

“of Course, the hour of the politicians now. While the bells of Notre-silenced lady, ringing it incessantly on Twitter. A concern that others find extremely et guilty, and the third calls for contemplation and Reflection. President (Emmanuel) Macron seizes the opportunity to put as head of the reconstruction of the scene and to collect money for a good purpose. After all, a delicate televised address to the Nation is left to him thanks to the fire for the time being be spared, and he can hope that next Saturday is the usual uproar is absent. (…)

A city like Paris can be a lot of corners once, it is not because of a burned-out roof at the end, and also a whole series of misfortunes, you will not be breaking. One hopes and waits for the Ringing of the bells of Notre-Dame pours again soon over the roofs of Paris.”

Russia “Izvestia”

of Course, a reconstruction of the Cathedral is possible, even if it has been damaged by this terrible fire. The experts are sure to be able to use the historical sketches, and there is also a similar special stone in France, from which the building was originally built. However, a colossal project is a huge sum of money to devour, we are talking of hundreds of millions of euros. At the same time it is said that the French authorities had not had enough money to Finance the originally planned renovations. The Work would continue for at least another five years. You should also keep in mind: The world has not only lost nearly one of their greatest masterpieces. The fire can also trigger a new huge dissatisfaction with the authorities.

, Spain: “El Mundo”

“Notre-Dame has survived wars, revolutions, and the destruction of sacred monuments in the reformation iconoclasm. You will survive the fire that has ravaged your roof. The of (French President Emmanuel) Macron already announced reconstruction will give to the symbolic character of the Cathedral on a new meaning. You will, in the future, is skeptical of the validity of European values, regardless of Europe or open Europe symbolize hostile tendencies, which are recorded before the new election to the Brussels Parliament. As (France’s Ex-Prime Minister) Manuel Valls writes today in our newspaper: “There will be in Notre Dame no ruins”. The wailing of the Lost is to give way to the hope for a strengthening of the European idea.”

Greece: “Kathimerini”

In the nine centuries of its history has experienced the love of a woman of Paris a lot of exams, especially during the French Revolution. And yet she has never suffered a major disaster. Their bells, to all of us since the Childhood known, as we read the Drama of Esmeralda and Quasimodo, rang to the joyful and the sad events in France, from the reign of Napoleon up to the fatal terror attacks in the year 2015.”


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